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Web. #: 21 - 30
Released: May 1 2009
Then weekly
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Adam Monroe has realised he has descendants, and now he wants to find out who they are...

Chapter 1

Several members of Danko's team shoot bullets into Adam in Reseda, CA. He immediately heals making them drop to the ground and then produces his sword.

After studying the corpses for any evidence of who sent them, Adam finds a file on himself which contains a picture of his known descendants; the German and his identical twin. Adam states that the team have done their research, but is dismayed to learn that the German's brother is unseen, and it confirms the death of his brother. Adam checks a piece of paper that says Zimmerman at the top.

Later he knocks on a door, and Dr. Zimmerman opens. He asks Adam who he is, but Adam simply states he is Harry Fletcher and has some business to finish.

Chapter 2


Zimmerman tells Adam he has no idea what happened to either the German or his brother, and asks Adam why he wants to know. Adam says he is a distant relation, but Zimmerman calls in Barbara and tells Adam he knows Harry Fletcher; and he's dead. Barbara uses her ability to pin Adam down into an armchair, and begins to take information from him.

Zimmerman warns Adam that Barbara will kill Adam if need be, but Adam replies that he'll simply heal from the wounds. Barbara tells Zimmerman that Adam has developed new mental powers, so Zimmerman takes a blood sample from him.

Later, he analyses the sample and tells Barbara that Adam's brain capacity is beyond that of a regular evolved human. He states there are traces of four abilities inside Adam: rapid cell regeneration, enhanced memory, enhanced hearing and healing. Zimmerman gravely states that the German's brother may have a similar genetic make-up, and that they need to capture him.

Chapter 3

The German's brother is in his apartment when he recieves a text message from Barbara telling him to run. He crumples the phone and prepares to run.

Back at Zimmerman's, Adam tells Barbara he knows what she's doing because he's been watching her. She warns him to be quiet and restrains him again. She then propels a syrine filled with an amnesic drug into his arm causing him to pass out immediately. Zimmerman states they need to leave now, and that he has tracked the German's brother down to his apartment in Seattle.

Barbara puts Adam into the back of the van while she and Zimmerman prepare to leave. As they start the van up, Adam opens one eye and has a flashback to his confrontation with Barbara, but decides he must keep quiet, for now...

Chapter 4

SWAT agent.jpg

Upon reaching the Seattle border, the van is stopped, but the man who stops them is hiding the dead border patrol staff in their office. Barbara glimpses this, and absorbs information from the agent and learns that Danko is tracking them down. Another agent nearby warns Taub that Ms Strauss has been sighted and that this needs to be relayed to their boss.

The van is immediately surrounded and Zimmerman is captured. Barbara is shot in the heart and drops to the floor lifelessly. Adam uses his enhanced hearing to discover what's going on, but notes that Barbara isn't dead, and her telekinetic ability weakened the bullet's impact.

Outside, a lone agent shoots at her in the head to finish with, but Barbara stops the bullet and launches it back killing the agent. As he drops his communication device, Danko can be heard shouting through that the woman isn't tracy, but one of the three sisters.

In the back of a van, Zimmerman pleads to be released, but an agent tells him that he is required to create a way of removing abilities.

Memorable Quotes

"If she needs to, she will kill you."

"Go ahead and try, I'll just keep coming back to life again."

- Dr. Zimmerman, Adam

"Border patrol have become a bit more aggressive..."

- Dr. Zimmerman (referring to a SWAT team replacing border patrol)

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