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Marc Velson
Portrayed by Nestor Carbonell
First appearance New world
In-story stats
Known ability Ability replication
Alias Derek Miller
Home New York City, NY
Occupation Members of KVAT

Marc Velson

Character History

New world

He ran to Paulo and says his name and says that he is looking for Paulo.


Marc wa shis home together with Paulo, they chatted.Marc said that he has a list of people with abilities.When Paulo told the show.Marc showed up.

Later, he met with Rachel.When he said his name Rachel.She started to scream.But when it appeared in Melissa.Rachel told use her ability.Melissa used her ability and he was electric shock.He woke up tied to a chair.Then he saw Theresa, David, Rachel, Melissa.And then Rachel said that he will answer her questions.


Marc has been tied to a chair.But before it was Rachel.He asked her where her friends.But Rachel did not respond and asked what it is.He just said KVAT.When Rachel asked what it means.He did not respond.But when itshowed a weapon.He said that he is the Membars of KVAT.And Rachel left him tied to a chair.


Marc appeared Dr.Peterson office and presented himsel as Derek Miller

The Long Answer

Two months ago: Marc and Chris was in Marc's office. They talked.Suddenly Julia appeared and said that Oscar came. Marc said that he will meet with him.Chris said fine.

Oscar was in hall and Marc appearance and asked him whether he wants to walk Oscar said yes.

Later:Marc and Oscar walked near KVAT building. Marc ask about Oscar's ability.And Oscar said that he could generate Forcefields. Marc said that this is a very good and said that tomorrow Oscar should appear. Oscar said that he will appear.

Room 45

Marc speak with Theresa about KVAT . When Theresa ask him that KVAT give her husban . Marc say maybe and that Theresa agree join in KVAT . Later Marc along with Theresa appearance in Robert hospital room where Bea,Sarah and David was.

Did You Know

Escape from Past

Marc show along with Theresa in Robert hospital room . That Bea,David and Sarah look suprise . Sarah look in Marc and ask what he doing here . Marc smile and say that Theresa are now member of KVAT and that Bea,David and Sarah look suprised . David ask did Marc don't lying and Theresa say that Marc say true .

Marc was in his office went Oscar and Theresa speak and also he say to Oscar he need go from here.

Finally Found


My name is ... ,Part 1

Evolved Human Abilities


  • Out of all main characters Marc has meet Rachel , Theresa , David , Oscar , Sarah , Paulo and Robert.
  • She still don't have meet Max and Alexandra.

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