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This page will display all evolved human location's and will include their current status. It will list confirmed evolved humans with shown abilities and un-shown abilities. It will also list unconfirmed evolved humans from the list and the map as most people on these have been proven to be evolved humans, it will not list people from the assignment tracker map.

Evolved humans A-C

Name Power Current status Last known location
A local Guyanan Unknown Unknown Guyana
Abigail Forcefield projection Alive London, England
Abu Aswan Levitation Alive Cairo, Egypt
Adam Monroe Rapid cell regeneration Deceased Fort Lee, NJ (Pinehearst)
Adam Soo Hoo Unknown Alive Kailua, HI
Agent Sound absorption Alive Hartsdale, NY (Primatech (Echo's cell))
Albert Rossling Weather control Deceased San Diego, CA
Alejandro Herrera Alejandro's ability Deceased Cook Lake, VA (In a hotel Room)
Alex Woolsly Underwater breathing Alive In a desert
Alice Shaw Weather control Alice Coyote Sands
Amid Halebi Induced radioactivity Alive Los Angeles, CA
Ando Masahashi Ability supercharging Alive Washington, DC
Angela Petrelli Precognitive dreaming Alive Coyote Sands
Angie Flight Alive California
Anna Korolenko Neurocognitive deficit Alive Ithaca, NY
Arthur Dowland Unknown Alive Unknown
Arthur Petrelli Power absorption Deceased Fort Lee, NJ (Pinehearst)
Au Co Plant growth Deceased Vietnam (In her village)
Barbara Unknown Unknown Unknown
Baron Samedi Impenetrable skin Incapacitated (Captured) Haiti
Benjamin Franklin Electrical absorption Deceased Philadelphia, PA
Bianca Karina Lung adaptation Deceased Costa Verde
Bob Bishop Alchemy Deceased Hartsdale, NY (Primatech)
Brendan Lewis Plant manipulation Deceased Guyana
Brian Davis Telekinesis Deceased Brooklyn, NY (Gray & Sons)
Bridget Bailey Clairsentience Deceased Hartsdale, NY (Primatech)
Byron Bevington Precognition Alive Marshfield, VT
Candice Wilmer Illusion Deceased Central America
Charles Deveaux Telepathy Deceased New York, NY (In his room
Charlie Andrews Enhanced memory Deceased Midland, TX (Burnt Toast Diner)
Chameleon girl Dynamic camouflage Alive Unknown
Claire Bennet Rapid cell regeneration Alive Coyote Sands
Claude Rains Invisibility Alive London, England
Connie Logan Appearance alteration Deceased New York bridge
Curtis Hovsepian Unknown Alive Washington, DC (Building 26)
Cyril Sharp Unknown Alive Washington, DC (Building 26)

Evolved humans D-F

Name Power Current status Last known location
D.L. Hawkins Phasing Deceased Los Angeles
Dale Smither Enhanced hearing Deceased Bozeman, MT (At her shop)
Daniel Buzzetti Unknown Alive Greeley, CO
Daniel Linderman Healing Deceased Kirby Plaza building
Danny Pine Metal mimicry Deceased Hartsdale, NY (Primatech)
Daphne Millbrook Super speed Deceased At a hospital
David Berman Unknown Alive New York, NY
David Sullivan David's ability Deceased Fort Lee, NJ (Pinehearst)
Diego Vela Unknown Deceased Unknown
Donald Essex Water mimicry Deceased Memphis, TN
Donna Dunlap Telescopic vision Deceased New York bridge
Echo DeMille Sound manipulation Deceased Hartsdale, NY (Primatech)
Eden McCain Persuasion Deceased Hartsdale, NY (Primatech)
Edward Accelerated probability Alive Lima, Peru
Elena LaCarte Unknown Alive Unknown
Elephant man Unknown Deceased Fort Lee, NJ (Pinehearst)
Elisa Water mimicry Alive Lima, Peru
Elizabeth Axelson Unknown Alive Washington, DC (Building 26)
Elle Bishop Electric manipulation Deceased Costa Verde, CA (On a beach)
Eric Doyle Puppet master Alive Washington, DC (Building 26)
Ethan Kimball Unknown Deceased Unknown
Evan Cloning Deceased All over the world
Felicia Brooks Disintegration touch Deceased New York bridge
Felipe Acerra Phasing Deceased Tapei
Flint Gordon, Jr. Pyrokinesis Unknown Fort Lee, NJ (Pinehearst)
Frank Cavanaugh Unknown Deceased Australia

Evolved humans G-I

Name Power Current status Last known location
Guillame Bliss and horror Deceased Haiti
Hana Gitelman Digital Communication Deceased Space
Harmon Wall crawling Alive California
Harry Fletcher Unknown Deceased New York, NY
Hiro Nakamura Space-time manipulation (partially restored) Alive Washington, DC
Howard Grigsby Luminescence Alive (Captured) Hartsdale, NY (Primatech)
Howie Kaplan Oil secretion Alive Unknown
Ida May Walker Mediumship Deceased At her Retirement Villa
Iris Pyrokinesis Alive Lima, Peru
Isaac Mendez Precognition Deceased New York, NY (His loft)
Ishi Nakamura Healing Deceased New York, NY (Charles Deveaux's apartment)

Evolved humans J-L

Name Power Current status Last known location
James Walker Freezing Deceased Los Angeles, CA
Jess Murphy Unknown Deceased Unknown
Jesse Murphy Sound manipulation Deceased Poughkeepsie, NY (In a bank)
Joe Landers Unknown Deceased Unknown
Joe Macon Imprinting Deceased Pittsburgh, PA (At his company)
Journal female 1 Transportation Alive Palu, Indonesia
Journal female 2 Precognition Alive Marabá, Brazil
Journal female 3 Telepathy Deceased (Given timeline) Lobatse, Botswana
Journal female 4 Clairvoyance Alive New Canaan, Connecticut
Journal female 5 Telepathy Alive Madison, CA
Journal male 1 Tissue Regeneration Alive Unknown
Journal male 2 Transportation Alive Chilpancingo, Mexico
Journal male 3 Telepathy Alive Sweden
Julien Dumont Cloning Deceased New York bridge
Khufu Levitation Deceased (Given timeline) Giza, Egypt
Khufu's kin Levitation Deceased Giza, Egypt
Knox Enhanced strength Deceased Fort Lee, NJ (Pinehearst)
Leona Unknown Alive Calabasas, CA
Leonard Cushing Acid secretion Deceased Borno Industries
Leonie Pinkham Unknown Deceased Unknown
Linda Tavara Aura absorption Deceased Black Hawk, CO (At a campsite)
Luke Campbell Microwave emission Alive Big Jim's Franks & Fries

Evolved humans M-O

Name Power Current status Last known location
Maarten Pyrokinesis Alive Odessa, Ukraine
Manhattan target Nerve gas emission Alive (Captured) Manhattan
Manuel Garcia Teleportation Deceased New York bridge
Marcus Crumpling Alive (Captured) Arizona (At a diner)
Matt Neuenberg Enhanced memory Deceased Hartsdale, NY (Primatech)
Matt Parkman Telepathy
Alive Washington, DC
Matt Parkman, Jr. Matt's ability Alive Washington, DC
Maury Parkman Telepathy Deceased Fort Lee, NJ (Pinehearst)
Maya Herrera Poison emission (lost) Alive California (At a bar)
Meredith Gordon Pyrokinesis Unknown Hartsdale, NY (Primatech)
Micah Sanders (AKA Rebel) Technopathy Alive Union station
Michael Laser emission Deceased Hartsdale, NY (Primatech)
Michael Fitzgerald Enhanced strength Alive (Captured) Chicago, IL
Michelle Valcek Unknown Alive Unknown
Misha Telekinesis Alive California
Mohinder Suresh Mohinder's ability (Original)
Enhanced strength (Current)
Alive Coyote Sands
Molly Walker Clairvoyance Alive Chennai, India
Monica Dawson Adoptive muscle memory Alive New Orleans, LA
Mr. Shaw Shockwave emission Deceased Coyote Sands
Nathan Petrelli Flight Alive Coyote Sands
Nicholas Datre Unknown Deceased Unknown
Niki Sanders Enhanced strength Deceased New Orleans, LA
Noel Menzies Unknown Deceased Unknown
Norman Ventris Unknown Deceased Unknown

Evolved humans P-R

Name Power Current status Last known location
Pam Green/Pan Green Unknown Deceased Unknown
Paul Harding Hair manipulation Deceased New York bridge
Paula Gramble Unknown Deceased Monteith, IA
Paulette Hawkins Ability supercharging Deceased Guyana
Penkala Burton Unknown Alive Albert Lea, MN
Perrin Crocker Spike protrusion Deceased Memphis, TN (On a bus)
Peter Petrelli Empathic mimicry (Original, lost)
Ability replication (Current)
Alive Coyote Sands
Piper Elasticity Alive Unknown
Rachel Mills Teleportation Alive Costa Verde, CA
Rebecca Finder Unknown Alive Unknown
Ricardo Silva Primal rage Alive Ithaca, NY
Richard Drucker Electronic communication Deceased Paro, Bhutan
Robert Keep Impenetrable skin Alive Fort Lee, NJ (At a diner)
Rollo Fusor's accomplice Dehydration Deceased Côte d'Azur, France
Ryan Hanover Ryan's ability Deceased Fort Lee, NJ (At Pinehearst)

Evolved humans S-U

Name Power Current status Last known location
Sabine Hazel's Son Unknown Not Born Unknown
Samir Mellouk Phasing Alive (Captured) Paris, France
Samson Gray Intuitive aptitude Alive Unknown Location (Samson Gray's cabin)
Sanjog Iyer Dream manipulation Alive Chennai, India
Santiago Accelerated probability Alive Lima, Peru
Sebastian Shell Object displacement Deceased New York bridge
Scott Enhanced strength Deceased Fort Lee, NJ (Pinehearst)
Stephen Canfield Gravitational manipulation Deceased Los Angeles, CA (At a carousel)
Sue Landers Lie detection Deceased Costa Verde, CA (At her office)
Sylar Intuitive aptitude Alive Washington, DC (Building 26)
Syn Anders Empathic manipulation Alive St. Paul, MN
Teenage patient Electrical absorption Alive (Captured) New York, NY (In a hospital)
Teresa Hue Pham Unknown Alive Shreveport, LA
The Constrictor Constriction Deceased Los Angeles, CA (At Echo's home)
The Croatian Weather control Unknown Croatia
The German Magnetism Deceased Poughkeepsie, NY (At a bank)
The Haitian Mental manipulation Alive Fort Lee, NJ (Pinehearst)
The Liquid Man Water mimicry Ailve (Captured) Odessa, Ukraine
The Russian Age shifting Deceased Russia
Theodore Sprague Induced radioactivity Deceased New York, NY
Tina Ramierez Chlorine gas exudation Alive (Captured) Chicago, IL (At Rachel St. John's apartment)
Tracy Chobham Teleportation Alive Frostburg, MD
Tracy Strauss Freezing Unknown Union station
Traveler Omnilingualism Alive Paro, Bhutan
Trevor Zeitlan Shattering Deceased New York, NY (At Sylar's apartment)
Usutu Precognition Deceased Botswana (Outside his hut)

Evolved humans V-X

Name Power Current status Last known location
West Rosen Flight Alive In a desert

Evolved humans Y-Z

Name Power Current status Last known location
Zane Taylor Melting Deceased Virginia Beach, VA (At his home)

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