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Gabriel Gray (exposed future)

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Gabriel Gray
Gabriel Gray (exposed future).jpg
Portrayed by Zachary Quinto
First appearance I Am Become Death
In-story stats
Known abilities Intuitive aptitude
Known acquired abilities:
Rapid cell regeneration,
Sound manipulation,
Induced radioactivity
Aliases Sylar,
Drew O'Grady,
Dr. Suresh,
Zane Taylor,
Isaac Mendez
Special Agent Andrew Hanson
Home Costa Verde, CA,
formerly Brooklyn, NY
Residences Bennet home,
formerly Sylar's apartment
Occupations Former agent of the Company,
Former timepiece restorer
Significant other formerly Maya Herrera
Parents Biological parents:
Samson Gray,
unnamed mother (deceased)
Adoptive parents:
Martin Gray (biological uncle),
Virginia Gray (deceased)
Child Noah Gray (deceased)

Gabriel Gray is an evolved human from an alternate future.

Character History

I Am Become Death

Peter finds Gabriel in the kitchen of his home, making waffles for his young son Noah. Gabriel welcomes Peter, before realizing that he is the past version of Peter. He and Peter retreat to another room to discuss things away from Noah; Gabriel initially denies Peter's request to teach him his ability, and blocks Peter's attempt to use telepathy on him, explaining that his ability curses its possessor with an intense hunger, which Gabriel must constantly struggle to control. Peter raises his hand in an attempt to use telekinesis and calls Gabriel by Sylar, to which he replies his name is Gabriel.

In response, Peter demands he paint the future to see what Peter is trying to prevent. Upon completing the painting, showing the world splitting in half, Gabriel reluctantly teaches Peter how to use his ability by getting Peter to fix his watch. After Peter successfully mimics the ability, Gabriel apologizes to him.

After Claire, Knox, and Daphne invade his home to kill Peter, Gabriel fights with Knox, who uses Noah's fear to enhance his strength. After telling his son to hide, Gabriel is put through a table by Knox, before being kicked along with the table into the kitchen counter, crushing Noah.

Upon seeing his son killed, Gabriel is devastated and his hands start glowing as he repeatedly punches Knox's face. He then loses control completely and explodes, destroying Costa Verde and killing 200,000 people.

Evolved Human Abilities

Like his present-day self, Gabriel has taken on numerous abilities. Despite losing his ability to paint the future and to manipulate radiation due to the Shanti virus, by 2011 he has somehow regained these abilities. He is also able to block Peter's telepathy, but whether this is due to a new ability or use of his innate ability is unknown.

By 2011 in the "exposed future," his known powers are:

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