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Hiro Nakamura
Future Hiro II.jpg
Portrayed by Masi Oka
First appearance The Lives We Live
In-story stats
Known ability Time-space manipulation
Formal name 中村広, Nakamura Hiro
Age 32
Place of birth Tokyo, Japan
Date of death September 4, 2011
Home Ikitsuki, Japan,
formerly Tokyo, Japan
Residence Kirishitan Cathedral
Occupation Vigilante
Parents Kaito Nakamura,
Ishi Nakamura
Sibling Kimiko Nakamura

Hiro Nakamura was a version of Hiro Nakamura in The World Entire universe. He was a Special and a vigilante working against Pinehearst Company.

Character History

Hiro's actions in The World Entire include those seen by his past self when he time-travels to the future, as seen in The Second Coming.

Volume One: Cataclysm

Hiro, living alone in an abandoned church on a deserted island of the coast of Japan, is working to fix the timeline, creating a massive string web in the narthex of the church. He finds himself unable to keep track of the changes he's making, wishing he had the memory of his lost love.

Peter visits him, asking for his help with a new project, which is different from Peter's usual violent actions. They realize that they have both been time-traveling and "stepping over [each other]'s butterflies." Peter asks Hiro for the Formula diagram and Hiro quickly returns with one half, which he's hidden in a dead space inside the church. He promises to retrieve the other half from Yamagato Industries.

Hiro arrives to Yamagato after Ando Masahashi invaded to interroage Kimiko. While trying to retrieve the other half of the Formula and after opening the safe, Ando fires a warning shot of red lightning, but Hiro teleports away, though only outside to the raised walkway of Yamagato Square. Ando tracks him outside and they face off. Ando, still hazy from Kimiko's pheromones, accidentally electrifies Hiro, but possibly does not kill him. Unfortunately, an earthquake occurs, and Ando takes cover under a large tree, but find's Hiro's dead body amongst the rubble. Furious, he lashes out, but makes his escape.

In 2008, in Cádiz, Spain, Hiro and Ando are trying to sabotage of shipment of Evolution shots, but Hiro is knocked out by a warehouse guard. Before they can attack Ando, however, Daphne Millbrook defeats them all in super speed. When she realizes that the pair is there to stop the shipment, she turns on Ando, but he quickly takes her weapon. Impressed by Ando's quick thinking, she instead offers him a job with Pinehearst. Ando replies that Pinehearst only employs Specials and he is ordinary. Daphne picks up one of the Evolution shot and reminds him that Pinehearst has "a cure for ordinary." Ando valiantly refuses, but Daphne reminds him that Pinehearst is not the enemy, but rather a force for good, making real, positive change in the world, while Hiro is a idealistic vigilante. After she flees and when Hiro rouses and does nothing to contradict her points, Ando explains to Hiro that he might have to follow his own path in the future. When Hiro is not looking, he pockets the Pinehearst card.

Volume One: Cataclysm

Another version of Hiro appears from another universe.

Evolved Human Abilities

Hiro has the ability to alter the space-time continuum, including freezing time, teleporting, and time traveling. He uses all three, traveling to the past, hoping to change the dystopian future; he teleports from place to place; and he freezes time to avoid being hit by Ando's electricity.


"I could really use your brain now, Charlie. We might be able to save the world together."

- Hiro



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