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Noah bounce.JPG
Noah plays catch with a wall.

Sometimes, characters decide to play catch with various objects.



Noah is quietly sitting in his cell, bouncing a rubber ball, when he is interrupted by Elle, wanting answers.

The Second Coming

As Mohinder is doing his monologue, the camera shows different Level 5 prisoners. The last prisoner shown is Noah, bouncing his ball against the glass window and catching it.

The Butterfly Effect

Noah is still bouncing the ball against the glass window, when his fun time is interrupted because Elle walks in saying Sylar is here.


At Pinehearst, Nathan tosses a glass ball up and down, while Knox threatens him. Nathan keeps on playing catch with himself and doesn't listen to Knox. He later whacks Knox with the glass ball.

Jump, Push, Fall

At the carnival 14 years ago, Samuel plays catch with himself, using a ball from the ball toss booth. He then shows Hiro his superior ball toss skills and throws the ball, hitting the target dead on.


Jump, Push, Fall

At Peter's apartment, Peter offers Noah a bottle of water, which Noah accepts. Peter tosses the bottle at Noah, who instinctively catches it.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

At the carnival, Samuel tosses Charlie's name tag to Hiro, who instinctively catches it.


Noah tosses a compass at Samuel, who instinctively catches it.

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