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This is a list my favourites from Heroes.

Favourite characters

  1. Matthew "Matt" Parkman (Telepathy, Precognition)
  2. Gabriel "Sylar" Gray (Intuitive aptitude)
  3. Daniel Lawrence "D.L." Hawkins (Phasing)
  4. Nathan Petrelli (Flight)
  5. Mohinder Suresh (Enhanced strength)
  6. Ando Masahashi (Ability supercharging)
  7. Hiro Nakamura (Space-time manipulation)
  8. Adam Monroe (Rapid cell regeneration)
  9. The Haitian (Mental manipulation)
  10. Bob Bishop (Alchemy)
  11. Noah Bennet (none)
  12. Elle Bishop (Electric manipulation)
  13. Monica Dawson (Adoptive muscle memory)
  14. Maya Herrera (Poison emission)
  15. Alejandro Herrera (Alejandro's ability)
  16. Isaac Mendez (Precognition)
  17. Peter Petrelli (Empathic mimicry, Ability replication)
  18. Niki Sanders (Enhanced strength)
  19. Maury Parkman (Telepathy)
  20. Claire Bennet (Rapid cell regeneration)
  21. West Rosen (Flight)
  22. Angela Petrelli (Precognitive dreaming)
  23. Simone Deveaux (none)

Favourite episodes

  1. Five Years Gone
  2. Into Asylum

Favourite graphic novels

  1. The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei
  2. Control
  3. Snapshots
  4. Trial By Fire
  5. Maya y Alejandro
  6. Isaac's First Time
  7. Stolen Time
  8. The Crane
  9. War Buddies, Part 6
  10. War Buddies, Part 1
  11. Monsters
  12. Aftermath
  13. The Rogue
  14. Petrified Lightning

Favourite powers

  1. Space-time manipulation
  2. Precognition
  3. Phasing
  4. Telekinesis
  5. Flight (Nathan)
  6. Telepathy
  7. Mental manipulation
  8. Lightning
  9. Super strength
  10. Empathic mimicry
  11. Rapid cell regeneration
  12. Flight (West)
  13. Alchemy

Favourite quotes

The Line

"Shoot me, and there is no going back! You'll condemn yourself to Hell!"

"... I know."

- Ivan, Noah

"First, you show me that I could be harmed by no weapon, then you cut me deeper than any blade possibly could."

- Adam (to Hiro)

Out of Time

"Have they given you a gun?"

"What are you talking about?"

"A gun."

- Noah, Mohinder

"So, you admit it. You're a guard dog."

- Mohinder (to Niki)

"How do you know your father is coming to kill Bob?!"

- Mohinder (as soon as he appears in his second scene)

"He's not exactly gonna volunteer for this shot."

"I can be persuasive."

"I appreciate the thought, but this one goes to you, Matt."

"What? ME?"

- Nathan, Niki, Bob, Matt

"What's left of the virus is in the lab. Each syringe contains only one dose, so use it wisely."

- Mohinder (to Niki as soon as he appears in his third scene)

"You're never gonna have a life. You're not cured. You're a killer. And before this day is over, you're gonna kill everyone."


"Go on. Tell him what you saw. He'll think you've gone crazy."

- D.L., Mohinder (both to Niki)

"This virus could kill an entire species."

- Mohinder (to Niki as soon as he appears in his fourth scene)

"We did make a good team, you and I. You showed me how to be a hero. How to love. And then... you took it all away."

- Adam (to Hiro)

"Matt? Did you bring me here?"

"I... I think I did!"

- Maury, Matt

"The antibodies in my blood with eradicate any traces of the virus in your system."

"Your nose... does it hurt?"

"Only when I breathe."

- Mohinder, Niki (his fifth scene... he's on a roll)

"The strain has no cure."

- Mohinder (thank you, goodnight!)

Four Months Ago

"Hi, what can I do to get you into a brand new car?"

"Heh. It depends on what you're gonna do to me once you get me inside."

- Niki, D.L.