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Ability Occurrence

The following are lists of evolved humans that have appeared in either an episode, webisode or graphic novel. I have listed when the person first used their power rather than when they first appeared, for example Daphne is listed under graphic novels as she produced her power in Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1.

Episodic abilities

Name Ability Ability First Seen Current State
Peter Petrelli Ability replication Dual Alive
Ando Masahashi Ability supercharging Dual Alive
Matt Parkman, Jr. Activation and deactivation Cold Snap Alive
Monica Dawson Adoptive muscle memory The Kindness of Strangers Alive
Bob Bishop Alchemy Four Months Later... Deceased
Alejandro Herrera Alejandro's ability Lizards Deceased
Molly Walker Clairvoyance Landslide Alive
Sanjog Iyer Dream manipulation Homecoming Alive
Elle Bishop Electric manipulation Fight or Flight Deceased
Peter Petrelli Empathic mimicry (lost) Genesis Alive
Dale Smither Enhanced hearing Unexpected Deceased
Charlie Andrews Enhanced memory Seven Minutes to Midnight Deceased
Knox Enhanced strength One of Us, One of Them Deceased
Mohinder Suresh Enhanced strength A Clear and Present Danger Alive
Niki Sanders
(Jessica Sanders)
Enhanced strength How to Stop an Exploding Man
Better Halves
Scott Enhanced strength Our Father Deceased
Nathan Petrelli Flight Genesis Deceased
West Rosen Flight Four Months Later... Alive
Tracy Strauss Freezing The Butterfly Effect Alive
Stephen Canfield Gravitational manipulation Angels and Monsters Deceased
Daniel Linderman Healing Parasite Deceased
Ishi Nakamura Healing Our Father Deceased
Candice Wilmer Illusion Parasite Deceased
Baron Samedi Impenetrable skin The Eclipse, Part 2 Unknown
Theodore Sprague Induced radioactivity Nothing to Hide Deceased
Samson Gray Intuitive aptitude Shades of Gray Alive
Sylar Intuitive aptitude Six Months Ago Alive
Claude Rains Invisibility Godsend Alive
Sue Landers Lie detection Our Father Deceased
Zane Taylor Melting Run! Deceased
The Haitian Mental manipulation One Giant Leap Alive
Danny Pine Metal mimicry Villains Deceased
Luke Campbell Microwave emission Trust and Blood Alive
Mohinder Suresh Mohinder's ability The Second Coming Alive
Eden McCain Persuasion Seven Minutes to Midnight‎ Deceased
D.L. Hawkins Phasing Better Halves Deceased
Maya Herrera Poison emission (lost) Four Months Later... Alive
Arthur Petrelli Power absorption Dying of the Light Deceased
Isaac Mendez Precognition Genesis Deceased
Matt Parkman Precognition A Clear and Present Danger Alive
Usutu Precognition One of Us, One of Them Deceased
Angela Petrelli Precognitive dreaming The Butterfly Effect Alive
Eric Doyle Puppet master Angels and Monsters Alive
Meredith Gordon Pyrokinesis Distractions Deceased
Flint Gordon, Jr. Pyrokinesis The Second Coming Deceased
Claire Bennet Rapid cell regeneration Genesis Alive
Adam Monroe Rapid cell regeneration Lizards Deceased
James Martin Shape shifting Into Asylum Deceased
Mr. Shaw Seismic burst 1961 Deceased
Jesse Murphy Sound manipulation The Second Coming Deceased
Hiro Nakamura Space-time manipulation (Partially restored) Genesis Alive
Micah Sanders Technopathy Nothing to Hide Alive
Brian Davis Telekinesis Six Months Ago Deceased
Charles Deveaux Telepathy 1961 Deceased
Matt Parkman Telepathy Don't Look Back Alive
Maury Parkman Telepathy Fight or Flight Deceased
Tom Miller Disintegration I am Sylar Deceased
Trevor Zeitlan Shattering Villains Deceased
Alice Shaw Weather control 1961 Alive

Graphic Novel abilities

Name Ability Ability First Seen Current State
Paulette Hawkins Ability supercharging The Kill Squad, Part 3 Deceased
Leonard Cushing Acid secretion Trust Issues, Part 1 Deceased
The Russian Age shifting Comrades, Part 1 Deceased
Connie Logan Appearance alteration Faces, Part 1 Deceased
Linda Tavara Aura absorption War Buddies, Part 7 Deceased
Guillame Bliss and horror It Takes a Village, Part 1 Deceased
Mary Krause Blood acidity Exodus Deceased
Perrin Crocker Bone spike protrusion Under the Bridge, Part 1 Unknown
Tina Ramierez Chlorine gas exudation Viewpoints Unknown
Julien Dumont Cloning Root and Branch, Part 1 Deceased
Evan Cloning Revolutionary War, Part 1 Deceased
Marcus Crumpling Normal Lives Unknown
Rollo Fusor's accomplice Dehydration Golden Handshake, Part 3 Deceased
Hana Gitelman Digital communication Wireless, Part 2 Deceased
Felicia Brooks Disintegration touch Donna's Big Date, Part 2 Deceased
Piper Elasticity Different and the Same Alive
Future Agent Electric manipulation Walls, Part 1 Unknown
Teenage patient Electrical absorption Blackout, Part 1 Unknown
Benjamin Franklin Electrical absorption A Lesson in Electricity Deceased
Matt Neuenberg Enhanced memory The Man with Too Much Brains Deceased
Michael Fitzgerald Enhanced strength Viewpoints Unknown
Angie Flight Libertad Alive
Abigail Forcefields Sum Quod Sum, Part 2 Alive
Future terrorist Future terrorist's ability Resistance Unknown
Gordon Hovey Gordon's ability Exodus Alive
Joe Macon Imprinting Out of Town... On Business Deceased
Michael Laser emission Doyle Deceased
Abu Aswan Levitation History of a Secret Alive
Khufu's kin Levitation History of a Secret Deceased
Howard Grigsby Luminescence Blindsided Unknown
Bianca Karina Lung adaptation Berlin, Part 1 Deceased
The German Magnetism Berlin, Part 2 Deceased
Magnetism terrorist Magnetism Resistance Unknown
Manhattan target Nerve gas emission Faces, Part 1 Unknown
Howie Kaplan Oil secretion Hanging By a Thread Alive
Traveler Omnilingualism The Last Shangri-La Alive
Samir Mellouk Phasing Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1 Unknown
Au Co Plant growth War Buddies, Part 4 Deceased
Brendan Lewis Plant manipulation The Kill Squad, Part 2 Deceased
Maarten Pyrokinesis Team Building Exercise Alive
Agent Sound absorption Going Postal Alive
Future Agent Super speed Walls, Part 1 Unknown
Daphne Millbrook Super speed Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1 Deceased
Misha Telekinesis Libertad Alive
Manuel Garcia Teleportation Into the Wild, Part 3 Deceased
Donna Dunlap Telescopic vision Donna's Big Date, Part 1 Deceased
Sparrow Redhouse Terrakinesis Rebellion, Part 2 Alive
Alex Woolsley Underwater breathing The Swimmer Alive
Harmon Wall crawling Libertad Alive
Donald Essex Water mimicry Under the Bridge, Part 2 Unknown
Liquid man Water mimicry Team Building Exercise'’ Unknown

iStory abilities

Name Ability Chapter Ability First Seen In Current State
Leona Mills Age transferal Chapter 9 of The Agent Alive
Abe Light absorption Chapter 7 of The Agent Alive
Anna Korolenko Neurocognitive deficit Chapter 2 of Operation Bad Blood and
Chapter 2 of Operation Splinter
Crazy grin man Illusion Chapter 9 of The Agent Alive
Ricardo Silva Primal rage Chapter 2 of Operation Bad Blood Alive
Valerie Shifting Chapter 10 of The Agent Alive
Victor Shifting Chapter 10 of The Agent Alive
Barbara Water generation Chapter 9 of The Agent Alive

Webisodic abilities

Name Ability Ability First Seen Current State
Edward Accelerated probability Destiny, Part 4 Alive
Santiago Accelerated probability Destiny, Part 1 Alive
The Constrictor Constriction Going Postal, Part 1 Deceased
David Sullivan David's ability The Recruit, Part 3 Deceased
Iris Pyrokinesis Destiny, Part 4 Alive
Echo DeMille Sound manipulation Going Postal, Part 1 Deceased
Rachel Mills Teleportation The Recruit, Part 1 Alive
Elisa Water mimicry Destiny, Part 1 Alive

People with un-shown abilities

These people are known to have abilities, but their use of said abilities has not been shown. They have either been unable to use their ability themselves, had their ability used by someone else, or simply not been seen using their ability.

Confirmed people with un-shown abilities

People who appeared or was mentioned in an episode, webisode or graphic novel or cannon source.

Name Ability Current State How do we know they had powers? Why powers weren't shown
"The Croatian" Weather control Unknown Faces, Part 1 This person was mentioned as a story of the past
A local Guyanan Unknown Unknown The Kill Squad, Part 3 Only the aftermath of this ability was shown
Barbara Unknown Unknown I Am Become Death Dr. Zimmerman said he injected all three triplets (Niki, Tracy and Babara) with the formula
Bridget Bailey Clairsentience Deceased Bridget's messages She was killed by Sylar, who then went on to use her ability himself
Crane boy Unknown Alive in present timeline Five Years Gone Noah tested the boy and found he was an evolved human, however since this happened in the future his power was never shown
Curtis Hovsepian Unknown Alive Homecoming His name has appeared on serveal articles relating to evolved humans: the list, Elle's phone and a list showing capetured evolved humans. in building 26
Elephant man Unknown Deceased He was given an un-catalysed version of the formula He was killed by Mohinder after seeing what he did to him
Ida May Walker Mediumship Deceased She said she could see 'angels' Linda stole her power using her ability and she saw 'ghosts' afterwards
James Walker Freezing Deceased It was stated in a BTE interview He was killed by Sylar, who then went on to use his ability himself
Khufu Levitation Deceased It was stated in "History of a Secret" that he had a power He kept it a secret though his ancestors have used his ability
Middle school boy Deoxygenation Alive Five Years Gone This person and power was mentioned in the episode five years gone, this is an alternate timeline it is unlikely we will find out of this power will exist
Richard Drucker Electronic communication Deceased Assignment Tracker 2.0 He died years ago and never made it into the show, he did however appear in a computer, which does show an aspect of his power.
Ryan Hanover Ryan's ability Deceased The Recruit, Part 2 He was killed by David before he could show his power
Sabine Hazel's Son Unknown Not Born Into the Wild, Part 3 It was mentioned by Gael that Sabine was pregnant and that her son would be special
Unknown Body insertion Unknown One of Us, One of Them Future Peter used this ability when he put his present self inside Jesse
Unknown Sedation Unknown Shades of Gray Samson Gray used this ability when he met his son Sylar
Unknown Telekinesis Unknown Shades of Gray Samson Gray used this ability when he met his son Sylar

Deleted scenes

The following abilities and their evolved human possessors were shown in deleted scenes. Because they were shown in deleted scenes, they do not count as proper evolved humans. They are listed here for documentation purposes only.

Name Ability shown Current State Shown where? How? Why not shown?
Chameleon girl Dynamic camouflage Alive Season Two DVD This person was mentioned in a deleted scene from Season Two Storyline scrapped due to the writer's strike
Amid Halebi ("The Engineer") Induced radioactivity Alive Unaired pilot/
Season One DVD
Shown boiling a glass of water with his ability in the the extended pilot for Season one. "Radioactive Terrorist as the Bomb" storyline scrapped in favor of some other source
Kaito Nakamura Accelerated probability Deceased Season Two DVD Kaito tells Ando that he can see the variable of any situation and predict their results. Scene cut for time constraints
Robert Keep Impenetrable skin Alive Season Two DVD He is mentioned in a deleted scene on the Season Two DVD Storyline scrapped due to the writer's strike

Synthetic Abilities

The following evolved humans acquired their ability synthetically

Name Ability
Ando Masahashi Ability supercharging
Barbara Unknown
David Sullivan David's ability
(Imperfect formula)
Elephant man Unknown
(Imperfect formula)
Mohinder Suresh Mohinder's ability
(Imperfect formula)
Mohinder Suresh Enhanced strength
Nathan Petrelli Flight
Niki Sanders
(Jessica Sanders)
Enhanced strength
Peter Petrelli Ability replication
Ryan Hanover Ryan's ability
(Imperfect formula)
Scott Enhanced strength
Tracy Strauss Freezing


Four abilities have occurred in an alternate timeline in which abilities can be granted synthetically. It is unknown weather these abilities are synthetic or not.

Name Ability Notes
Future terrorist Melting beam emission Unidentified ability
Magnetism terrorist Magnetism
Unknown Body insertion Absorbed: By a version of Peter
Unknown Illusion Absorbed: By a version of Peter

Abilities that have been absorbed, replicated or stolen

Absorbed abilities

The following abilities have been absorbed from their original source. That is to say that the source remained alive and with full use of their ability after the process and the absorber kept the power and could freely use it.

Source Ability Absorbed by
Angela Petrelli Precognitive dreaming Peter Petrelli
Claire Bennet Rapid cell regeneration Sylar
Peter Petrelli
Claude Rains Invisibility Peter Petrelli
D.L. Hawkins Phasing Peter Petrelli
Elle Bishop Electric manipulation Sylar
Peter Petrelli
Flint Gordon, Jr. Pyrokinesis Peter Petrelli
Future Daphne Super speed Peter Petrelli
Future Hiro Space-time manipulation Peter Petrelli
Isaac Mendez Precognition Peter Petrelli
Matt Parkman Telepathy Peter Petrelli
Nathan Petrelli Flight Peter Petrelli
Niki Sanders Enhanced strength Peter Petrelli
Sylar Intuitive aptitude Peter Petrelli
Sylar Telekinesis Peter Petrelli
Ted Sprague Induced radioactivity Peter Petrelli

Replicated abilities

The following abilities have been replicated from their original source. That is to say that the source remained alive and with full use of their ability after the process and the absorber could only use the ability until they replicated another.

Source Ability Replicated by
Mohinder Suresh Enhanced strength Peter Petrelli
Nathan Petrelli Flight Peter Petrelli
Tracy Strauss Freezing Peter Petrelli
Sylar Shape shifting Peter Petrelli
Matt Parkman Telepathy Peter Petrelli

Stolen abilities

The following evolved humans have had their ability stolen, which means the user can no longer use their ability. Included in this list are those whom have died as a result of any process that removes an ability from it's user.

Source Ability Stolen by
Adam Monroe Rapid cell regeneration Arthur Petrelli
Bob Bishop Alchemy Sylar
Brian Davis Telekinesis Sylar
Bridget Bailey Clairsentience Sylar
Charlie Andrews Enhanced memory Sylar
Dale Smither Enhanced hearing Sylar
James Martin Shape shifting Sylar
James Walker Freezing Sylar
Jesse Murphy Sound manipulation Sylar
Ida May Walker Mediumship Linda Tavara
Isaac Mendez Precognition Sylar
Maya Herrera Poison emission Arthur Petrelli
Peter Petrelli All of his powers (see here) Arthur Petrelli
Sue Landers Lie detection Sylar
Ted Sprague Induced radioactivity Sylar
Tom Miller Disintegration Sylar
Trevor Zeitlan Shattering Sylar
Unknown Mental manipulation Arthur Petrelli
Unknown Telepathy Arthur Petrelli
Zane Taylor Melting Sylar

Assignment Tracker 2.0 profiles

Many evolved humans have either been captured by or worked for the Company. The Company has files pertaining to the following individuals among said evolved humans in their assignment tracker system.

Name Ability Link Password A recreation of the page
Syn Anders Empathic manipulation C021 XY948sA Assignment Tracker 2.0/Syn Anders
Elle Bishop Electric manipulation C023 EBhnu07bh Assignment Tracker 2.0/Elle Bishop
Stephen Canfield Gravitational manipulation C006 SCwem43ib Assignment Tracker 2.0/Stephen Canfield
Leonard Cushing Acid secretion C022 LCtsn45p Assignment Tracker 2.0/Leonard Cushing
Echo DeMille Sound manipulation C009 EDgch49la Assignment Tracker 2.0/Echo DeMille
Eric Doyle Puppet master C019 EDwvar70p Assignment Tracker 2.0/Eric Doyle
Richard Drucker Electronic communication A012 RDghxiia Assignment Tracker 2.0/Richard Drucker
Julien Dumont Cloning C011 JDsiy88p Assignment Tracker 2.0/Julien Dumont
Donna Dunlap Telescopic vision C017 DDrgi77b Assignment Tracker 2.0/Donna Dunlap
The German Magnetism C014 TGmgx14r Assignment Tracker 2.0/The German
Hana Gitelman Digital communication C001 HGghx11a Assignment Tracker 2.0/Hana Gitelman
Flint Gordon, Jr. Pyrokinesis C013 FGzrf31n Assignment Tracker 2.0/Flint Gordon, Jr.
Meredith Gordon Pyrokinesis C018 MGtnn19y Assignment Tracker 2.0/Meredith Gordon
Gabriel Gray Intuitive aptitude C004 GGeh81zu Assignment Tracker 2.0/Gabriel Gray
Bianca Karina Lung adaptation C015 BKoir72mn Assignment Tracker 2.0/Bianca Karina
Brendan Lewis Plant manipulation C020 BLjtd19f Assignment Tracker 2.0/Brendan Lewis
Connie Logan Appearance alteration C008 CLql99dt Assignment Tracker 2.0/Connie Logan
Jesse Murphy Sound manipulation C012 JMmn142w Assignment Tracker 2.0/Jesse Murphy
Matt Neuenberg Enhanced memory C025 MNjdq12e Assignment Tracker 2.0/Matt Neuenberg
Matt Parkman Telepathy C002 MPggtn75x Assignment Tracker 2.0/Matt Parkman
Claude Rains Invisibility C024 CRnop07in Assignment Tracker 2.0/Claude Rains
Baron Samedi Impenetrable skin C010 BSprs98ex Assignment Tracker 2.0/Baron Samedi
Ted Sprague Induced radioactivity C003 TSntz14b Assignment Tracker 2.0/Ted Sprague
Benjamin Washington Enhanced strength C005 BWygq63a Assignment Tracker 2.0/Benjamin Washington

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