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Noah Bennet

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Noah Bennet
Portrayed by Jack Coleman
First appearance Genesis
In-story stats
Known ability None
Aliases Noah Butler,
Emile Danko,
Ted Barnes
Nicknames HRG,
The Man in the Horn-Rimmed Glasses,
The Man with the Plan,
Abu Ghraib,
The Boogeyman,
Mr. Bag and Tag,
The Savior
Age 53
Date of birth August 6, 1962
Dates of marriage 1985
after 1988
Date of death 2015
Home Austin, TX,
formerly Los Angeles, CA,
formerly New York City, NY,
formerly Odessa, TX,
formerly Costa Verde, CA,
formerly Washington, DC
Residences currently a home in Austin, TX,
formerly an apartment in Washington, DC,
formerly a single-family home in Costa Verde, CA,
formerly a two-story home in Odessa, TX,
formerly a small rented house in Los Angeles
Occupations Car salesman at Zundermann Motor,
former chairman of the new Company,
former agent of Homeland Security,
former Company field manager, trainer and agent,
former Primatech Paper Co. regional manager,
former Copy Kingdom employee,
former Harry's Used Cars salesman
Significant others Julia,
formerly Lauren Gilmore,
formerly Sandra Bennet (divorced),
formerly Kate Bennet (deceased)
Parents Unnamed father,
Malina Bennet
Children Unborn child (deceased),
Claire Bennet (adopted),
Lyle Bennet
Grandchildren Tommy Clark,

Noah Bennet is a former agent of the Company who also served as its field manager and one of their trainers, and was originally based out of Primatech Paper Co. Having almost thirty years of experience bagging and tagging evolved humans, Noah continued his work as part of the Company even after his daughter Claire revealed the existence of evolved humans to the world, something that strained their relationship. After Claire was seemingly killed at the Odessa Unity Summit on June 13th, Noah had his memory of the event erased for an unknown reason and began a new life as "Ted Barnes". Noah was eventually tracked down by Quentin Frady, who set him on a path to discover the truth about what really happened to him and his daughter on June 13th, as well as what Primatech's new owner Renautas is planning for the world. Noah ultimately sacrificed himself to save the world by acting as the conduit for his grandchildren's powers to stop the H.E.L.E.


To most of the world, Noah Bennet seems like a typical, if slightly geeky, suburbanite father. His loyalty to his family and his loyalty to his profession are frequently at odds. While it's clear that he loves Claire very much and would do anything to protect her, his methods indicate a level of ruthlessness that conflicts with his genuinely caring nature. For example, while he seems to initially show real concern for Isaac's well being and rehabilitation, he does not hesitate to have Eden use her persuasive powers to make Isaac use heroin again when he believes he needs to make use of Isaac's precognitive abilities. Similarly, while his use of the Haitian's memory modifying ability on Brody seems somewhat restrained given his intense anger at the boy, the casual use of the same ability on Zach and even his own family shows that his dedication to his job — and to keeping Claire safe — knows no limits. He does seem to possess his own moral code, though, as his intense reactions to Sylar's murders and Eden's father's callousness attest.

Character History

Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Noah Bennet: Season One History.

Noah's memories are erased after betraying the Company.

Spying on and confronting Mohinder Suresh, Mr. Bennet appears to work for an organization that is involved in the death of Chandra Suresh. But Mr. Bennet also has a non-work persona who lives and cares for his adopted daughter Claire, his wife Sandra, and his son Lyle in their home in Odessa, TX. He tries to protect his family from the dangers of his work using his partner, the Haitian, to erase their memories when needed.

Based out of the Primatech Paper Co., Mr. Bennet, the Haitian, and Eden carry out the capture, evaluation, and release of people with special abilities. However, this work gets out of hand when two of the people, Matt Parkman and Ted Sprague, invade Mr. Bennet's home, burn it down, and almost blow up the neighborhood. They expose his daughter's ability and force him to send her on the run with his partner. Later, Mr. Bennet gets a new partner that exposes what he has done, and ends up on the run himself with Matt and Ted. Mr. Bennet decides they need to take out the Company's tracking systems used for locating people with special abilities. He sends one of his recruits to take out the satellite system while he, Matt, and Ted go to New York City to destroy another--the Walker system.

After discovering that the Walker system is a girl, they decide to rescue instead of kill her. However, they learn that a threat known as Sylar is near. Mr. Bennet uses Molly to locate Peter Petrelli to fight Sylar. He tries to help Peter, but is hurt and is only able to be a witness. Mr. Bennet watches Nathan fly Peter into the atmosphere where the explosion occurs. After the commotion is over, Bennet tells Claire that they should go home. Claire mentions that their house burned down, but Bennet tells her that home is anywhere their family is together.

Season Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Noah Bennet: Season Two History.

Noah faces seven out of the eight paintings.

Noah and his family have moved to Costa Verde as the "Butlers" and try to avoid detection from the Company. Meanwhile, Noah has teamed with Mohinder to take down the Company from the inside. Sandra picks up a newspaper one day and shows Noah an article about Kaito Nakamura's death. Noah tells her that he knew this would happen, and shows Sandra an old painting by Isaac Mendez depicting Kaito laying in a pool of blood. He tells her that it's part of a series of eight paintings, but that he was only given the first one and needs to find the rest. The Haitian joins Noah after being cured from a virus by Mohinder, and the partners seek out the paintings after Mohinder finds a painting of Noah lying dead.

Noah and the Haitian arrive in Odessa, Ukraine and find Ivan, Noah's old mentor. Noah interrogates the old man to find the location of the paintings, then kills him. In a warehouse, Noah and the Haitian find the remaining six paintings by Isaac, placing them in order. The paintings depict several things, including a vial, an angry blond woman, two men sword-fighting, Mohinder firing a gun, and Noah's death. Noah calls Mohinder, and warns him not to get too close to the Company when he discovers a painting in the warehouse of Mohinder holding a Company gun. Noah then returns home to Costa Verde where he discovers Claire is secretly dating West, even though Noah ordered her not to because it could jeopardize their safety. He then tells his family they're moving because of what Claire has done, but Claire refuses to go saying they should leave without her.

Noah's foretold "death".

Attempting to avoid his own death as foretold in the painting, Noah goes to find West so they can save Claire. On the way, Noah learns of Mohinder's betrayal and plots to stop the Company. He and West go to meet with Mohinder, where they knock out and kidnap Elle. Noah learns that Claire has been kidnapped and calls Bob to arrange a trade. During the meeting, Bob releases Claire and Noah releases Elle, who walk by each other. West tries to fly Claire away, but Elle shoots them down with a lightning bolt. Noah then shoots Elle and threatens to kill Bob, but Mohinder shoots Noah in the eye. Noah dies, but heals and awakens on a hospital bed in an empty room with an IV of Claire's blood in his arm.

While being held, Bennet tells Mohinder that he made a mistake by aiding the Company. Mohinder responds that he helped the Company save lives and stopped Noah's paranoia and violence. When Bennet is told that he was healed with Claire's blood, he panics and demands to know where his daughter is. Mohinder dryly answers that Claire is safe at home. He is locked in a cell and sits idly bouncing a ball against a wall. Elle asks him to tell her about her past. He tells her about the testing her father arranged to see the extent of her ability. Later, Bob tells Noah that Claire is becoming a problem. Noah smiles, but when Bob says that it's unfortunate and that they may have to take drastic measures, the grin on his face disappears. Noah arrives at his home, shocking Claire and his family. He says that he didn't plan any of this but has found a way to protect all of them. He has to go back with the Company, much to everyone's dismay.

Season Three

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Noah Bennet: Season Three History.

Sylar and Noah are assigned as partners.

Noah is released from Level 5 following the death of Bob Bishop. He shoots Sylar and is knocked out after learning that he can regenerate. Noah briefly returns home to Costa Verde, where he places Meredith as his family's protector. Noah returns to Primatech to hunt down the villains but is less than pleased with his new partner, Sylar. Together, Noah and Sylar manage to bring in Flint Gordon before they go after Stephen Canfield. Claire is outraged that Noah is working with Sylar and even more outraged when Noah tries to get Stephen to make Sylar disappear. Noah and Sylar's partnership ends shortly after that.

Noah recruits Meredith to be his partner and together, they rescue the victims of Mohinder Suresh. After bringing in Danny Pine, Noah takes Claire back to the Canfield house and begins to train her. During the eclipse, Claire is shot and is unable to heal. Noah uses this eclipse as a chance to hunt down Sylar. He finds him and Elle hiding in a supermarket storage area and manages to kill Sylar by slitting his throat. Noah returns home and is attacked by Elle and the revived Sylar. Hiro Nakamura arrives and saves the Bennet family from the two villains. Noah returns to Primatech where he, Angela, Meredith and Claire prepare to take down Pinehearst. They are all stopped when Sylar shuts down the building and traps them inside. After releasing the remaining Level 5 detainees, Noah is trapped inside a cell with Meredith, who is losing control of her power. Claire rescues Noah, who gets Angela out of the building safely after Claire kills Sylar. Noah then returns to get Claire out before Meredith explodes.

Matt digs through Noah's memories.

Two months later, Noah begins working with Nathan to capture evolved humans for the government. Claire is furious with her father, who once again tries to live a double life to keep Sandra and Lyle in the dark. Sandra finds out what he is doing and the two of them break up, forcing Noah to move out. He is captured by Peter, Matt and Mohinder, who use Matt's unique interrogation skills to extract memories from him. Via this method, it is revealed that Noah only began working with Nathan to keep Claire from becoming a target.

Noah returns to Building 26 after a meeting with Angela Petrelli and attempts to become one of the agents that Danko trusts. Following Nathan's exposure, Noah offers to give Danko Rebel, who has been helping people escape his clutches. Noah finds Tracy Strauss and offers her a deal to bring in Rebel. Unfortunately, Tracy dies and Noah is forced to bring in a different target, Angela Petrelli. Noah does not bring in Angela and, after learning that Danko has killed Sylar, becomes obsessed with finding out if the killer is really dead. Noah is fooled by Sylar, who changes his appearance in order to make Noah seem like a killer. Noah becomes a fugitive and meets up with Peter, Nathan, Angela and Claire at the Coyote Sands. While there, Noah tells Claire the truth about why he joined Building 26. Angela reveals that she intends to start a new Company with them but the meeting is cut short when Alice Shaw creates a storm that interferes with their plans. After their time at the sands ends, Noah and the others all agree that starting a new Company is a good idea.

Noah is soon captured by Danko's team and placed in confinement with Danko himself. The two of them agree to work together to stop Sylar once and for all and manage to escape following a mysterious event within Building 26. Danko goes back on his word and is stopped by Hiro. Noah manages to find Peter and Claire and soon rejoins Angela and Matt, who have found Nathan's dead body. Thinking quickly, Noah and Angela get Matt to force Sylar into believing he is Nathan, finally "killing" Sylar once and for all.

Season Four

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Noah Bennet: Season Four History.

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Heroes Reborn

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Noah Bennet: Heroes Reborn History.

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Memorable Quotes

"I'm not done protecting you from the world."

- Noah (to Claire) (Don't Look Back)

"I've done some things I am not proud of to keep you safe."

- Noah (to Claire) (Fallout)

"I'm comfortable with morally gray."

- Noah (to Thompson) (Company Man)

"Thank you Mr. Bennet."

"Call me Noah."

Peter, Noah (Noah finally revealing his first name) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"He's a murderer!"

"Then you and Gabriel have more in common than you care to admit."

- Noah, Angela (about Sylar) (One of Us, One of Them)

"What is she doing?"

"Breaking my heart."

- Lauren Gilmore, Noah (about Claire) (Brave New World)

"Save you, save the world."

-Tommy Clark explaining Noah's importance to the future (Project Reborn)

"There's gotta be another way!"
"You two have your destiny. This is mine. Its time to save the world."

-Tommy and Noah as Noah prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice (Project Reborn)

"I'm... so proud of... so proud..."

-Noah's last words spoken to his grandchildren (Project Reborn)



  • Noah's name may be a reference to Noah in the Bible. Noah from the Bible's job was to gather the animals and put them on the ark, which had 5 levels. Noah Bennet's job is to gather the villains and put them on Level Five. Coincidentally, Noah is number five on Tracy's hit list, and also reveals to Tracy that his lucky number is 5.
  • Noah Bennet appears in more graphic novels than any other character.
  • Mr. Bennet's driver license lists his birth as 8/6/62, the same year that Primatech Paper Company claims to have been founded. The license lists his height as 6'1". The license specifically gives no first name, stating his name as just "Bennet". He signs his name the same way. It otherwise appears to be a normal state ID for Texas.
    • According to the license, Noah is an organ donor.
  • His Visa card, on the other hand, appears to list two names. (Family Man)
  • In an an interview, Tim Kring's original script for the pilot listed this character's name only as "H.R.G." — standing for Horn-Rimmed Glasses.
  • Bennet is a variant of "Bennett", meaning "blessed". Incidentally, Mr. Bennet and his wife had difficulty conceiving a child. Then one day, Bennet was blessed with a baby girl whom he held very dearly. In several Graphic Novels, Bennet's name is written as Bennett.
  • Mr. Bennet's first name, Noah, wasn't revealed until the season one finale when he tells Peter "call me Noah."
  • On the television show Passions, there is a character named Noah Bennett. Passions and Heroes are both programs on NBC.
  • Mr. Bennet needed glasses when he was 41 years old. He said his father also needed glasses at 41. (Company Man)
  • In the script for the unaired pilot, Claire's father's name is Kent. He is 43 years old, and is a separate character from the man who wears horn-rimmed glasses.
  • Jack Coleman became a regular in the eleventh episode of the first season, Fallout.
  • According to the file Mohinder keeps on Claire (which includes a birth certificate), Noah's date of birth is November 4, 1966 and he was 25 when Claire was born. However, it should be noted that Noah is not Claire's birth father, and did not even meet his daughter until early February 28, 1992. Additionally, the date of birth listed on the birth certificate directly contradicts August 6, 1962, the date listed on Noah's license. Most likely, the birth certificate has been doctored or is a fake.
  • The Bennets' Nissan Armada has Texas license plate number VM1 QTB.
  • Although Noah's driver license lists his height as 6'1", Claire's file at Pinehearst lists his height as 6'2".
  • According to Sandra, Noah's mother's name is Anita, the two honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta, he sleeps on his left side, and his joints ache when it rains (Turn and Face the Strange). It should be noted that according to From the Files of Primatech, Part 5, Noah and Sandra spent their honeymoon in Berlin, Germany, and in June 13th, Part One, Noah says that his mother's name is Malina.
  • Noah's cell phone number is 703-555-0182. (Let It Bleed)
  • Noah provided the final narration of Heroes (Close to You). He also provided the opening narration of Heroes Reborn (Brave New World).
  • Noah is referred to several times as "the man with the plan" or always having some sort of plan. Both Edgar and Quentin Frady call him "the man with the plan" when enlisting his help to stop Samuel Sullivan and Renautas respectively.

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