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Monica Dawson
Prmotional Image - 1x10 - Truth and Consequences - 3.jpg
Portrayed by Dana Davis
First appearance Turning the Tide
In-story stats
Known ability Adoptive muscle memory
Alias St. Joan
Age 25
Date of birth August 22, 1986
Place of birth New Orleans, LA
Home New Orleans, LA
Residence Family house in New Orleans
Occupation Agent of the Company
Parents Mrs. Dawson (deceased),
Unnamed father
Grandparent Nana Dawson (deceased)
Guardians Nathan Petrelli (former),
Tracy Petrelli (former)
Sibling Damon Dawson
Other relatives D.L. Hawkins (first cousin, once removed; deceased),
Jessica and Niki Sanders (first cousins-in-law, once removed; deceased),
Micah Sanders (second cousin),
Paula Gramble (great aunt, deceased),
Paulette Hawkins (great aunt, deceased)

Monica Dawson is a version of Monica Dawson in the Exposed Future in The World Entire universe. She is an evolved human and an agent with the Company stationed in New Orleans.

Character History

My Firefly

Monica does not appear and is not mentioned in this series.

Volume One: Cataclysm

Monica is an agent of the Company partnered with Lyle Bennet. She performs her Company duties under the guise of St. Joan. She mentions that after her grandmother passed away, User:CreedogV/TheWorldEntire/Nathan Petrelli, being related through Niki, stepped in and put her, her brother, and Micah Sanders through college, where he expects her still to be.

Monica, in her St. Joan disguise, tracks down Xavi Daniau through the docks. He tries to throw obstacles in her way, but she easily dodges everything he has to throw her. She corners him and her partner, "Bennet", tases him. On their way back, with Daniau in the truck, a back tire pops, and as they grow suspicious, Lyle is struck with a screw shot at bullet speed. Daniau escapes but Monica mimics his throwing style and strikes him in the back of the head with her dagger, killing him. Using her iPhone, she teaches herself paramedic skills and tends to the fatally wounded Lyle. Monica's boss, Amy Carlson, arrives and both praises and chastises Monica.

Back at the Primatech Hospital, Lyle is saved by an injection of Synthetic regenerator blood, but he may not be able to work in the field again, much to Monica's dismay. However, when Claire Bennet and injects Lyle with her blood, Lyle is returned to full health. He lies about his sister's presence and Monica looks out the window at the shadowy intruder fleeing, noting that she has healed from serious glass cuts and broken bones.

Monica, Lyle, and Amy are invited to Hartsdale to help hold off Arthur's forces during their offensive. Monica and Lyle act as the frontline defense. Monica easily subdues Echo with her superior martial arts skills, but Arthur appears out of nowhere and strikes her with red lightning. She survives the battle.

Monica is last seen visiting the graves of her mother and her grandmother while Lyle waits in the car. Micah will be visiting her soon.

Memorable Quotes

"Lyle, what we do, we've gotta do under the radar. All those civilians out there? They think these shots are just the newest trend. And that the whole 'the next step in evolution' slogan is just clever advertising. We've got to protect people from themselves. That includes our friends and our families and, heck, our leaders. You know the President thinks that he's paying for me to go to college?"
"The President is my sister’s biological father. It kind of detracts from his mystique."
"The guy’s my grandmother’s nephew’s wife’s sister’s husband. We practically have brunch every Sunday."

- Monica, Lyle



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  • For the canon version of this character in the present, see Monica Dawson.

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