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Charlie Baker
Mike Myers.jpg
Portrayed by Mike Myers
In-story stats
Known ability Property replication
Age 21
Date of birth 1988
Place of birth Newcastle, UK
Occupations Coal Miner, Steal Worker
Significant other Coral Steal
Parents Mary Baker, John Baker
Grandparents Paternal grandparents:
Jason Baker,
Louise Baker
Maternal grandparents:
Sarah Low,
Harry Low
Sibling Libby Baker

Charlie Baker is a troubled young man, who had a difficult upbringing.

Character History

Charlie was born to Mary and John Baker, however at the age of 10 both of his parents died in a mysterious accident that both sets of his grandparents covered up. His only sibling, his sister Libby, was 7 at the time who had no idea what had happened. Charlie and Libby lived between their grandparents who all lived near each other. At the age of 13 Charlie got his first job as a paper boy. His grandfathers both worked in the coal mine as did his father so Charlie was always expected to work in the coal mine, whereas his sister was allowed to do whatever she chose. Though very bright Charlie worked on becoming coming stronger so he could dig in the mine and impress his grandfathers.

At the age of 16 Charlie left school and started work in the coal mine. It is believed his ability manifested when he was 17 when the coal shaft he was working on collapsed. Charlie had been the last to the leave the shaft and as he went towards the lift a beam gave way making the ceiling collapse. What exactly happened to allow Charlie to escape unharmed and not a scratch on him remains unknown. It was suspected he had the ability of impenetrable skin however it became apparent this was not his ability.

At the age of 19 the coal mine shut down, Charlie had become the best worker and now chose to work alone. This change in personality is recognised when people develop abilities and want to control them, it is believed he spent the time alone controlling his ability. It was not until his new job at a steal factory that it was decided his ability was not impenetrable skin as Charlie was seen on several occasions bending steal with his hands, so his ability was suspected to be enhanced strength. It was at this time he was brought in. However, he escaped capture. The exact details are not known as the agents involved both were knocked unconscious.

From what is known Charlie was at work and was walking home, the agents followed him and when he took a short cut threw a park the agents went to tag and bag him. From what is said Charlie turned his arm into what is believed to be steal and hit one agent. The one of them agent reacted by sending balls of electricity at him, as his arm was metal this hurt him. Charlie fled and the agent followed him to a field and with no where left to run Charlie lay on the ground. The agent said he then smiled and stood up, his arm now back to normal. The agent another ball of lightning at Charlie however this time the electricity did not affect him. Charlie then ran towards a goal post and grabbed the pole and swung round and ran towards the agent. Believing their ability to be useless the agent resorted to a taser but Charlie managed to dodge them, his arm turned into metal again and stuck the agent.

Charlie is believed to be very wary of anyone who approaches him now making a bag and tag very difficult. Even Though he was not captured his ability is now known.

Evolved Human Ability

Charlie's ability allow him to survive a mine collapse and help him bend steal with his bare hands. He has also been able to turn his arm into metal and negate the effects of electricity.

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