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Peter Petrelli's apartment

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Peter Petrelli's apartment
Peters apartment 2.jpg
Peter in his apartment
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Residence

Peter Petrelli lives in an apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors



Peter and Simone wake up together in Peter's bed. They discuss Simone's toast from the evening before. Peter starts to talk about Simone's relationship with Isaac when his doorbell rings. Peter answers the door to find Nathan, who is upset after being visited by a Dr. Suresh. Peter thinks Nathan is talking about Chandra Suresh. Nathan opens the door when Simone asks Peter where he keeps his mugs. Nathan offers Peter some money to go find answers and disappear for a while because he is becoming a liability. Peter refuses the money and closes the door on Nathan.

Simone has to leave to prepare for a show and Peter tells her to take her mug with her and bring it back that night. They talk about Simone's two-year relationship with Isaac. Peter and Simone agree that they don't want a rebound relationship and decide to take their time.

Nothing to Hide

Peter wakes up as someone buzzes his doorbell. Simone is crying and tells Peter that her father has died. Peter comforts Simone.

Nathan stops by Peter's apartment. Peter tells Nathan that he needs to tell his wife the truth about what happened in Las Vegas. Nathan tells him that she doesn't need the truth, she needs hope.

Peter asks Nathan if he talked to Linderman about the painting Peter needs. Nathan tells him that Linderman is not going to let them have it. Peter tells Nathan the painting has to do with what is happening to them. Nathan doesn't believe his ability to fly will make a difference in the world. Peter tells him that he won't know until he tries. Nathan tells Peter about a kidnapping attempt that happened to him in Vegas, and that he flew to escape. Peter is skeptical of Nathan's story. Nathan reminds Peter that if people knew what they were capable of they would lock them up and throw away the key.

Six Months Ago

Peter's mother, brother, and sister-in-law arrive at Peter's apartment for a party celebrating his graduation from nursing school. His father couldn't make it because he is meeting with Linderman. At the party, Nathan enlists Peter to prosecute Linderman. That night Peter wakes suddenly from a dream of Nathan's accident. Nathan comes to Peter's apartment the next morning and delivers news of their father's apparent heart attack.

The Fix

Mohinder and Nathan look for Peter at his apartment. He is packing his bags, in preparation for his trip to the Nevada desert. Mohinder and Nathan try to stop Peter, but he runs out into the hallway where he is intercepted by Claude, and becomes invisible. Back inside, Claude takes a beer from Peter's refrigerator and comments that with Peter's family connections he could have a much better apartment, but Peter says he's left the family business and is a nurse. Claude tells him that he's not a people-person, but he's not going to allow Peter to kill everyone. Peter asks him again to help him control his power. Claude warns him that it will be a lot of work, but tells Peter to come with him.


After being attacked by Mr. Bennet, Peter flies Claude to take care of him in his apartment. Claude gets upset at the events that transpired and leaves.


Claire Bennet, who went against the orders of the Haitian and headed to New York City, knocks on Peter's apartment door. Angela answers, and Claire assumes that she knocked on the wrong door. Angela tells her that Peter isn't home and, to Claire's surprise, knows her name. Angela invites Claire inside and begins to speak in French. The Haitian appears from another room and responds to her. Claire, clearly shocked, asks Angela who she is. Angela tells Claire that she is her grandmother and notes that she is just as stubborn as her father.

Four Months Later...

Angela is in Peter's apartment with Nathan, who now has a beard. Angela remarks that Peter is dead and they must move on, but Nathan believes that Peter is alive. He asks her to leave Peter's belongings alone, and the two struggle with a photo of the two brothers. When it falls to the ground and shatters, Angela notes that Nathan is drunk. She tells him that he killed his brother and drove his wife and kids away, and if he had followed the plan, Peter would be alive. Nathan wonders aloud that he almost did what she asked him to do, and calls her evil. He tells her to leave, and on her way out, she finds a photo similar to the one Kaito found with the symbol drawn on her face.

The Kindness of Strangers

Nathan takes Matt Parkman to Peter's apartment to find a picture of the twelve original founders of the Company. Nathan later reminisces about Peter. Then, he looks up in the mirror and sees a grotesque reflection and punches the mirror, bleeding from his knuckles.

The Butterfly Effect

Future Peter returns to his old apartment and creates a string web. His mother arrives to warn him of the butterfly effect and exhorts him to fix his mistakes.

Eris Quod Sum

After Sylar pushes Peter out of the Pinehearst building, Claire takes Peter to his apartment to recover. Nathan and Tracy meet him there. Peter tells Nathan that their father is alive.

It's Coming

Peter and Claire prepare to leave the apartment, arguing about leaving together or separately. Just before Flint and Knox break in, Peter escapes through the fire escape. Claire wards them off, then jumps out the window and lands on the street below.


Peter listens to "Nathan" leave a fourth message on his answering machine as he hangs a newspaper clipping onto the wall with dozens of others. He has cleaned out almost everything from his apartment.

Jump, Push, Fall

Peter listens to a police scanner when Noah knocks on his door. Noah reminds him to call his mother, and admires Peter's wall of people he has saved. Peter thanks Mohinder for that. Noah tells him of Danko's death over a key, and that he wants Peter as backup in case the super-fast man who killed Danko is watching the safe deposit box the key goes to. Peter is interested, asking how fast the man is.


Peter hangs up another article of his actions onto his wall. As he prepares to go to work, a process server arrives and tells him he is being sued.

Samuel breaks into the apartment, and uses his ability to put a picture of himself into one of Peter's articles. He hides when Peter comes home, and sneaks out while Peter looks at the article with Samuel in it.

Hysterical Blindness

Peter eats breakfast with his mother, telling her he is attempting to reconnect with the people in his life. She asks if he has spoken to Nathan and if he is coming, but he tries to get her to focus on him. He continues to talk, but she does not listening to him. He realizes he needs to get to work and prepares to leave, but Angela says she will wait in case Nathan is running late.

Peter returns home from work, upset he failed to establish a connection with Emma, when Hiro teleports in behind him and collapses.


Peter takes down the clippings from his apartment wall. There's a knock on the door and he answers it: it's "Nathan". Nathan embraces Peter and says that he thinks he's in trouble.

Brother's Keeper

After Sylar transfers back into his own body, Nathan flies here with Peter replicating flight and following him. The two discuss how Nathan is really Sylar with some of Nathan's memories and Nathan expresses his belief that Peter will always see him as Sylar as a result.


Nathan is sleeping on Peter's bed when Angela arrives with some caterers and sets up Thanksgiving dinner. Peter tells her that he has found out the truth: the real Nathan is dead, and Sylar has been forced to take his place. Angela tries to maintain the deception and forces them all to eat dinner together, but eventually gives in to their demands and tells the truth. Nathan begins to act threateningly, and as Peter and Angela cower against the wall, they watch as Nathan's body releases arcs of electricity and transforms back into Sylar. Sylar telekinetically pulls the chairs away from the table and forces Peter and Angela to sit with him while he eats. Mockingly, he praises Angela for her cunning, kisses her and begins to slice open her skull, but Nathan's personality reasserts itself and stops the attack. Nathan asks his mother what she has done before running out of the apartment and flying away.

Close to You

Peter wakes up in bed and grabs his arm, which is marked with a spinning compass tattoo. Later, he takes Emma to his apartment in order to confirm Samuel's identity. Peter warns Emma to keep his distance from Samuel, after seeing her compass and being reminded of Noah's injury. At this point, Angela arrives, and is seemingly stunned to see Emma there. Emma hastily leaves, and Peter asks what's going on. Angela reveals that she had a dream, where she envisioned Emma killing lots of people. Peter borrows Angela's ability and he wakes in horror after having the same dream.

The Art of Deception

Peter has another dream about Emma where it shows that Eric Doyle is apparently controlling her actions before Peter wakes up. He receives a call from Angela and leaves to go to her house.


  • Peter's apartment number is 1407 (Collision). This is confirmed as an homage to 1407 Graymalkin Lane is the home of Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters from Marvel's X-Men. Coincidentally, Milo Ventimiglia later lent his voice to the X-Men character "Wolverine" in several television series, and voiced a playable character in the video game X-Men: Destiny. Regarding the apartment number, it should be noted that in Ink, Peter's apartment door has the number 643 on it.
  • The alley just outside Peter's apartment is where Future Claire shoots Future Peter (I Am Become Death). The building across from the apartment is the location of one of the large World Splitting in Half murals (It's Coming).


  • After becoming a paramedic, Peter begins collecting several newspaper articles extolling his good deeds. Among the headlines are:
    • "Woman Rescued with Only Minor Injuries"
    • "Elderly Woman Saved"
    • "Teenagers Saved from Disaster"
    • "Father and Son Pulled from Wreckage"
    • "Children Rescued from Late Night Accident"
    • "Construction Worker Rescued from Cave-In"
    • "Family Saved"
    • "Couple Saved"
    • "Another Miraculous Rescue"
    • "Disaster Averted"
    • "Mother and Son Rescued"
    • "Man Rescued from Fire"
    • "Workers Rescued from Gun Fight"
    • "Baby Boy Rescued"
    • "Gun Shot Victim Saved on the Scene"
    • "All 5 Saved from Rush Hour Crash"
    • "Last Minute Rescue of 8 Year Old Girl"
    • "Pregnant Woman Saved from Crash"
    • "MTA Disaster Averted; All Passengers Survive Crash"


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