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Heroes was created by Tim Kring and is produced by NBC Universal Television. In the United States, it airs on NBC and is being broadcast in several other countries by other networks.

Production Staff

The executive producers are Tim Kring, Allan Arkush, and Dennis Hammer. Co-executive producers are Michael Green, Natalie Chaidez, Jesse Alexander, Jeph Loeb, and Greg Beeman. Jim Chory produces, with Aron Coleite and Lori Motyer as co-producers and Bryan Fuller as a consulting producer. Adam Armus and Kay Foster are supervising producers. Mark Warshaw is an associate producer, and produces the Heroes Evolutions content.

Writing Staff

Episodes are broken down and co-written by the entire writing team, with each writer being responsible for a storyline or character arc. Then, one or two writers take the lead to bring an episode together. The writing team is comprised of Jesse Alexander, Adam Armus, Natalie Chaidez, Aron Coleite, Kay Foster, Bryan Fuller, Michael Green, Chuck Kim, Tim Kring, Jeph Loeb, Joe Pokaski, and Christopher Zatta. D.J. Doyle is an assistant to the writing team.


Incidental and theme music is provided by Wendy and Lisa, with vocals by Shenkar. Spot songs from other artists are also included.

Production Design and Art

Ruth Ammon is the production designer, Matthew Jacobs and Michael Budge are art directors, and Walter Eckert is the art department coordinator. Tim Sale is an artistic consultant and produces all of Isaac Mendez's artwork.


Debra McGuire is the costume designer for Heroes. She works with the producers and the art department to design the appropriate attire for the cast of the show.

Hair & Makeup

Lori Madrigal is the department head for makeup. Her assistants for Season One included Vicky Phillips as key hair stylist and the following makeup artists: Brian Blair, Glenn Hetrick, Brigitte Hennech, Richard Mayberry, Thea Samuels, and Greg Solomon.


The stunt coordinators for Season One were Ian Quinn and Steve Schriver. Their assistants included Jeremy Fry as stunt driver and the following stunt performers: Brian Avery, Darryl Chan, Steve Chang, Fernando Chien, Anthony Molinari, Justin Sundquist, Gary J. Wayton, and others.

Filming Locations

Heroes films in Los Angeles. One of the biggest tasks the production team face is making LA look realistically like New York, as much of the action occurs in this city. This is mainly done by importing New York-style yellow taxis and filming in places which highly resemble New York. Heroes also has many settings outside of America (such as India, Ireland, Haiti and Mexico), but these are still filmed in LA, with the production team working very hard, using a mixture of set design, props, and special effects in order to accurately represent these.


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