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Portrayed by Chris Diamantopoulos
First appearance New world
In-story stats
Known ability Forcefields
Home New York City, NY
Significant other Theresa Thompson


Character History

New world

He ate breakfast with his wife and son.


Oscar and his son Max watching TV.When Max asked where mommy.He answers that she is at work.Oscar was in his room.When he heard a noise.He climb down the stairs.But he did not find anything.But suddenly he was illuminated in bright light.

Playing with fire

Oscar has been tied to chairs.When appeared Chris with Arthur.Chris told Arthur to use his ability on the Oscar.Arthur began to be used by any Oscar told to stop.And Chris told Arthur to leave and said that his microwaves can use later.And then Chris ask Oscar.who is responsible for project V2.Oscar was tied to a chair.But suddenly appeared in Melissa.Oscar asked what she wants.Melissa responded that wants to help.But when appeared Chris.Melissa left the room.


Oscar was in unknown room where Rachel and Chris show . And that Chris say that Rachel see where Oscar hidden building project and that Rachel put her hands on Oscar head.

The Long Answer

Two Month ago:Oscar was in his house along with Theresa.Theresa asked Oscar how to look for work.Oscar said, okay.And suddenly the phone started to ring.And suddenly the phone started to ring.He responded.And suddenly there came a the voice of a woman who asked the or he needs job.Oscar said yes.And the voice said that they must meet in Central Park.

Oscar was in Central Park.But suddenly it came to Chris with Jill.Oscar asked what they were.And Jill said that those who can give him a job.Oscar asked how this will work. Chris said a special job. And they said that they must meet place called KVAT. Oscar said, okay.Later Oscar was in his house with David and Theresa.David ask Oscar what he work. Oscar said that he does not know yet. But tomorrow will learn.

Next day Oscar was the corridor.But suddenly Ana Harrington came to him. And have him some papers. Oscar ask, what is it, But Anna said that he must hide and she ran. Suddenly Marc come to him.Oscar and hid the paper his pocket. Marc asked him whether he wants to walk Oscar said yes.Marc and Oscar walked near KVAT building. Marc ask about Oscar's ability.And Oscar said that he could generate Forcefields. Marc said that this is a very good and said that tomorrow Oscar should appear. Oscar said that he will appear. When Oscar returned home he looked at the paper.

Next day: Oscar was in his work. But suddenly at his came Sarah and Robert. And he said that he has hidden in the paper. Oscar ask, what is it. And Sarah said, Room 45 construction plans. Oscar was in his home . He looked at the paper . Then Oscar took the cal phone and started calling someone . When someone answered and Oscar said. Ruby we would have meeting ..Oscar was in the park suddenly appeared in Ruby. She asked what happened and Oscar have her paper. Ruby ask what here. But that Oscar ran.

Now:Oscar was in same room where he was locked . But when Rachel show she start using her power on Oscar.

Webisode:KVAT Part 3

Oscar and Theresa photo was seen in Theresa office

Room 45

Oscar was still in same room but that Melissa appearance and say that she help him.

Escape from Past

Oscar was locked in dark room but that show Sam and say that Oscar can go . Oscar ask why and that Sam say that it's secret but sombody want speak with him and that Sam give Oscar phone . Oscar say hello and that Theresa voice came . Oscar say that he are where happy to hear Theresa voice . But that Theresa say that he have some news for him . Oscar ask what it is and Theresa answer that she join in KVAT . Oscar ask if this are joke but Theresa say no and that Oscar face turn surprised.

Oscar was in Marc office along with Theresa and Max . Oscar ask why Theresa join to KVAT . Theresa answer that she was just tryying help and that Oscar say that Theresa do crazy thing because she join in KVAT and that Marc look in Oscar and say that he need go from here.

Finally Found

Oscar return in his home and he find that his son Max was with nanny Amanda . When Amanda look in the Oscar and ask where he was . Oscar answer that he just make three days holidays of the town . That Amanda ask to him where Theresa are . Oscar look in her and say leave . Amanda look angry in the Oscar and ask where Theresa but that Oscar face turn angry and he start scream leave . Amanda look in Oscar and say that she to her live and she leave.

Oscar was in his home with his son Max . That Max ask why where mom . Oscar say that mom don't return in home . Max ask why . Oscar look in Max and say that he don't understand but that sombody knock in door . Oscar open and there stand Ruby . Oscar ask what Ruby do here and Ruby say to him that two womens try kill her and that women stole building project.

Oscar was with Ruby . Ruby ask what happen Theresa . Oscar answer that they broke up because Theresa join in KVAT . Ruby say that she never find out who KVAT are but know what are feeling broke up with some people what she love . That Oscar say that now he have other mission . Return building plans.


  • Oscar is only main character who last name never been explain .
  • Oscar has meet Theresa , David , Sarah , Robert , Marc
  • He never has meet Rachel , Max , Alexandra and Paulo.

Evolved Human Abilities

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