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This page is showing each person using their power. The first three tables shows images of abilities used in either an Episode, Graphic Novel or Webisode, it will only show an image of the person when they first used there power. For example Daphne used her ability in a GN first so her picture is under Graphic novel power use. They will not display Arthur, Linda, Peter or Sylar. There original power will be shown with there acquired powers.

For a similar page created by me, (see here), which shows each power in use in any media.

Episode power use

Name Power Image
Adam Monroe Rapid cell regeneration Powers kensei arrow wound.jpg
Alejandro Herrera Alejandro's ability Powers alejandro police station.jpg
Alice Shaw Weather control Weather control.jpg
Ando Masahashi Ability supercharging Ando supercharges Matt's ability.jpg
Angela Petrelli Precognitive dreaming Angela's eye.jpg
Baron Samedi Impenetrable skin Samedi Power.jpg
Bob Bishop Alchemy Trustthemidastouch.JPG
Brian Davis Telekinesis Powers brian davis.gif
Candice Wilmer Illusion Powers candace sandra.jpg
Charles Deveaux Telepathy Charles uses his ability in the dinner.jpg
Charlie Andrews Enhanced memory Burnt toast.jpg
Claire Bennet Rapid cell regeneration Regeneration.jpg
Claude Rains Invisibility Claude rains the semi invisible man.jpg
D.L. Hawkins Phasing DLNiki phase.JPG
Dale Smither Enhanced hearing Dale earbud.jpg
Daniel Linderman Healing Powers linderman 3.jpg
Danny Pine Metal mimicry 0308-homeless-special-ability.jpg
Eden McCain Persuasion Primatech isaacs room.jpg
Elephant man Unknown 0309-test-subject-2.jpg
Elle Bishop Electric manipulation Precision.jpg
Eric Doyle Puppet master Powers Doyle makes Meredith lift a glass.jpg
Flint Gordon, Jr. Pyrokinesis Powers Flint blue pyrokinesis.jpg
Hiro Nakamura Space-time manipulation Hiro escapes anarrow death.jpg
Isaac Mendez Precognition Isaac powersober.jpg
Ishi Nakamura Healing Holy Kiss.jpg
James Martin Shape shifting Painful transformation(3).JPG
Jessica Sanders Enhanced strength Powers jessica throws matt.jpg
Knox Enhanced strength Powers Punching Holes.jpg
Luke Campbell Microwave emission Microwaves.jpg
Matt Parkman Precognition Parkman goes all Eyesaac.jpg
Telepathy Matt hears something in his cell.jpg
Matt Parkman, Jr. Activation and deactivation Baby Matt Parkman's Power.jpg
Maury Parkman Telepathy Powers Maury Daphne proves Linderman is a figment.jpg
Maya Herrera Poison emission Powers maya kills pretty much everybody.jpg
Meredith Gordon Pyrokinesis Powers Meredith can you do this.jpg
Micah Sanders Technopathy Ballot.jpg
Mohinder Suresh Mohinder's ability Powers Mohinder's sticky goo.jpg
Enhanced strength Mohinder rips taxi door.jpg
Molly Walker Clairvoyance Powers molly clairvoyance1.jpg
Monica Dawson Adoptive muscle memory Powers monica flip 2.jpg
Mr. Shaw Seismic burst Shockwave.JPG
Nathan Petrelli Flight Firstflyght.JPG
Niki Sanders Enhanced strength Powers niki chokes bob.jpg
Sanjog Iyer Dream manipulation Powers sanjog 6.jpg
Scott Enhanced strength Scott's super strength.jpg
Stephen Canfield Gravitational manipulation Powers Canfield takes Claire's taser.jpg
Sue Landers Lie detection Lie detection.jpg
The Haitian Mental manipulation Clearing Bennet's mind.JPG
Theodore Sprague Induced radioactivity Ted going nuclear.jpg
Tom Miller Disintegration Disintegration.jpg
Tracy Strauss Freezing Tracy freeze rope.jpg
Trevor Zeitlan Shattering Trevor Powers.jpg
Usutu Precognition Powers Usutu Painting.jpg
West Rosen Flight Powers west above costa verde.jpg
Zane Taylor Melting Powers melted appliance.jpg

Graphic novel power use

Name Power Image
Abigail Forcefields Abigail's Forcefield.jpg
Abu Aswan Levitation Powers Abu Aswan one ton boulder.jpg
Agent Sound absorption Sound absorption.jpg
Alex Woolsley Underwater breathing The Swimmer.jpg
Angie Flight FlightAngie.jpg
Anna Korolenko Neurocognitive deficit Anna's Power stops Claire's attackers.jpg
Au Co Plant growth Plant control.JPG
Benjamin Franklin Electrical absorption Powers benjamin franklin zzzapp.jpg
Bianca Karina Lung adaptation Powers Bianca noxious gas.jpg
Brendan Lewis Plant manipulation Drake thrown.JPG
Connie Logan Appearance alteration Powers morphing putty.jpg
Daphne Millbrook Super speed Daphne skyscraper leap.jpg
Donald Essex Water mimicry Water Disarm.jpg
Donna Dunlap Telescopic vision Powers Donna airplane.jpg
Evan Cloning Even evan can die.jpg
Felicia Brooks Disintegration touch Felicia Powers.JPG
Gordon Hovey Gordon's ability Gordon's ability-2.jpg
Guillame Bliss and horror Effects of guillame's power.JPG
Hana Gitelman Digital Communication Gn war buddies.jpg
Harmon Wall crawling Wallcrawling.jpg
Howard Grigsby Luminescence Power Light Generation 1.jpg
Howie Kaplan Oil secretion Tare.jpg
Jesse Murphy Sound manipulation Jesse Power.jpg
Joe Macon Imprinting Imprinting.jpg
Julien Dumont Cloning Julien Clone 1.jpg
Khufu's kin Levitation Powers levitating a big brick.jpg
Leonard Cushing Acid secretion Acidreflux.jpg
The Liquid Man Water mimicry Water Density Mimic.jpg
Maarten Pyrokinesis Powers Maarten throws flames.jpg
Manhattan target Nerve gas emission Nerve gas emission.jpg
Manuel Garcia Teleportation JB Shell.jpg
Marcus Crumpling Smush.JPG
Matt Neuenberg Enhanced memory 3.1415926535897932384626433.jpg
Michael Laser emission Powers Michael zaps a roach.jpg
Michael Fitzgerald Enhanced strength Michael Fitzgerald.jpg
Misha Telekinesis Blue eyed TK.jpg
Paulette Hawkins Ability supercharging Ability augmentation.JPG
Perrin Crocker Bone spike protrusion Spike destruction.jpg
Piper Elasticity Powers Piper on the table.jpg
Ricardo Silva Primal rage Ricardo's ability.jpg
Rollo Fusor's accomplice Dehydration Dehydrating haram.jpg
Samir Mellouk Phasing Samir Mellouk.JPG
Sparrow Redhouse Terrakinesis Sparrow controls rocks.jpg
Teenage patient Electrical absorption Staticfrustrations.JPG
The German Magnetism Powers magnetism bullets.jpg
The Russian Age shifting Age shifting.jpg
Tina Ramierez Chlorine gas exudation Hi, smell my breath.jpg
Traveler Omnilingualism Powers traveler dzongkha.jpg

IStory power use

Name Power Image
Abe Light absorption Light absorption.jpg
Mary Krause Acidic blood Acidic Bood.jpg

Webisode power use

Name Power Image
David Sullivan David's ability David's eyes.jpg
Echo DeMille Sound manipulation Spoiler Going Postal ability2.jpg
Edward Accelerated probability Powers ap lightning2.jpg
Elisa Water mimicry WateryElisa.jpg
Iris Pyrokinesis Powers pyrokinesis Destiny4.jpg
Rachel Mills Teleportation Rachel's Teleport Ends.jpg
Santiago Accelerated probability Powers Santiago jumps away from a bus.jpg
The Constrictor Constriction Powers constriction Going Postal P2.jpg

Images of stolen abilities

These images will show the person who stole the ability using the acquired ability

Arthur Petrelli

Arthur's original ability.

Power Image
Power absorption Dad steals powers.jpg

The following are ALL abilities acquired by Arthur and displayed.

Power Source Image
Electric manipulation Peter Petrelli Arthur Petrelli (Lightning).jpg
Mental manipulation Unknown 0308-arthur-power-hiro.jpg
Poison emission Maya Herrera This child is clean.jpg
Precognition Peter Petrelli Power Arthur Paints.jpg
Rapid cell regeneration Adam Monroe Artherheals.jpg
Space-time manipulation Peter Petrelli Arthur teleports.jpg
Telekinesis Peter Petrelli Hang in there, sonny.jpg
Telepathy Unknown Powers Arthur reads Nathan's thoughts.jpg

Linda Tavara

Linda's original ability

Power Image
Aura absorption Powers Linda dream man.jpg

The following are ALL abilities acquired by Linda and displayed.

Power Source Image
Mediumship Ida May Walker Mediumship.jpg

Peter Petrelli

Peter's original ability

Power Image
Empathic mimicry I can't control it.jpg

The following are ALL the abilities acquired by Peter and displayed while having empathic mimicry. It will show an image of the media he first used the ability.

Power Source Image
Electric manipulation Elle Bishop Blue sword.jpg
Enhanced strength Niki Sanders Peter throws Son.jpg
Flight Nathan Petrelli Powers peter carries claude.jpg
Induced radioactivity Ted Sprague Finish it.jpg
Intuitive aptitude Sylar Powers Peter fix the Sylar watch.jpg
Invisibility Claude Rains Powers peter fades from sylar.jpg
Phasing D.L. Hawkins Powers peter phases through ropes.jpg
Precognition Isaac Mendez Powers peter channels daddy warbucks.jpg
Precognitive dreaming Angela Petrelli Eclipse eye.jpg
Pyrokinesis Flint Gordon, Jr. Powers Peter blue fire.jpg
Rapid cell regeneration Claire Bennet Powers peter expels a bullet.jpg
Space-time manipulation Hiro Nakamura (explosion future) Powers peter stops taser.jpg
Super speed Daphne Millbrook (exposed future) Fasterthanaspeedingbullet.JPG
Telekinesis Sylar Powers peter tk broom.jpg
Telepathy Matt Parkman Powers peter telepathy wheres the virus.jpg

Peter's synthetic ability

Power Image
Ability replication Powers peter abosrbs tracy's ability.jpg

The following are the abilities replicated by Peter while having his synthetic ability. It will show an image of the media he first used the ability.

Power Source Image
Enhanced strength Mohinder Suresh Powers peter hurls a guard across the plane.jpg
Flight Nathan Petrelli Peter flying with new ability.jpg
Freezing Tracy Strauss Peter freezes the wall.jpg
Shape shifting Sylar Peter impersonates the president.JPG
Telepathy Matt Parkman 318telepathy2.jpg

Samson Gray

Samson's original ability is Intuitive aptitude but there is no picture of him using it at this time.

The following are ALL the abilities acquired by Samson and displayed. It will show an image of the media he first used the ability.

Power Name Image
Sedation Unknown Sedation.JPG
Telekinesis Unknown Samson TK.jpg


Sylar's original ability.

Power Image
Intuitive aptitude Powers sylar aptitude.jpg

The following are ALL the abilities acquired by Sylar and displayed. It will show an image of the media he first used the ability.

Power Name Image
Alchemy Bob Bishop The Man with the Golden Gun.jpg
Clairsentience Bridget Bailey Powers Sylar Claire-sentience.jpg
Electric manipulation Elle Bishop Power Lightning Shattering.jpg
Enhanced hearing Dale Smither Sylars sonic nightmare.jpg
Enhanced memory Charlie Andrews Memory for trucking.JPG
Freezing James Walker Powers sylar frozen sword.jpg
Induced radioactivity Ted Sprague Sylar, full frontal.JPG
Lie detection Sue Landers Sylar Arthur Lie Detection.jpg
Melting Zane Taylor Powers sylar toaster.jpg
Precognition Isaac Mendez Sylar's precognition.jpg
Rapid cell regeneration Claire Bennet Powers Sylar broken neck.jpg
Shape shifting James Martin Image-Sylar Shapeshift blone woman.jpg
Telekinesis Brian Davis SylarPinningPeterandMohinder.jpg

Future evolved humans

Explosion future

The following are evolved humans that have appeared in the explosion future, where Sylar exploded and destroyed New York city. It will show an image of the media the person first used their ability.

Hiro Nakamura

Future hiro peter.jpg

Future agents

Name Ability Image
Future Agent Electric manipulation Electromagnetic SWAT.JPG
Future Agent Super speed Walk on walls.JPG

Peter Petrelli

Power Image
Electric manipulation Electricity mimicry.JPG
Invisibility Powers future peter invisibility plus tk.jpg
Pyrokinesis Powers future peter pyro.jpg
Space-time manipulation Powers future peter space time manipulation.jpg
Super speed Peter chasing guard with enhanced speed.jpg
Telekinesis Powers future peter tk toss.jpg

Matt Parkman

Powers matt hiro doesnt know.jpg

Niki Sanders

Enhanced strength in moab.JPG


Power Image
Flight Future Sylar (Flight).jpg
Freezing Cryokinesis.jpg
Illusion Sylar illusion 3.JPG
Phasing FSylar phases.JPG
Telekinesis Sylar reveals himself.JPG

Exposed future

The following are evolved humans that have appeared in the exposed future, where synthetic abilities are given to anyone. It will show an image of the media the person first used their ability.

Ando Masahashi

Ando's power.jpg

Claire Bennet

This is Claire displaying her power in the future.


Daphne Millbrook

This is Daphne displaying her power in the future.

Powers Daphne enters Pinehearst.jpg

Future terrorists

Name Power Image
Magnetism terrorist Magnetism Powers hand magnetism.jpg
Future terrorist Melting beam emission Terrorist's ability ceiling impact.jpg

Gabriel Gray

Power Image
Induced radioactivity I Am Become Death.jpg
Precognition Powers Gabriel precognition.jpg


Powers Knox breathing in Noah Gray's fear.jpg

Peter Petrelli

These are powers displayed by Peter Petrelli from the exposed future

Power Image
Body insertion Quantumleap.jpg
Illusion Changes to future peter.jpg
Invisibility Powers Future Peter 2 invisible.jpg
Space-time manipulation Powers Peter travel back four years.jpg

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