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Property replication
Charlie turns his arm into steal to attack two agents.
Held by: Charlie Baker
Ability to: Replicate the properties of items one touches.

Property replication is the ability to replicate the properties of an item one touches. However, the user can only replicate one items properties at a time and as soon as they replicate another the previous is lost.



Charlie Baker

Charlie's first public demonstration of his ability was when chased by two agents. He turned his arm into steal and attacked the oncoming agents, he then touched the ground so electricity would not effect him. Charlie then proceeded to touch a goal post allowing his to make his skin tough and turn it into metal once more to attack an agent.

Though not shown publicly Charlie made his whole body extremely hard when he was faced with being crushed by rocks in a coal mine, he had backed up against the wall and braced himself, the rocks simply bounded of him. He then learned he could decided which property he wanted to use, for example whether he wanted his skin to be tough and durable or to turn into that substance or even simply change the colour of his skin. His ability allowed him to work faster than other people and to dig with his bare hands. When the coal mine closed and he went to work in the steal factory Charlie used his ability to help him bend the steal.

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