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Ricard Desi
Ricard desi.jpg
Ricard Desi before a stage performance
Portrayed by Rick Desilets
Nickname Rickie-D
Powers Edit patrol,
Electrical absorption,
Enhanced hearing,
Enhanced memory,
Enhanced reflexes,
Intuitive aptitude,
Microscopic vision,
Precognitive dreaming
Alias The Mongoose
Sex Male
Age 22
Date of birth April 2, 1987
Home Worcester, Massachusetts
Occupation College student,
independent filmmaker,
amateur playwright,
amateur comedian
Favorite Heroes quote "Eat your brain? ... Claire, that's disgusting."
--Sylar (The Second Coming)
Favorite quote "What does not kill me makes me stronger."
--Friedrich Nietzsche (Twilight of the Idols)
Favorite color Olive green
Favorite episode Company Man
Once Upon a Time in Texas
Favorite Heroes actor Masi Oka
Zachary Quinto
Greg Grunberg
David H. Lawrence XVII
Favorite Heroes actress Jayma Mays
Brea Grant
Favorite character Hiro Nakamura
Matt Parkman
Least favorite character Maya Herrera
Simone Deveaux
Favorite power Space-time manipulation
US I am from the United States
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Hi, all. Rick aka Ricard Desi here. I'm a patroller here at Heroes Wiki, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

I am currently doing some analysis on the Heroes timeline.

Performing Arts

I've actually done a good deal of acting in high school, college, and independently. I'm hoping to break out into the scene after graduation. My acting has included over a dozen stage plays, nearly forty comedy shows, a short film (Army of Darkness: Sweded), a webseries (Something Remote), and two movies (Comedy Wears a Tie, Something Remote). Additionally, I have produced a one-act stageplay festival and two two-day comedy festivals, written four original produced stage plays, and directed an experimental comedy troupe for a year. In December 2008, I was inducted into the Rho Kappa cast of the Alpha Psi Omega theatrical honor fraternity.

Recently, I wrote a play called The Party Train, which was performed in the 28th New Voices festival, the longest-running collegiate one-act festival in the world.

In Summer 2010, Command & Conquer 3: The Forgotten will be released, featuring me as the leader of the Forgotten, Salvadore Trogan. It will be the first-ever Command & Conquer mod featuring full-motion video. The theatrical trailer can be found here. I also provided the voice of the War Camper unit.

Also coming this summer, I'm in charge of the web series Something Remote as it gets re-presented weekly at Earth's Mightiest, along with brand-new bonus material. We're aiming to air the first episode on May 16, 2010.

Online Videos

Some of my work is online. There's more, but here are my favorites.





  • Our Present to You -- parts 1/2/3 (November 2008)


  • Ricard Desi is one of three members to have been made a patroller in only three months (along with Intuitive Empath and NileQT87).