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Theresa Thompson
Portrayed by Jenni Blong
First appearance New world
In-story stats
Known ability Telekinesis
Age 36
Date of birth 1974/02/17
Occupation Doctor
Significant other Oscar
Child Max Thompson
Sibling David Thompson

Theresa Thompson a doctor who works in New York.She is Oscar's wife and mother of Max Thompson.She has the ability to move objects mind.

Character History

New world

Theresa eating breakfast with her son and husband.But suddenly she got up from his chair and says that if you need to work.Later she sits on her work. then she looks into the cup and he moves.

Later she tells Rachel that her mother's cancer.


Theresa was in her office.She looked into the cup and hemoved.She looked into the cup.But suddenly came to her brother David.Theresa told David about her ability.

Later, she and David was faced with Rachel and Melissa which running.She appeared with Rachel,Melissa and David when Marc was tied to a chair.


Theresa was in her office with David and Melissa.

Playing with fire

Theresa returned home.Her son not sleeping.She asked what happened and he said that dad was kidnapped.Her face became frightened and more her son said, that she had ability.

Theresa was Inspector Campbell office but suddenly appeared bloody Sarah and Robert.


Theresa was in her office along with David.When David asked what the people said Theresa said KVAT.But in her office came Bea and Dr. Peterson said that it wants to see.Theresa said laterBea wanted to leave.But Theresa said that if they need help.Bea said what is it.Theresa said that she has learn about Anna Harrington and her life.Bea asked why.And Theresa stretched out her hands and moved a chair.

Theresa was Dr. Peterson office.Who said that she has work in another hospital.When she asked why.Peterson said if that he wants to that it work a here.But there is one person who wants to your in another hospital and then appeared in Marc.

The Long Answer

Two months ago: Theresa was in her home when someone call Oscar.Later: Theresa was in her home with Oscar and David.

Webisode:KVAT Part 3

Theresa and Oscar photo was seen on door when Emily using her ability to find Sarah and Robert.

Room 45

Theresa was with Marc . She ask what Marc doing here and Marc say to her that KVAT need help and Theresa ask if KVAT kidnapped her husban and Marc answer probably yes and that Theresa say to him that she help KVAT but they must realesed Oscar and Marc agree with him.

Later Theresa with Marc appear in Robert hospital room where David , Bea and Sarah was.

Escape from Past

Theresa with Marc appear in Robert hospital room where David , Bea and Sarah was. After Sarah ask what they doing here . Marc say to them that Theresa are new member of the KVAT . David ask did Marc lying and she answer not and that she say that she doing it for Oscar.

Later she call Oscar and tell him that she join in KVAT.

Later she was with Marc and Oscar in Marc in Marc office . Oscar ask why Theresa join in KVAT . Theresa answer to him that she just want help him but Oscar don't like what Theresa say and leave building left there Theresa.


Theresa was with Marc in his office . That Marc look in her and say that she have mission . Theresa ask what mission and Marc say find divice who can control minds that Theresa ask what have that divace and Marc say that she have to search where she can find it and that Marc show strange cell phone for Theresa and give her the cell phone . Theresa ask what the phone is and Marc answer to her that the phone is special.

Theresa knock in some apartment door . That young girld Katy and her mom Jane open door . Theresa look at them and say did they know where she can find Ted Noax . That Jane say that they don't know were Ted live and Theresa walk away .

My name is ... ,Part 1

Theresa was in her car and she look in photo who was on next seat there was her and Oscar photo where they was young . But that Theresa stretched her hand and open windon and with her hand she threw photo off her car and start cry and ask what she do that her life become that.

Evolved Human Abilities


  • Out of all main characters Theresa has meet David , Oscar , Sarah , Robert , Rachel , Marc and Paulo(off screen)
  • She still don't have meet Alexandra and Max.
  • Theresa along with Rachel appear in all episodes but two Theresa appear was in alternate world.

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