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Characters I Want Back

Characters I Want Back
I want my body back.jpg
Sylar demands his character back... or else.

"I want my character back."

- Sylar (Orientation)

Heroes are famous for writing cool or just promising characters out of the show. I think it is unfair and frustrating. Here's the list of characters I want to see again - either in episodes, or in graphic novels, or anywhere. I might write a fanfic with some of them one day.

So many secrets left undiscovered...

Characters who haven't been seen for quite a long time

Character Last seen Explanation
Angie Graphic Novel:Libertad Have you noticed that waitresses in Heroes are extremely pretty and hot? First Charlie, then Angie... Besides, I'd like to know what happened to the flying lady after she evaded capture by Danko's team.
Heidi Petrelli How to Stop an Exploding Man It would be interesting to see her reaction towards Nathan's death. Also, BTE said one of Nathan's sons has an ability. How would Heidi cope with her child's abnormality?
Monty Petrelli Four Months Later... How would Monty react towards his father's death? And is he the one of Petrelli boys with a power?
Simon Petrelli Four Months Later... The same as for his brother. Oh, and what will happen between the boys, one of which is a superhuman? Guess the non-powered one will be soooo jealous...
Victoria Pratt Truth & Consequences Victoria's power, if she had one.
Alice Shaw 1961 She is immature, and she has a very destructive ability... I'd love to see the good guys oppose her, and considering she's Angela's sister, Alice the villain would be a nice plot twist!

Characters who have been recently seen, but whom I want to see more

Character Last seen Explanation
Luke Campbell Exposed Luke is a fool, but he has a big potential. He can become a great hero, or a great villain. He can fall victim to Sylar, or be hunted down by H.R.G. for his crimes (if he happens to commit some). BRING LUKE BACK!!!
Monica Dawson Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 7 Saint Joan the Muscle Mimic rocks! Do you agree with me?
Samson Gray Shades of Gray I guess he's dead now, but I'd love to see him again... He could seek revenge on his son, or get healed somehow and resume Sylarizing his own kind.
Rachel Mills Faction Zero Another hot lady. Not to mention Taylor Cole's great playing. I simply want her back.
Claude Rains Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 7 Chris Eccleston rocks. 'Nuff said.
Sparrow Redhouse Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 7 It's a shame Kat Purgal already portrays another character, Allison. But if she reveals herself to be Sparrow in fact... Oh yeah. But I wouldn't mind to see more of Sparrow in GNs too.
West Rosen Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 7 Many of the viewers don't like West. But I do. I think he was the best Claire's love interest, a rebellious boy with a romantic ability, not like that nerd Alex.
Molly Walker Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 7 Although I've run out of ideas what use she would have for the story apart from finding people who lost, I wouldn't mind see Adair Tishler's cute face again.

Characters whom I want to see in flashbacks

Character Last seen Explanation
Bob Bishop 1961 Last time we've seen Bob, it was in a flashback, and we discovered how the Company was formed. Bob was a shy boy then, and in the present time he was a cruel and manipulating man. I want to know what corrupted him. And who's Elle's mother?
Luke Campbell Exposed How did Luke discover his power?
Emile Danko Orientation Why did Danko hate people with powers? Is it because of something that happened in Angola, and what was it?
Charles Deveaux 1961 Is Charles the one whom Arthur stole telepathy from? And how come he was one of the few Company founders who remained a good guy? And of course, I would know who gave birth to Simone.
Samson Gray Shades of Gray I suppose he discovered his power much like Sylar did, but I hope his hunt was more interesting. Did anyone stand in Samson's way? What abilities did he steal and whom did he kill for them? Who was his wife, why did he decide to sell his little Gabriel and why exactly did he kill Mrs. Gray (although it's very likely selling their son was the reason why)?
Ishi Nakamura Our Father Ishi, Hiro's mother, the healer. What made her sick? And how did she get the Catalyst?
Kaito Nakamura Dual How did Kaito join the Company? Was his power accelerated probability? Did he really have an affair with Angela Petrelli? How did he become a swordmaster?
Arthur Petrelli Dual It was said that Arthur originally was an empath, much like Peter. Is this true? If so, how did his power evolve from copying to stealing? What were the powers he absorbed? Where did he get telepathy from? Whom did he render powerless, apart from Peter, Maya and Hiro? And how did he become the most powerful villain ever?
Claude Rains Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 7 I believe Claude lived an epic life even while hiding! What were the adventures of the Invisible Man?