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Matt Parkman
Future matt.jpg
Portrayed by Greg Grunberg,
Sam Grunberg (9)
First appearance The Face in My Mind
In-story stats
Known ability Telepathy
Formal name Matthew Parkman
Nickname Officer Tubbs
Age 60 (in 2029),
43 (in 2011)
Date of birth June 10, 1968
Place of birth Los Angeles, CA
Home Manhattan, NY,
formerly Brooklyn, NY
Residences Penthouse of the Deveaux Building,
formerly Apartment in Brooklyn, NY
Occupations CEO of Parkman Security,
Company Director,
Agent Trainer with Primatech Hartsdale (former),
Agent of Pinehearst (deserted),
Police officer (former)
Significant others Daphne Parkman (wife),
Janice McHenry (ex-wife)
Parents Maury Parkman (deceased),
Unnamed mother
Children Molly Walker (adopted),
Daniella Parkman,
Matthew McHenry
Other relatives Parents-in-law:
Mr. Millbrook,
Mrs. Millbrook (deceased)

Matt Parkman is a version of Exposed Future Matt Parkman in The World Entire universe. He is a Special.

Character History

Volume One: Cataclysm

Matt's is greeted by his wife after the Costa Verde Disaster (I Am Become Death), who dies at his feet from radiation burns. Matt hands his crying baby daughter to his adopted daughter and retrieves a injection of Claire Bennet's regenerator blood, which brings Daphne back to life but leaves her in a coma (The Face in My Mind). The next day, the President shows up at his home and offers him a job as an agent with the Pinehearst Company. He agrees (Second Chances). However, on his first day on the job, he steals Peter Petrelli's body after it revives in his boss Claire's presence and flees (The Lives We Live). After a terse conversation inside one of Matt's mind traps (Turning the Tide), Matt agrees to help Peter with his plan to save the world in exchange for helping to find Molly (The Right Choice).

They locate Molly at Mohinder Suresh's laboratory, where they mistake the scarred Mohinder for a monstrous attacker (The First Domino), but later all four team up. Matt, after discovering his wife is missing from Pinehearst, goes how to find her (What We Have Become). Matt sneaks into Pinehearst after evading Flint Gordon with hallucinations (An Unbreakable Loyalty). When he finds his wife's bed missing, he bargains with Claire to get Arthur to release her whereabouts, but escapes under the Haitian's watch (The Tongue of Deceit).

Matt, instead of returning, make a beeline to San Diego, where he predicts the Company will be sending Gabriel Gray to deal with the the Port Reyes Prison breakout. He uses hallucinations to lure Gabriel away and traps him in a nightmare to punish him for nearly killing his wife. Gabriel figures out the ruse and taunts Matt to go darker and make him relive his murderous streak. Gabriel, now driven to become Sylar once again, uses Matt's own telepathy that he has absorbed to trap him in a nightmare (Falling Angels). Matt is able to escape upon witnessing Sylar trying to kill Molly (Returning Ghosts).

Matt returns to Brooklyn to find that Daphne had healed from her coma and found the rest of her family (Beckoning Titans). Matt takes Micah Sanders, who has since joined the crusade, to a local junkyard to release Micah's robots to replicate. While there, they have a roundabout conversation expressing their mutual desire for Micah and Molly to start dating (The Moment of Conflict). They later release the robots containing the Antidote (The Truth of the Moment).

One week after the Ability Loss Epidemic, Matt brings his family home with Micah in tow, who's sleeping over the night before visiting his cousin in New Orleans. He has been assigned by Nathan to train agents for the Company (The Moments to Come).

A 9-year-old Matt, struggling with his homework, is shown in a flashback where Arthur Petrelli and Paula Gramble recruit Maury Parkman into the nascent Company.

Volume Two: Progeny

Matt becomes an agent trainer with the Company, stationed out of Hartsdale. He is present at Bess Detskij's promotion ceremony and reception in 2015. He and Daphne Parkman are still happily married, and good friends with Mohinder Suresh and Barbara Zimmerman.

By 2029, Matt has risen in the ranks to become Company President. He is apparently not very active in the Company's day-to-day activities, as he is the C.E.O. of Parkman Security, which may be, at least in part, an additional cover organization for the Company. Regardless, as Director, he is aware of the existence of the Sixers, so he is not completely divorced from the organization's workings.

He and Daphne are still married and living with their daughter Daniella. In addition,User:CreedogV/TheWorldEntire/Tommy McHenry, the son of Matt's ex-wife Janice McHenry turns out to be Matt's biological son, not the son of Janice's new husband, Tom McHenry. Tommy changes his name to "Matthew" and moves in with Matt to become better acquainted with his father.

Evolved Human Abilities

Matt has the ability to mentally control functions of the brain. He demonstrated his ability frequently, by creating hallucinations, trapping people in their minds, and reading thoughts. He briefly lost it during the Epidemic but Peter Petrelli presumably returned his abilities.

Memorable Quotes

"I have a turtle."
"I will have a first-class terrarium in your office tomorrow."

- Matt, Nathan Petrelli on terms of his employment (Second Chances).

"I’m a cop. Blue is what I wear when I’m protecting people and hunting down bad guys. And I make it a point to dress better than the scum I’m chasing down."

- Matt to Claire Bennet about his work clothes (Families)

"Dude, you really screwed it up the formula, didn’t you?"

- Matt, Mohinder Suresh (The First Step)



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