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Quick stats of the multi-ability capable

Four people have been shown to have the capacity to use more than one ability though their own native ability:

The following are quick statistics on the status and source of their acquired abilities.

Arthur Petrelli

Arthur has absorbed the following abilities:

Ability Source Shown or not
Rapid cell regeneration Adam Monroe Shown
Poison emission Maya Herrera Shown
Mental manipulation Unknown Shown
Telepathy Unknown Shown
Telekinesis Peter Petrelli Shown
Precognition Peter Petrelli Shown
Space-time manipulation Peter Petrelli Shown
Electric manipulation Peter Petrelli Shown
Induced radioactivity Peter Petrelli Not Shown
Enhanced strength Peter Petrelli Not Shown
Phasing Peter Petrelli Not Shown
Invisibility Peter Petrelli Not Shown
Pyrokinesis Peter Petrelli Not Shown
Intuitive aptitude Peter Petrelli Not Shown
Super speed Peter Petrelli Not Shown
Empathic mimicry Peter Petrelli Not Shown
Precognitive dreaming Peter Petrelli Not Shown
Flight Peter Petrelli Not Shown

Linda Tavara

Linda has acquired the following abilities

Ability Source Shown or not
Mediumship Ida May Walker Shown

Peter Petrelli

Peter's original ability was empathic mimicry, however his father stole all of his abilities. The following abilitiesare those that Peter was exposed to while having empathic mimicry.

Ability Source Shown or not
Precognitive dreaming Angela Petrelli Shown
Flight Nathan Petrelli Shown
Precognition Isaac Mendez Shown
Space-time manipulation Future Hiro Shown
Rapid cell regeneration Claire Bennet Shown
Telepathy Matt Parkman Shown
Invisibility Claude Rains Shown
Telekinesis Sylar Shown
Induced radioactivity Ted Sprague Shown
Enhanced strength Niki Sanders Shown
Phasing D.L. Hawkins Shown
Electric manipulation Elle Bishop Shown
Pyrokinesis Flint Gordon, Jr. Shown
Intuitive aptitude Sylar Shown
Super speed Future Daphne Shown
Healing Daniel Linderman Not Shown
Power absorption Arthur Petrelli Not Shown
Persuasion Eden McCain Not Shown
Enhanced memory Sylar Not Shown
Freezing Sylar Not Shown
Shattering Sylar Not Shown
Melting Sylar Not Shown
Enhanced hearing Sylar Not Shown
Clairsentience Sylar Not Shown
Clairvoyance Molly Walker Not Shown
Mental manipulation The Haitian Not Shown
Technopathy Micah Sanders Not Shown
Alchemy Bob Bishop Not Shown
Sound manipulation Jesse Murphy Not Shown
Mohinder's ability Future Mohinder Not Shown

The following are powers he has mimicked after being injected with the synthetic formula and gained Ability replication, he needs to physically touch a person to gain their ability. It should be noted he touched Sylar and gained his ability of shape shifting, it is yet unknown whether he received any more.

Ability Source
Flight Nathan Petrelli
Freezing Tracy Strauss
Enhanced strength Mohinder Suresh
Telepathy Matt Parkman
Shape shifting Sylar


Sylar has imbued himself the following abilities

Ability Source Shown or not Status
Enhanced memory Charlie Andrews Shown Lost
Freezing James Walker Shown Lost
Melting Zane Taylor Shown Lost
Enhanced hearing Dale Smither Shown Lost
Precognition Isaac Mendez Shown Lost
Induced radioactivity Ted Sprague Shown Lost
Shattering Trevor Zeitlan Not Shown Lost
Rapid cell regeneration Claire Bennet Shown Not Lost
Clairsentience Bridget Bailey Shown Not Lost
Alchemy Bob Bishop Shown Not Lost
Telekinesis Brian Davis Shown Not Lost
Electric manipulation Elle Bishop Shown Not Lost
Shape shifting James Martin Shown Not Lost
Lie detection Sue Landers Shown Not Lost
Sound manipulation Jesse Murphy Not Shown Not Lost
Imprinting Joe Macon Not Shown Not Lost
Disintegration Tom Miller Not Shown Not lost

It should be noted that there are also several victims of Sylar that haven't been mentioned other than they were killed by Sylar, David for example. It is assumed they had a power as Sylar generally doesn't kill "humans" unless they are in his way and then it is normally simply killing, not slicing open their heads. Take Mrs. Walker for example or Virginia Gray.

Future Peter and Sylar

The following are the powers displayed by Peter and Sylar from an alternative timeline.

Explosion future

The following are evolved humans that have appeared in the explosion future, where Sylar exploded and destroyed New York city.

Peter Petrelli

It had been stated (a question and answer session) that Peter met Meredith to absorb Pyrokinesis.

Electric manipulation
Space-time manipulation
Super speed


It has been assumed that Sylar received Illusion from Candice Wilmer, Flight from Nathan Petrelli (since he is impersonating him) and Phasing from D.L. Hawkins

Rapid cellular regeneration

Exposed future

The following are evolved humans that have appeared in the exposed future, where synthetic abilities are given to anyone.

Gabriel Gray (Sylar)

Sylar had reverted back to his birth name Gabriel Gray in this timeline. Also Sylar must of found new victims to receive these two powers as he lost all powers except telekinesis in this timeline.

Induced radioactivity

Peter Petrelli

This peter has absorbed the powers of Illusion and body insertion from unknown sources, this is to be expected as in this future synthetic abilities are normal.

Body insertion
Space-time manipulation

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