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Rachel Harrington
Portrayed by Elizabeth Mitchell(adult)
Olivia Vickery (young)
First appearance New world
In-story stats
Known ability Mental control
Alias Anna
Age 25-28
Home New York, NY
Occupation Policmen
Member of KVAT
Significant other Ted Noax
Parent Ana Harrington
Jack Page(step-father)
Sibling Melissa Page (step-sister)

Rachel Harrington

Character History

New world

She was in her car with her boyfriend, Ted Noax.But suddenly they.The phone rang.It will answer.After a few seconds it turns off the phone.Ted asked what happened and she replied that her mother is hospital.

Later, she was hospitalized with Ted.They waited for Dr. Thompson.When the Doctor came.Rachel asked what her mother and.Doctor said that her mother's cancer.Rachel began to cry. And she looked at Ted and said that he must call Mel.


Rachel and Ted was her mother ward.Suddenly Rachel saw something on the ground.She picked up and there was written:My daughter if I die.You have to kill Marc Velson.Then she said ,,okay,,.

Rachel is the mother ward.Then comes the nurse and says that one man want to see with her.

Later, she met Marc.Whenshe knew his name.She started to scream.And when her sister appeared.She asked that Melissa used her ability.When Melissa did.They startedrun and they will face David and Theresa.When Marc woke up tied to a chair.She appeared with Melissa, David and Theresa.And she said that Marc will answer to her question.


Rachel was the site where Marc has been tied up.When he asked where her friends.Rachel not replied.But she asked what it is.He said KVAT.When she asked what that meant.He did not respond.But she had a weapon.Marc said that he is Membars of KVAT.Rachel then left Marc.And she went to Theresa's office.She said Melissa when they go into place named,, KVAT,,.

Rachel was on her car wheel.But she suddenly stopped.When Melissa asked what had happened.Rachel said that they found KVAT building.They got out from the engine and started to go.When they came to KVAT building.Melissa and is greeted by women Jill Malvin.When Jill asked what they are Melissa said that the new members.

When Jill,Arthur and Chris talked with her and Melissa they became members.

Playing with fire

Rachel talks with Melissa.Then, to their came Jill and said that she wants to talk with Anna.Then Rachel got up and asked what had happened.Jill said that they must go to her office.And she has to go to Jill's office.When they are gone.Jill told Rachel that there are important tasks.Rahcel said what.Jill said that she has stolen a special thing.When she asked what.Jill said that tell you later.

Rachel was Jill car.Then she asked where they go.Jill said that the one woman that can help them steal a specal item.Rachel asked what it is.Jill said,building project.Still in Jill car.Rachel asked why they're going to some kind of woman.Jill said that if she can help will find where the project is hidden.Rachel said that she can see the past.


Rachel along with Jill appearance Chris office.Then Chris asked what they are doing here.And Rachel said, that it can viewed on the past.Chris said okay.And they began to go into the room where Oscar was.Chris looked at Oscar and said that Rachel has to see where he hidden by a building project. And she put her hands on Oscar's head.

The Long Answer

Rachel put her hands on Oscar's head and see his past

Later Rachel released her hand from Oscar. Chris asked where the building project. Then Rachel anwer that his friends Ruby Sprat have building project. Chris said that they have go to Ruby. But then Rachel asked what is Room 45 Chris said that he will show her what it is.

Room 45

Rachel was with Chris . She ask went she see Room 45 . But Chris say that she have help him and that she see room 45.

Did You Know

Rachel was in Chris office where Sam Norton have her mission find mysterious woman for Room 45 plans.

Rachel appearance in bar and ask bartender where she can find Emma Olsen . Bartender answer that she live in Manhatten.

Escape from Past

Rachel knock in Emma house door and when Emma open door Rachel say that them need speak.

Evolved Human Abilities


  • Out of all main characters Rachel has meet Theresa , David , Marc , Oscar and Robert.
  • She still don't have meet Sarah , Max , Alexandra and Paulo.

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