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Knox and Fearing Him
Knox choking Claire.jpg
Knox can only make people fear him in dreams.

Knox has a hard time getting people to fear him.

Episodic Recurrences

I Am Become Death

Future Daphne tells Future Knox that she does not fear him, which disappoints him.

Future Sylar tells Future Knox that he, too, is not afraid, as he understands his ability.

Dying of the Light

Adam figures out what Knox's ability is and promptly states that he is not afraid.

Eris Quod Sum

Matt walks right up to Knox's face and tells him that his fear is non-existent.

It's Coming

Claire doesn't fear Knox. And that's just terrible.


Nathan, while playing with a ball and not listening to Knox, informs him that he does not fear him. Knox senses that a pattern is developing.


Memorable Quotes

"I don't fear you."

- Nathan (to Knox) (Dual)

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