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Exploding Man (painting)

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Exploding Man (painting)
Exploding man artwork.jpg
Isaac Mendez painted a foreboding image of an exploding humanoid figure.

First mentioned: Seven Minutes to Midnight
Current status: in Isaac's apartment

The Exploding Man, Burning Man, Energy Man, or Human Torch is a painting by Isaac Mendez. It depicts Peter Petrelli in the process of exploding. However, had Future Hiro not have warned Peter about Sylar going after the cheerleader, Sylar would have regenerated after Hiro had stabbed him at Kirby Plaza, thus being the one depicted in the painting. (String Theory)


Seven Minutes to Midnight

Under the spell of Eden McCain's power of persuasion (and by the orders of Mr. Bennet), Isaac Mendez uses heroin and begins work on a new painting.


At Primatech Paper Co., Mr. Bennet examines Isaac's latest painting. The painting depicts a humanoid figure who appears to be burning or exploding. Mr. Bennet is not pleased--he was hoping for a prophecy about his daughter.


Outside the Odessa Police Department, Peter Petrelli has a vision of a practically deserted Times Square. Peter sees himself glowing and grimacing in pain or frustration, as if he were about to explode. After the vision, he turns to his brother and says the explosion is "all my fault".


At Isaac's apartment, Nathan sees the painting and notes that the figure resembles a bomb. Nathan tells Isaac that Peter believes he's the cause of the explosion, but Nathan doesn't believe that all the paintings could be connected. Later, Nathan and Hiro examine the painting. Nathan asks Hiro whether he believes a human being could actually cause an explosion. Hiro theorizes that if the two of them have powers, the exploding man may likewise has powers. Hiro is determined to stop the villain.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Peter explodes, fufilling the prophecy.


Memorable Quotes

"I painted that mural on my floor. And very recently, I painted a picture of ... a man exploding."

"How do you stop an exploding man?'

- Isaac, Hiro (Fallout)

"There has to be some way. If I don't, New York explodes. Okay? I explode."

"An exploding man, where'd you get that idea?"

- Peter, Claude (The Fix)

"What did he want?"

"What do you think? He's still trying to stop an exploding man."

- Future Peter, Future Niki (Five Years Gone)

"I explode. I see it. I wipe out this whole city. You, Nathan, everyone."

"You explode?"

"Yeah. Like a nuclear bomb."

- Peter, Claire (The Hard Part)


  • In a forum post and interview, Tim Sale said that when it came time to create the image of the exploding man, he was given very little information--just that "it’s a figure and he’s kind of gesturing and shooting stuff out of his hands, but we can’t know who it is." Tim's goal was to produce "something comic-booky with the energy bolts and stuff, and Kirby krackle." When he worked on the image in charcoal, and the black and white image was not exactly what he was expecting. Tim credits Dave Stewart's coloring for giving the painting its dramatic impact.


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