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Aspen Comics

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Aspen Comics
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Aspen MLT Comics has a contract with NBC to produce the graphic novels for Heroes. The contract was originally for three years, but has been extended due to the success of the online graphic novels.


Started in January 2003, Aspen was founded by Michael Turner, primarily as a comic book production company. The organization was named for the main character in Fathom, the company's most popular comic book series; "MLT" stands for Michael Layne Turner.

Aspen has created reputable work, including Ekos, Shrugged, and Soulfire. Aspen has also collaborated with DC Comics on such comic books as Flash, Supergirl, and Teen Titans. They have also collaborated with Marvel Comics on graphic novels like Civil War, The Incredible Hulk, and Ultimate X-Men.

Some of Aspen's administrators include Michael Turner (President), Peter Steigerwald (Vice President of Publishing), and Mark Roslan (Director of Design and Production). Many of the Heroes graphic novel creators and associates also work for Aspen: Koi Turnbull, Micah Gunnell, Marcus To, Jeph Loeb, Beth Sotelo, and David Moran.


Graphic Novel:The Crane

Hiro has a poster for Fathom in his apartment in Tokyo.

Graphic Novel:The Swimmer

Fathom, Soulfire, and Shrugged are among the comic book titles found at Sam's Comics.

A girl at a Costa Verde beach carries a surfboard with an image of Aspen Matthews, the main character from Fathom.


  • Frank Mastromauro, Aspen's Executive Vice President, is friends with Heroes producer Jeph Loeb. It was their connection that landed Aspen a three-season contract worth of graphic novel production.
  • Aspen Comics is officially called Aspen MLT. MLT stands for Michael Layne Turner.
  • Aspen Matthews is the main character of Fathom, Aspen MLT's flagship comic series. The character has the ability to breathe underwater, among other powers. Her image appears in The Swimmer, a graphic novel that focuses on Alex Woolsly's ability of underwater breathing.


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