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iStory:The Civilian/chapter 502 alternatives

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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 2 of The Civilian.

All cases (I)

Near Lyneboro, CT, a young boy in his pre-teens steps out of a farmhouse. He is beat up and vomit covers his shirt. He staggers forward and disappears into the tree line. Behind him, a man in a hooded sweatshirt exits the farmhouse and also heads for the tree line.

At Rachel's home, Rachel, now living with her mother, steps out of her room. She pulls off her shirt as she heads for the bathroom, but notices someone in the neighbor's window, peeping at her, who quickly ducks out of sight. Annoyed, Rachel puts her shirt back on. She yells towards the neighbor's house, but no one replies. She then heads to the neighbor's front door, and knocks on the door. When the door finally opens, Rachel begins to yell at her Peeping Tom, but instead sees Leona.

Rachel heads inside, and notices that the house is cramped with electronic equipment: game consoles, video players, stereos. Leona introduces her to Tim, the neighbor. Tim appears, wearing a T-shirt with a cartoon character on it and holding a half-dismantled laptop. Leona says that Tim and her have been having coffee each morning. Rachel shrugs and says that she is going to be late for work, then leaves, much to Tim's disappointment.

Options (I)

Later, Rachel returns to her home, and sees that everything is either faded, wilted, or broken down, thanks to Leona's ability. The player can now choose what Rachel does.


  • In order to successfully reach the chapter conclusion, the player should, when faced with options, choose to drive into town and head towards the police station, chat with Chief Parker (Option 1D.2A.1), then head to the park, visit the playgrounds and talk to the teenagers (Option 1D.1B.1), and then head to Mable's Diner to talk to Leona about what's going on around town (Option 1D.4A.2), then head to Smokey's Bar to talk to Smokey, and finally follow Smokey's directions and end with a confrontation with Cooper (Option 1D.5B.3B), after which is the chapter conclusion.

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