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TOC used on image of each ability in use


Ability replicationAbility superchargingAccelerated probabilityAcid secretionAcidic bloodActivation and deactivationAdoptive muscle memoryAge shiftingAlchemyAlejandro's abilityAppearance alterationAura absorptionBliss and horrorBody insertionBone spike protrusionChlorine gas exudationClairsentienceClairvoyanceCloningConstrictionCrumplingDavid's abilityDehydrationDisintegration touchDream manipulationElasticityElectric manipulationElectrical absorptionElectronic communicationEmpathic mimicryEnhanced hearingEnhanced memoryEnhanced strengthFlightForcefieldsFreezingGordon's abilityGravitational manipulationHealingIllusionImpenetrable skinImprintingInduced radioactivityIntuitive aptitudeInvisibilityLaser emissionLevitationLie detectionLight absorptionLuminescenceLung adaptationMagnetismMediumshipMeltingMelting beam emissionMental manipulationMetal mimicryMicrowave emissionMohinder's abilityNerve gas emissionNeurocognitive deficitOil secretionOmnilingualismPersuasionPhasingPlant growthPlant manipulationPoison emissionPower absorptionPrecognitionPrecognitive dreamingPrimal ragePuppet masterPyrokinesisRapid cell regenerationSedationSeismic burstShape shiftingSound absorptionSound manipulationSpace-time manipulationSuper speedTechnopathyTelekinesisTelepathyTeleportationTelescopic visionTerrakinesisTom's abilityTrevor's abilityUnderwater breathingWall crawlingWater mimicryWeather control

TOC used on non-evolved humans page


Important Season One Characters: Simone DeveauxAudrey HansonBrody MitchumJanice ParkmanHeidi PetrelliFuture MohinderMr. ThompsonJackie WilcoxZach

Important Season Two Characters: Susan AmmanCaitlinDamon DawsonNana DawsonHarry FletcherPaula GrambleDebbie MarshallVictoria PrattIvan SpektorYaeko

Important Season Three Characters: Abby CollinsMr. DankoDitko dispatcherFrackMartin GraySamson GrayDr. LivitzRobert MaldenJim McCannThe PresidentSamDr. Zimmerman

Important Graphic Novel Characters: Gael CruzLloyd CollinsTom DrakeSean FallonJoseph GallagherSabine HazelPenny LoganKimiko NakamuraDevin PattersonEric Thompson

Important Characters In All Seasons: Lyle BennetNoah BennetSandra BennetKaito Nakamura

TOC used on ability use in each episode in season one


Season One: GenesisDon't Look BackOne Giant LeapCollisionHirosBetter HalvesNothing to HideSeven Minutes to MidnightHomecomingSix Months AgoFalloutGodsendThe FixDistractionsRun!UnexpectedCompany ManParasite.07%Five Years GoneThe Hard PartLandslideHow to Stop an Exploding Man

TOC used on ability use in each episode in season two


Season Two: Four Months Later...LizardsKindredThe Kindness of StrangersFight or FlightThe LineOut of TimeFour Months Ago...Cautionary TalesTruth & ConsequencesPowerless

TOC used on ability use in each episode in season three


Season Three: The Second ComingThe Butterfly EffectOne of Us, One of ThemI Am Become DeathAngels and MonstersDying of the LightEris Quod SumVillainsIt's ComingThe Eclipse, Part 1The Eclipse, Part 2Our FatherDualA Clear and Present DangerTrust and BloodBuilding 26Cold WarsExposedShades of GrayCold SnapInto AsylumTurn and Face the Strange1961I Am SylarAn Invisible Thread

TOC used on ability use in each webisode


Going Postal: A Nifty TrickThe House GuestLet's Talk
Destiny: Let Us PrayInterventionCaptureEscape
The Recruit: Private MillsIt Was NothingWe Do What We Have to DoDay of ReckoningThe Truth Within
Hard Knox: ChoicesGet StraightFearThe Main Man Now

TOC used on ability use in each graphic novel, 1 - 50


Issues 1 – 10: MonstersThe CraneTrial By FireAftermathSnapshotsStolen TimeControlIsaac's First TimeLife Before EdenTurning Point
Issues 11 – 20: Fathers & DaughtersSuper-HeroicsWireless, Part 1Wireless, Part 2Wireless, Part 3Wireless, Part 4How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?, Part 1How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?, Part 2BullyRoad Kill
Issues 21 – 30: Path of the RighteousHell's AngelFamily ManWar Buddies, Part 1War Buddies, Part 2'War Buddies, Part 3War Buddies, Part 4War Buddies, Part 5War Buddies, Part 6String Theory
Issues 31 – 40: Walls, Part 1Walls, Part 2The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 1The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2It Takes a Village, Part 1It Takes a Village, Part 2It Takes a Village, Part 3It Takes a Village, Part 4Betty, Part 1Betty, Part 2
Issues 40 – 50: Betty, Part 3Betty, Part 4Golden Handshake, Part 1Golden Handshake, Part 2Golden Handshake, Part 3Golden Handshake, Part 4Heroism is Found in the Heart, Part 1Heroism is Found in the Heart, Part 2Blackout, Part 1Blackout, Part 2

TOC used on ability use in each graphic novel, 51 - 100


Issues 51 – 60 : Maya y AlejandroFlying BlindThe CrossroadsPetrified LightningThe RogueTrial of the Black BearMolly's DreamTeam Building ExerciseThe Last Shangri-LaQuarantineMan on FireRevolutionary War, Part 1
Issues 61 – 70: Revolutionary War, Part 2 SpecialElle's First Assignment, Part 1Elle's First Assignment, Part 2Normal LivesThe Ten Brides of Takezo KenseiThe Golden GooseThe Man with Too MuchHana and Drucker's Plot DiscoveredThe End of Hana and Drucker
Issues 71 – 80: History of a SecretPast ExperienceWar Buddies, Part 7BlindsidedA Lesson in ElectricityPieces of MeOn the LamBounty HunterDifferent and the SameMoonlight Serenade
Issues 81 – 90: Donna's Big Date, Part 1Donna's Big Date, Part 2Career ChoicesTrust Issues, Part 1Trust Issues, Part 2Faces, Part 1Faces, Part 2Root and Branch, Part 1Root and Branch, Part 2Root and Branch, Part 3
Issues 91 – 100: Berlin, Part 1Berlin, Part 2The Kill Squad, Part 1The Kill Squad, Part 2The Kill Squad, Part 3Going PostalOur Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 2HindsightForesight

TOC used on ability use in each graphic novel, 101 - 150


Issues 101 - 110 Into the Wild, Part 1Into the Wild, Part 2Into the Wild, Part 3Dreams Until DeathThe Sting of InjusticeResistanceDoyleSum Quod Sum, Part 1Sum Quod Sum, Part 2Viewpoints
Issues 111 - 120 Playing with FirePartnersThe Caged Bird, Part 1The Caged Bird, Part 2TruthsStuck in the MiddleRed Eye, Part 1Red Eye, Part 2Under the Bridge, Part 1Under the Bridge, Part 2
Issues 121 - 130 What We Have WroughtAlmost FamousOut of Town... On BusinessLibertadThe SwimmerComrades, Part 1Comrades, Part 2Puppet with No StringsHanging By a ThreadBaby Power

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