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This page contains information on the company founders

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Who are the company founders?

There are 12 company founders

Name Current State
Susan Amman Deceased
Bob Bishop Deceased
Charles Deveaux Deceased
Harry Fletcher Deceased
Paula Gramble Deceased
Daniel Linderman Deceased
Carlos Mendez Deceased
Kaito Nakamura Deceased
Maury Parkman Deceased
Angela Petrelli Alive
Arthur Petrelli Deceased
Victoria Pratt Deceased

It should also be noted that Adam Monroe had some part to play in the founding of the company. Even if this was only bringing together the 12 company founders. It is unlikely that we will find out if this is true because Adam was killed by Arthur when he took Adam's ability. However, since Angela (the last remaining company founder) is still alive there is some possibility of finding out what part Adam played.

Relatives of the company founders

Name Parents Siblings Partners Children Grandchildren
Susan Amman
Bob Bishop Elle Bishop (Daughter, Deceased)
Charles Deveaux Simone Deveaux (Daughter, Deceased)
Harry Fletcher
Paula Gramble
Daniel Linderman Unnamed Father,
Unnamed Mother
Carlos Mendez Isaac Mendez (Son, Deceased)
Kaito Nakamura Ishi Nakamura, (Wife, Deceased)
Angela Petrelli (Formerly)
Hiro Nakamura, (Son)
Kimiko Nakamura (Daughter)
Maury Parkman Matt Parkman (Son) Matt Parkman, Jr. (Grandson)
Angela Petrelli Mr. Shaw (Father),
Mrs. Shaw (Mother)
Alice Shaw, (Sister) Arthur Petrelli, (Husband, Deceased)
Kaito Nakamura, (Formerly, Deceased)
Nathan Petrelli, (Son)
Peter Petrelli (Son)
Claire Bennet, (Granddaughter)
Simon Petrelli, (Grandson)
Monty Petrelli (Grandson)
Arthur Petrelli Angela Petrelli (Wife) Nathan Petrelli, (Son)
Peter Petrelli (Son)
Claire Bennet, (Granddaughter)
Simon Petrelli, (Grandson)
Monty Petrelli (Grandson)
Victoria Pratt


So far some of the company founders are known to have powers these are as follows:

Name Ability
Bob Bishop Alchemy
Charles Devueax Telepathy
Daniel Linderman Healing
Maury Parkman Telepathy
Angela Petrelli Precognitive dreaming
Arthur Petrelli Power absorption

Also two founding members appear on the list which means they are assumed to have a power, they are as follows:

  • Harry Fletcher
  • Paula Gramble

In a deleted scene Kaito told Ando that he had the ability of Accelerated probability


Did you know?

  • Angela tried to kill Arthur when she found out he tried to kill Nathan
  • Charles Deveaux met Richard Drucker and introduced him to the other founders
  • Charles daughter Simone dated Carlos's son Isaac and Angela's and Arthur's son Peter
  • Adam Monroe apparently brought the founders together
  • Kaito gave Angela's granddaughter Claire away to Noah Bennet
  • Linderman restored Angela's memory's after Arthur erased them
  • Linderman, Charles, Bob and Angela were all put in a concentration camp for evolved humans before they created the company

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