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Max Anderson
Portrayed by Johnny Pacar
First appearance New world
In-story stats
Known ability Freezing
Home New York City, NY
Occupation College student
Member of KVAT
Parent Ms. Anderson
Sibling Lisa Anderson
Noah Anderson

Max Anderson He is a college student with the ability to freezing things.

Character History

New world

He was in his room with his roommate Eric they watched a movie.But he suddenly stood up from his place and began to go to the bathroom.He closed the bathroom door.Began to allow water from the tap.He put his hand on the tap and the water became cold.


Max's name appeared on the Marc list.

Max was in his room.Suddenly, someone ring the door.Max opened and there was Paulo.


Max was with Paulo in his room. When Paulo asked Max what ability.He replied that he could frozen items and lit on fire with his hand.

Later, Max is in his room.But someone call back to the door. It opens and sees a girl Julia.Later when Julia tells Max about KVAT.She shows her ability, and Max says that he became a member of KVAT.


Max was in Chris office along with Chris and Julia.Then, Chris said Max that he get the first mision .Max said, what is it. Chris replied that he and Julia must find Alenxadra Smith.And then he left office along with Julia.

Max with Julia.Appeared Alexandra home and told that they must talk.

Room 45

Max alog with Julia was in Alexandra home . They speak with Alexandra. When Alexandra hous explosion his status unclear.

Did You Know

Max appearance in alternate world where he meet with Eric,Derek and Carole . But they don't believe that he are Max roommate but when Max show them his power and undestand that this are not his world and he need find Alexandra and Julia.

Later when Max over the street man Josh run to Max and say that he are in dangerious but Josh was shot mysterious man.

Escape from Past

Max look in Josh body when shooter start go to him . Max start shot why did he kill Josh and what are his name . Shooter say to Max that his name are Robert Malvin and that he save Max life . But that Max ask Robert why did he kill Josh and Robert explain to him that Josh was dangerious men who send Max in alternate world . That Max ask did he are in real world and Robert say to him yes and that Max say that he are in trouble.

When Alexandra and Julia travel back in past . They saw young Max along with his sister Lisa

Evolved Human Abilities


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