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This article archives the history of Nicholas Hayden during Season One. For more about Nicholas Hayden, see the main article.

Character History


At his home, Nick talks to his friends over MSN Messenger, when he stares directly at the computer clock out of boredom. Suddenly, the clock stops, and goes backwards by one minute. Slightly shocked by this turn of events, Nick shouts "what the hell?!", and believes it to be a virus. Soon, he realises that he has a great gift, and tries to tell his mother about his ability. Unfortunately, she does not believe him.

He tells his friend, Andy, about this time alteration, which he considers to be nonsense. After a lengthy conversation about it, Nick eventually gives up trying to explain his amazing power. He closes off MSN (but does not log out), and opens up a Wikipedia article on New York. Suddenly, he finds himself in New York, and, as he is about to say something, he hears another man shout: "Yatta! Hello, New York!" Nick feels defeated after this, realising that someone else also has his ability.

Don't Look Back

Nick wanders through the streets of New York, unsure of where to go, when he sees an abandoned copy of 9th Wonders! on a bench. He picks it up, and begins reading the tale of Hiro Nakamura, when he accidentally stumbles upon Kirby Plaza. As he searches the area, he hears a man, and turns around - watching him explode. Without any alternative, he teleports himself back to his home.

One Giant Leap

He wakes up out of his bed, and goes to school. Once there, he tries to explain himself to Tom, another friend, but he hardly believes him. He shows him the 9th Wonders! comic, stating that it tells the tale of a man named Hiro, and his travels throughout New York - the release date being the key note of it. Tom, still unbelieving, asks Nick to prove it. Fortunately, Nick knows exactly what to do, and closes his eyes and concentrates - he manages to freeze time, and pushes Tom out into the corridor. Time restarts, and he believes Nick's power. The two leave the school, with Tom wondering what they should do. Nick decides to try and stop the explosion, and takes Tom to the Manchester airport.


On the plane, Tom asks Nick how they will be able to stop the explosion. Nick aims to stop the man from detonating, whether by peaceful means or by force. Nick reads over 9th Wonders! again, and looks carefully at Isaac Mendez's information. He suggests visiting the artist, which Tom agrees on.

The plane lands in Las Vegas, NV, and they try to enter the nearest building in order to remove content from their bladders. They find the Montecito Casino, but are unallowed to enter (as they are too young). As they sit down, two Japanese men walk past them. Nick suggests travelling to New York again, when he receives a call from Andy. Andy tells him that he has to return to school soon, and that his family is getting worried. Nick asks him to state that he is not returning until he has saved the world. He puts the phone down, and the duo start walking down a long road.


As they are walking, Tom begins getting annoyed, talking about his aching legs. They decide to stop off at the Fly By Night Diner. They sit down, when they look out the window and see a man land after flying through the sky. He enters the Diner, and sits down at the counter. As Nick is about to stand, the Japanese man moves to him instead. Nick, starting to get annoyed, realises that the man is none other than Hiro Nakamura, the star of 9th Wonders!. He gives up, and decides to return home, since Hiro is beating him to everything. Tom states that he should not give up hope, and suggests starting at a different location. They leave the Diner, and continue their journey. As they are stood outside, Hiro and the man get into a car and drive away, angering Nick.

Better Halves

Nick and Tom continue walking, when they realise they do not know where they are going. They resort to hitchhiking, receiving a lift from a woman. They are dropped off in New York, where they start searching for Isaac. They reach his door and knock, but there is no answer. As they wait outside, a man leaves the apartment.

Nick and Tom enter afterwards, showing Isaac the copy of 9th Wonders!. He comments that it is not out yet, and Nick explains about the explosion. Isaac reveals that he can paint the future. Although Tom and Nick find no interesting painting that could help them out in show, Nick looks through a sketchbook, and finds a picture of himself stood on a helicopter pad. He asks Isaac about it, and he states he sketched it two weeks ago, and that it means nothing. Nick, while accepting it to Isaac, rips out the page and takes it with him. Tom looks at the Homecoming paintings, and comments about the missing painting. Nick and Tom leave with their new information, as they begin searching for Kirby Plaza.

Nothing to Hide

As they wander through the streets of New York once more, they enter a building to ask for directions. They meet with a woman, but she is in too much hysterics to tell them where Kirby Plaza is. She asks for help getting to another location, and Nick and Tom decide to help out. They hail a cab, and the three end up at Peter's apartment. Nick and Tom wave goodbye, and try to continue their journey. At that moment, a man appears, telling him that his name is "Mr. Thompson", and he wants to help. He takes them to the Kirby Plaza building, where they are subdued and driven away to Odessa, Texas.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Nick wakes up, on his own in a cell, with no contact to Tom. He tries to escape but ends up in failure. Thompson enters, and starts interviewing Nick about his ability. Although Nick questions how he knows, Thompson avoids the question, and tells him that he is on death row. Nick, with no other options, punches Thompson, and runs out of the organisation, which he discovers to be Primatech Paper Co..

As he is leaving, he finds Tom's cell, and breaks him free. Guards suddenly charge down the corridor, but Nick grabs Tom, and they teleport out of the company, and into the streets. They decide to continue running, and end up laying low in the Burnt Toast Diner. However, they find several people crowded around one area, talking about a death. He sees Hiro and Ando, but sits at a different table. Tom looks around the Diner, and notices that Hiro has suddenly disappeared. After Sheriff Davidson asks the two about Charlie, he leaves, and Nick contemplates travelling back in time. He ends up deciding against it, although they choose to remain in the Burnt Toast Diner for now.


As Tom gets himself another cup of tea, Nick watches Ando answer his phone. Nick asks Tom if it is possible to change history, in order to prevent a terrible act. Tom believes that fate guides the world, not free will.

Later, a man enters and talks to Ando, with Nick recognising him from before. Although Ando tells him that Hiro is not there, Nick thinks about signing himself up for the mission. Tom convinces him otherwise. Nick decides if he cannot attempt to save "the cheerleader", as he heard in Ando's conversation, he will instead try and save Charlie, simply because he has the power to. He closes his eyes, and travels back in time.

Six Months Ago

Nick finds himself in a closet. He manages to break out, meeting with a watchmaker. He is told that he is in Gray & Sons, and asks if his watch needs repairing. Nick reveals that he does not wear a watch. As he is preparing to leave, he finds he is missing his wallet, and starts searching through the closet once more. During this time, a geneticist named Chandra Suresh enters and hands the watchmaker a book entitled Activating Evolution.

After his departure, Nick and the watchmaker finally greet themselves formally - discovering that the man is called Gabriel Gray. They read over Activating Evolution, as Nick tells Gabriel his own ability, causing him to feel as if he has the potential to develop his own power. Gabriel leaves, and asks Nick to mind the shop while he is gone.

While sitting around, Nick notices a watch on the table, although he does not pay much attention to it. Suddenly, Isaac enters, asking for his watch to be repaired. Nick tells him that the shop owner is out, when he remembers that he has to try and save a Charlie. Isaac leaves. Gabriel enters moments afterwards, and Nick quickly travels to Odessa, Texas.

As he reaches the Burnt Toast Diner, he sees Hiro working as a bus boy for Charlie. It is at this moment Nick realises he has travelled too far back in time. He decides to try and phone Andy with his phone, but he does not pick up. Ultimately, Nick believes that Hiro is covering this situation, and returns to the future, where he meets with Tom - moments before Hiro himself enters.


Nick and Tom search around Odessa, Texas, leading them to Primatech Paper Co. once again. As they sit outside, deciding that they need a rest, a car pulls up. Nick sees a man and a woman parked outside. Tom looks around when he sees two men leave the organisation.

Nick tells Tom that they need a new aim - reaching Kirby Plaza seems to be impossible, as they are consistently dragged away from the site. Tom suggests time travelling, but Nick believes this is too much of a risk. Nevertheless, they choose to try and return to New York, when they are suddenly knocked out by Thompson.

Graphic Novel:Fathers & Daughters

Nick and Tom are dragged into their respective cells as Noah and the Haitian charge into Sylar's cell.


Two weeks later, Nick waits patiently in his cell for more food. He decides it's time to escape, and waits for the guard to enter. He does, and Nick knocks him out immediately. He enters the hallway, narrowly dodging Thompson, and collecting himself inconspicuous clothes. As he searches through the cells, he enters another cell, and finds Gabriel barely conscious. Nick tries to talk to him, but he fails to respond. Although Nick tries to search for a button to free him, he fails, and re-enters the corridor.

He continues his search, when he overhears Thompson saying how they returned Tom back to Manchester (although his memory has been wiped). Realising that Tom is not in Primatech, he quickly tries to find the exit, bumping into a woman in the process. He apologises, and leaves the organisation. He looks back at Primatech Paper Co., and sets his sights for Kirby Plaza.

The Fix

Nick finds that his items, such as his phone, are still at Primatech. He decides not to retrieve them, and continues his travels, eventually resorting to hitchhiking once more. He is dropped off in New York once again, when Tom phones him, wondering where he has been for the past three weeks. Nick remembers what Thompson said, and reveals to Tom everything that has happened, and how he is in New York at the moment. Tom does not believe him, but decides to meet with Nick in two days time. Nick hangs up.

As Nick scowers the streets searching for Kirby Plaza, he ends up at Gray & Sons once more - only to find that the store has been permanently closed. He asks for directions from an individual, and walks off to Manhattan. He notices two men running down the road, when he bumps into Simone once again. He asks for a place to stay, and she offers him Charles Deveaux's apartment, which he accepts (after being told about Charles Deveaux's death in that room).


Nick leaves Charles Deveaux's apartment, and is walked into by an invisible force. He continues his adventure, when Tom phones him again. He tells Nick that he will be arriving via Los Angeles. Nick notes this as his next destination, believing that Kirby Plaza will simply have to wait. He manages to find five dollars on the floor, and takes a bus to Los Angeles.


Reaching the City of Angels, Nick quickly runs over to the Los Angeles International Airport, where he waits next to a bodyguard holding a sign reading "Aron Malsky". As Nick continually waits, the bodyguard and Aron leave the area, when Tom finally arrives. Nick fills him in on the details, and they continue their adventure.

Later, they hear a smash, as the bodyguard lands on the sign of Ridgway Jewelry. Nick decides to try and help him, entering the building, when he is caught in a slight conversation with a woman. Ultimately, when he hears the police, Nick chooses to leave the building, and both he and Tom attempt to return to Kirby Plaza.


They get onto a bus, greeted by a bus driver, when it is suddenly hijacked by a group of terrorists. Without choice, Nick and Tom are, once again, led to Odessa, Texas, as Nick slowly grows more and more agigated. He stops time when they reach Odessa, and kills the terrorists immediately. Time restarts, and Nick and Tom leave the bus, when Tom hears the thoughts of Nick (although he does not tell Nick this).

Company Man

As Nick and Tom are walking through the streets of Odessa, Texas, they walk past two men, one of which Nick recognises as the bodyguard. They sit down on a bench, talking about stopping the exploding man as an hour passes, resulting in the men returning from their destination. They return their journey up again, when a house suddenly starts glowing. Nick and Tom watch the carnage ensue, with a family running out into the streets - including the two men. Nick and Tom ask the bodyguard about it, although he declines to answer anything. They do, however, find out that the bodyguard is called Matt Parkman. They leave moments afterwards when they notice Thompson.


In a hotel room, Nick and Tom are preparing to try and get back to Kirby Plaza once again. Tom opens the door, when he notices the man from before. He engages him in idle conversation. Afterwards, the two leave, passing a woman as they take the elevator. They depart from the building, where they, again, take a bus to New York, NY.

Graphic Novel:Family Man

Nick and Tom look at the Bennet family after their house explosion.


They reach New York, choosing to try and rent a room, as they are tired from their travels. Finding a building, they notice a door open, and walk inside. Nick sees the chaos in the apartment, finding Gabriel Gray knocked unconscious on the floor. Nick tries to shake him awake, but is unable to wake him up. Tom and Nick walk away from the scene, although he notices a picture of Tom on the ruins of the map.

They continue walking around for numerous hours, when Nick decides to try and find Isaac Mendez again. They enter his apartment, finding Gabriel Gray murdering Isaac. Wondering what is going on, Nick asks Gabriel during his deed - incuring his wrath. Before Nick is killed, he grabs Tom and travels to the future in a strip club.

Five Years Gone

Tom starts dancing to try and pass the time, although Nick drags him off the stage. They sit down in a booth, while he listens in to a conversation in the booth next to him, between a woman, and two guys. As they leave, Nick realises that one of the men is Hiro Nakamura. Nick and Tom stand up, when they notice another man enter - Future Nick.

Future Nick, seeing Nick, believes that he can stop the explosion from decimating the city. He talks about how Hiro failed to stop Peter from exploding. Nick watches the television, seeing Gabriel being blamed, although it is suddenly switched off. Future Nick points out that he is Peter. Suddenly, the strip club is raided, when Future Nick and Nick are captured by Future Tom.

Brought to the Department of Homeland Security, Nick and his future self are locked behind bars, as Future Tom explains that the Haitian is blocking their powers - even if he is not in the room. Future Tom explains that a lot of good men died during the explosion, and that Future Nick is simply killing more to save evolved humans. He calls Future Nick the "second most wanted terrorist", next to Hiro - angering Nick even more.

Using his cunning wordplay, Nick convinces Future Tom to let him go, since he could easily stop the explosion with his power. Future Tom agrees with this plan, and frees him. Future Nick and Nick continue leaving, when Future Tom shoots Future Nick in the back - killing him. Without choice, Nick stops time and runs down the corridor. When time restarts, he finds himself stood behind Peter, as his hands set on fire. At that moment, Tom finds Nick again, with help from Future Andy (apparently imbued with the power of phasing). Massive amounts of energy is released from Peter and his opponent, resulting in Nick and Tom travelling back in time.

The Hard Part

Nick and Tom appear on Charles Deveaux's rooftop. As Nick prepares to make a glorified speech, he notices Hiro and Ando already stood on the roof. Nick and Tom decide that the only way to save the world before Hiro does is to follow him around. They follow him to Isaac Mendez's apartment.

Outside, they wait for Hiro and Ando to leave the building, but instead Gabriel Gray does. Shocked at this, Nick tries to get Gabriel's attention, but his pleas fall on deaf ears (ironically). They enter the apartment, looking at the paintings, when they see one of the President stood alone. They also stare at a painting of Gabriel hiding from a radioactive man. Nick believes that Ted is the exploding man, and decides to kill him.

Nick and Tom exit the loft, and search through the streets once again. Ultimately, they take a taxi cab, and stop at Kirby Plaza - Nick has finally reached his destination. Watching a man's hands turn bright, Nick finds a lead pipe on the floor and prepares to use it. Tom hears Thompson behind the two, and knocks them out. They are taken to the building.


Nick and Tom find themselves on floor forty-eight, being watched over by two guards. Tom listens to the two guards, and uses his ability to convince them that he knows them. Nick and Tom leave the room with relative ease, and search through the buildings. They take the elevator down to the bottom floor, passing Matt, Jessica, and two other men. They then leave the building.

Once outside at Kirby Plaza, Tom and Nick look out to the streets, seeing an FBI van pass by. Night sets in, and Tom pulls out his handheld television. They watch a speech being delivered by politican Nathan Petrelli, when Nick remembers seeing him at the Fly By Night Diner.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

They sit around, waiting for anything to happen, as the date is now November 8th. Nick starts getting tired of hanging around the Plaza. Tom enters a local convenience store, and picks up a newspaper with "Petrelli Wins in Landslide" written on it. He hands the paper over to Nick.

Nick chooses to have a quick wander around, telling Tom to phone him if anything happens. He walks through the streets and bumps into a courier. Noticing that he has the latest 9th Wonders!, he stops time and takes it, returning back to Kirby Plaza. He reads over the entire comic, and finds out that Gabriel is going to be stabbed by Hiro. Nick and Tom leave the Plaza.

They return to Isaac Mendez's apartment, searching for Gabriel, when they notice the painting of him facing another man. Nick's face drops when he finds out that they are going to meet at Kirby Plaza.

Nick and Tom frantically run back, but they notice an explosion in the sky. As Nick drops to his knees and shouts, agents from the Company arrive and point guns at the two. Nick and Tom manage to retreat for some time, so much so that they split ways. Nick is eventually cornered, and resorts to time travel - appearing in Kyoto, Japan in 1671, stood behind a samurai.

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