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Deleted scenes

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Often during the production of a television show, it becomes necessary to cut some of the filmed sections. These deleted scenes are often included as bonus features on DVD compilations.

Deleted Scenes from Season One


  • DL Escapes from His Cell: Guards find D.L. out of cell in prison and they ask him how he got out. He keeps saying that he doesn't know. The guards get angrier and keep asking. He keeps replying "I don't know."
  • Meant For Something Special: Peter and Angela walk out of the police station talking about Nathan. Peter says that he has learned to live without him and that he knows that he is meant for something special. Angela says that she is starting to lose hope on him.
  • Simone's Breaking Point: Simone goes to Isaac's loft and says that she is taking him to the doctor. She asks where the keys are and he says that he threw them away. Simone looks for the keys and finds a box with weapons in it. She takes out a hammer and beats something on the ground with it. He tells her that he never loved her. She then leaves him to die. It is implied that he is chained to the flood by handcuffs. But they were never shown.
  • The Only Way Out: D.L. is moved to a new cell by a man named Ezekiel. And he tells D.L. that there's only one real way to get out of here; to meditate on a place and go there. D.L. says that there's only one place he needs to go; New York. The man asks whats in New York and D.L. puts a newspaper clipping on the wall that says that Nathan Petrelli sentenced D.L. to life sentence in jail. D.L. said "The man I'm gonna kill."
  • D.L.'s Promise: D.L. calls Niki and promises her that he is going to find a way out of jail.
  • The Terrorist: A man is shown saying that he is ready for death. Another man says that he has a job to do. The first said that he walked away from that job on September 10, 2001. The man still tries to get the first man to take the job. The first man refuses and says to tell the government back home that he is dead.
  • Micah Saves His Dad: D.L. is seen freed from his cell and the cops are trying to shoot him. Micah comes running up to him; they hug; and D.L. screams at them not to shoot.

Don't Look Back

It's not easy to trust this destiny that hides in every human heart. Even when it presents itself, its human nature not to believe it. So for many, it never shows itself at all. For others, however, it lay dormant, an ember waiting for its spark to ignite. Problem is one never knows when that will be.

-Mohinder Suresh

  • Niki's Mistake: Niki is about to open her garage door when a man shows up asking why she didn't show up to the meeting on Micah's custody.
  • Behind Niki's Garage Door: The man says that the landlord said Niki was three months behind on payment. She replies that she told him she wasn't paying until he fixed the plumbing in the kitchen. She offers to go inside and he says that he only has a few more questions. He says that she enrolled Micah in a private school and that he no longer attends there. She says that there is a public school two blocks away. He then asks about D.L. being wanted by the law and he asks if they've had any conflicts lately. She says no and he asks if she is still gambling. She says that she hasn't stepped into a casino in over a year and asks him why he's asking all of these questions. He says because what she does has an impact on her son. Micah appears around the corner. He asks about her adult business and she says that she quit that and that she keeps it away and separate from her house. He opens the garage door and it is cleaned up. He demands to speak with Micah.
  • Blood on the Map: The man tells Niki that she's not much of a house keeper. He says that Micah deserves better and that he will be dropping by unannounced in the next few weeks. She says that she's not afraid of him. Then he comments that her corvette is leaking oil as he walks away.

One Giant Leap

  • Hiro's Book of Revelations: Ando is watching Niki's porn when Hiro comes back from the future and when Hiro tells Ando where he's been, Ando doesn't believe him. So, Hiro shows him the 9th Wonders! magazine that he brought from the future of his whole journey. Ando reads the magazine and thinks Hiro is on drugs. Hiro explains the explosion and then Ando thinks he knows that Hiro is on drugs. Hiro turns to the page where they are having their current conversation and asks if he proves to Ando that he can stop time, that Ando will help stop the bomb. And then Hiro's watch beeps and Hiro and Ando rush off to save a girl.
  • Niki Confronts Her Mother-in-Law: Niki and Micah go to see Micah's grandma where Niki and Paulette argue over if D.L. is a good citizen or a murderer.


  • The You That Ain't You: Tina walks in and says that her babysitting business is going great; as a joke for watching over Micah while Niki is away. And then she asks Niki if she is still seeing the you that ain't you in the mirror.
  • Micah's Plea: Micah tells his mom that what she does in the garage is just acting and none of it is real. Micah looks out the window and says that its another limo. He tells her not to go and she says that she'll be home before he knows it.


  • Claire's Miracle: Noah, Sandra, and Claire's doctor discuss that Claire surviving the accident was a miracle.
  • Strangers in Our Own Home: Matt and Janice realize that this morning was the first time they kissed in months and then Matt says that she's been sleeping next to him this whole time, and he misses her.
  • Brody's Cheer: Claire goes to see Brody after the accident and he doesn't remember anything. The cheerleaders come in and Jackie confronts Claire blaming it all on her. Claire tries to stand up for herself, but fails and Brody says she doesn't know who any of them are.

Nothing to Hide

  • Matt's Voices: Matt struggles with his ability. Janice walks in and says that he's had this for two days and that he needs to see someone, but he says it's just a headache. He comments that things have been really good between the two of them these past couple of days. And she says that she likes it.
  • Tough Love: Angela comments that Linderman gave Nathan 4 million dollars and he's spending it on posters. He asks what she thinks of one and she says that it makes him look fat. They have an argument about presidency and they walk out to Heidi, Simon, and Monty playing marbles. He makes Heidi choose between the two posters.
  • Nathan's Paternity Suit: Nathan comments that they are normally in pajamas around the breakfast table to Oliver Dennison and Angela tells Simon to eat his strawberries. Heidi comments that he's allergic to strawberries and Angela asks him why he got strawberries. Oliver comments about Heidi's wheelchair and tries to blame it on Nathan but Heidi quickly turns it around. Oliver mentions that Heidi an Nathan met at Indianapolis and Heidi comments. Heidi sends the boys off to play and Angela talks about Nathan's affair. Oliver says that it's covered but there may be a few questions. Nathan says he has no comment so Heidi does instead. She says that the woman wasn't charged and there wasn't proof. Peter walks in and asks what's going on.
  • You Can't Tell Anyone: Claire, reading Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra, is trying to persuade Lyle to open the door and talk to her. She yells at him that he can't tell anyone because if an official found out he could do tests on her. He says they should because she's not even human--she's evil.
  • Stakeout: Matt and Audrey are outside Ted Sprague's house doing a stakeout and Matt wonders why they are going in it without backup.
  • Claire the Freak: Claire waits for Lyle to open the door. She says that she didn't want to be this way. She wanted to surprise their mom with brownies, when she accidentally cut open her thumb with the knife. And by the time she ran over to the sink, it had regenerated itself. Lyle finally comes out of the closet and says that Claire is a freak. Claire admits that she is and tells him that he can't tell anyone. He asks why not and she gives in and says "Go to tell the world, I'll just be an experiment in a lab." Sandra then comes in complaining that Mr. Muggles got third. Lyle doesn't tell her and hands Claire the tape back.
  • Jessica Gets Her Gun: Tina hears a mirror break and checks on Niki, but its Jessica. Tine says she's only trying to help and Jessica says that Niki doesn't need her help. Tina runs away and Jessica opens a drawer and finds a gun.
  • Lyle's Secret: Lyle comes to Claire and says that he's not afraid of her. She says good, I'm not evil. He asks questions about her ability and Claire answers them. She thanks him for not saying anything and he says that no one would believe him any ways. Sandra calls them in to dinner.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

  • Appearances Can Be Deceiving: Isaac and Eden are in Primatech while Isaac is getting clean. He says that he can't believe that she is a doctor; she looks 12. She says appearances can be deceiving. He worries that once he is completely clean if he'll still be able to paint. She says yes, after she teaches him. And that the mural on the floor is not gonna be let happen.
  • Eden's New Life: Claire and Noah are walking in the halls of Primatech when Eden comes out and Claire and her talk the girl-talk. Eden tells Noah that there's a problem and Noah sends Claire to the sample room.
  • Matt and Janice Reminisce: Janice is looking at photo albums of her and Matt when Matt walks in from work. They talk about coconuts and avocados and then she asks why he lied to her about punching Tom McHenry.


  • The Battle for Claire: Peter and Claire are being chased by Sylar and Peter tells Claire to get to people because he doesn't want to be seen. Sylar grabs Peter and they fall off a ledge and both are shown to be dead on the ground.

Six Months Ago

  • Dad Is Dead: Nathan comes to Peter's apartment and tells him that dad is dead. That he died from a heart attack that morning. Nathan says that he was shocked that his sons were about to stab him in the back. Nathan says that he can't be with Peter right now. Peter says "Our father just died." Nathan replies with "My father just died. You gave up on him a long time ago." Nathan walks away and both brothers cry at the loss of their father.
  • Jessica Takes Care of Business: Jessica walks into a bar after the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and meets Taylor there. He asks if D.L. knows she's here. She says no and tells him that D.L. won't be taking a part in their plan; she is.


  • Mohinder's Discovery: Mohinder Suresh knocks on the door of Isaac's loft looking for Isaac Mendez. Simone Deveaux is there and he says that Peter Petrelli mentioned him and that he needed to meet him. Simone says that Peter is in Texas and Mohinder replies with Save the cheerleader?. Mohinder asks where Isaac is and Simone replies that he went missing a few days ago. Simone shows him a recording of Isaac being taken away. Mohinder notices Eden and wonders why she is there helping Isaac "disappear".


  • Claire's Media Moment: Claire sees news people at her high-school once she returned after Jackie got murdered.
  • Peter's Awakening: Peter awakes from his coma and tries to escape the hospital, but his mom tries to stop him. Angela yells at him that he may think he can save the world, but he really can't.

The Fix

  • The Dishonest Plumber: Matt comes home and hears a man think "I can't wait to screw you," and he suns upstairs to the bathroom and sees a plumber and Janice looking at the sink. She tells Matt that its gonna cost 25 grand and that the whole house needs redone. Matt hears the guy say "Or you could just clean the washer." Matt kicks him out and confronts him with his secrets.


  • A Shock to the System: After Sylar hurts Sandra, Noah comes in and saves her, and he asks where Claire is and she asks why he has a gun.
  • You're My Business: Meredith and Claire say goodbye after meeting for the first time and Meredith tells her that Claire is her business now and that she doesn't want to intrude on her other family.
  • Niki's Homecoming: Niki comes home to D.L. since Linderman let her out of jail. They both wonder what he wants with them. He tells her not to worry about that because tonight, they're just gonna be a normal family. Then Micah comes in and greets his mother.


  • Mr. Bennet's Phone Calls: Mr. Bennet is talking on the phone to an unknown person and says that he knows everything about Sylar and that Claire has nothing to do with it.
  • Janice Panics: Mohinder calls Janice demanding to talk to Matt because he believes Matt possesses a certain genetic trait. Janice tells him never to call there again because she has no idea what he's talking about. They hang up and Mohinder plays his answering machine. It is Zane Taylor.
  • The Haitian's Talent: The Haitian takes Claire and says that she has to stay with him. She refuses and says that she has to do something; her mom is sick. She says that it's all his fault because he made her forget and then she blames it on her dad. He says that the men he work for made him do it. It wasn't his fault. She says she has to go and he tries to stop her. She asks him if he's just gonna erase her mind too. And then she leaves with him saying that she can't tell anyone.

Company Man

  • Generation Gap: Claire is surprised to hear that her dad gave Matt his ability. Matt then talks about how in the Twilight Zone a guy flips a coin and suddenly he can hear other people's thoughts. But he can make it stop and Matt complains that he can't make it stop. It gives him painful headaches; he says that he takes pain pills and Flintstones Chewables. Then he says, "There still are Flintstones Chewables right?"
  • The Cover-Up: Bennet and Matt talk about Matt's ability and that they monitor it. Then they proceed to talk about who Bennet was hiding Claire from; Sylar, your boss? He replies, both.
  • Thompson's Mandate: Thompson talks to Bennet about what will happen if the law enforcement steps in.


  • Lonely Wolf: Hiro and Nathan talk and Nathan asks where Ando is and if he's still trying to steal the sword from Linderman. Hiro says that he sent Ando back to Japan and that now he must be a lonely wolf. They go over the correct punctuation in English of wolf. Hiro asks help to get past the guards at the Corinthian Casino. Hiro says that it is important for everyone for him to get his powers back.


  • Linderman's Missing Sword: Guards come to Linderman and Nathan and say that the Kensei sword has been stolen by two men who can't be found by security and didn't take the stairs nor elevator. Nathan suggests that they are invisible.

Five Years Gone

  • Old Friends: Future Hiro and Ando talk about how Bennet helps evolved humans. Bennet pops behind them with a gun and threatens them and then realizes that it is Hiro and tells him to wait a second because he has to finish something. The three go in a room and future Hana walks out with a gun.


  • Marty, That's an Order: Marty tells Nathan that he's up to 75,000 votes and Nathan doesn't look surprised. Nathan tells him just to make sure that there is an American flag behind him after he wins. He tells Marty to take a vacation and that's an order.

Deleted Scenes from Season Two

Four Months Later...

  • I Too Have an Ability: After Ando bumps into Nathan, he sits with Kaito and asks why they must wait for Hiro. Ando asks Kaito how he is so sure that Hiro will return, and Kaito reveals to him that he too has a special ability, where he can see variables of any situation and predict the outcome much faster than a computer. This ability helped him in the stock market, and he reads the stock pages of the newspaper, seeing certain stocks stick out. After closing the newspaper, he finds a death threat.
  • Petrellis Don't Deserve to Be Saved: While in a bar, Nathan watches a news special on television about him leaving office and Daniel Doyle taking over for him. Angela visits him and tells Nathan that she is in trouble and fears for her life. Nathan wonders how he got to the same hospital where Heidi was treated after the accident, and Angela tries to explain that it was in his past. Angela then asks for him to redeem himself by helping her, but Nathan explains that Petrellis don't deserve to be saved.

Fight or Flight

  • Look Yaeko--He Had It All Along: After battling the Black Bear of Sakashita and gaining part of the map to Whitebeard's camp, Hiro and Kensei return to Yaeko. When Kensei gives the map to Yaeko, she asks what happened to the other half. Kensei begins to walk away, saying he won't go back to get it, but Hiro freezes time and teleports to get the other half. He places it in Kensei's pants, then unfreezes time. They place the map together and Hiro notes to Ando that it was all going to plan.
  • And She Hits Me Hard: Hiro walks two horses while Kensei and Yaeko walk together. Kensei tries to kiss her, but she slaps him in the face. She grabs one horse from Hiro and tells him that she will rescue her father herself. As she rides away, Kensei tells Hiro that he loves her, but he can't tell her the way Hiro can.
  • I'm The Only Normal Person in This Family: Monica watches a kung fu movie and mimics the flips and kicks on film. Damon walks in and asks what she is doing. Monica tells him she's leaving for work, then Damon notes that he's the only normal one in the family.
  • You Think I Don't Know You, Hiro: Hiro, disguised as Kensei, runs to Yaeko. Yaeko asks why Kensei must only talk to her through a mask, and Hiro explains that only through Kensei's mask can he truly speak his heart. Kensei watches from afar as Hiro tries to explain that he loves her, but he must be a hero now and save her father. When Yaeko tries to uncover Hiro behind the mask, Hiro freezes time and puts Kensei behind the mask, and the two embrace as Hiro watches on.
  • Don't Thank Me Yet: Monica takes out the trash when Lonny Stills finds her and tells her it's her fault that the police are looking for him. Monica replicates some of the kung fu moves she previously watched when Lonny pulls out a gun. Mohinder uses a taser on Lonny, and Monica thanks him. Mohinder tells her that she shouldn't thank him yet, then shoots her as well.

The Line

  • So It Does Run in the Family: In the Company's gymnasium, Monica demonstrates her ability to Mohinder and asks when she'll be done, but Mohinder tells her there are a few more tests, then offers her a break. She asks where her power comes from, and Mohinder tells her he doesn't know, but there are certain genetic markers. Monica thinks aloud that it does run in the family, but stops talking. Mohinder reassures her that it's alright, and that they know about D.L. and Micah. Bob walks in and introduces himself, and apologizes for the unorthodox approach in bringing her in. She worries about her family wanting to know where she is, and he assures her that it's taken care of. She tells him that they could have just asked, but Bob says it's better to be safe and sorry, but offers to make it up to her.
  • To Fight Alongside the Great Takezo Kensei: At Whitebeard's camp, Hiro, Kensei and Yaeko sneak towards the tent that holds the swordsmith. Kensei asks if it's the last trial, and Hiro tells him it is the Battle of the Hidden Fortress. Kensei thanks him for giving him purpose, and Hiro thanks him for letting him live a dream to fight with the legend. Kensei tells Yaeko that she will see her father soon, then the two begin to kiss. Hiro watches on, then coughs and tells Kensei he should hurry.
  • No More Tazer Kidnapping?: Bob returns Monica to her home and explains her cover for her time away. He thanks her for teaching the Company how to treat their guests. Monica asks if there will be anymore taser kidnappings, and Bob responds that it's in the past. Bob gives her various information and an iPod. Before Bob leaves, Monica asks if he could tell Mohinder thanks.

Out of Time

  • Get Down from There: Sandra tries to replace old light bulbs with eco-friendly ones when West comes in and flies to the top of the vaulted ceiling. Claire rushes in and tells him to stop. Sandra tells West that he is a godsend, then leaves for yoga. West tells her it's time to impress dad when Claire distracts him by kissing him.
  • She Can Find Peter: After saving her, Matt asks Molly if she's okay. He goes to talk to Nathan, and explains that he'll take Molly home, then they can return to finding Adam. Nathan suggests that she can find Adam and Peter anywhere in the world, but Matt explains that she just went through an ordeal when he asked her to do that for him. When Nathan attempts to ask Molly himself, Matt tells him that he is her father now, and that he wants her to be just another kid.

Four Months Ago...

  • Happy Birthday, Micah: On December 5th, Niki takes a pill, then brings out a birthday cake for Micah.
  • There Is No Need to Cry: Three months ago, Maya stops running inside of a church and kneels before a crucifix. She prays aloud, then a nun comes from behind and comforts her. She explains that Jesus has cried enough for her, then the two embrace.
  • I'm Not O.K. Do I Look O.K.?: One month ago, a scarred Nathan tries to walk during physical therapy when Heidi, Monty, and Simon walk in. Nathan falls and says that he can't do it. Simon asks if he's okay, but Nathan replies that he's not okay, and that he's a monster. Heidi tries to reassure him and urges him to listen to his physical therapist, but Nathan says that he's not getting better, and wants them to leave. Before they leave, Monty hugs him and tells Nathan that he loves him.

Cautionary Tales

  • I Will Bring Him to Justice: Ando yells out to Hiro after he travels back in time, but Hiro stands behind him. Ando asks what just happened, and Hiro explains that he knows who killed Kaito, and that he will bring the killer justice.
  • I Laughed So Hard Chocolate Milk Came Out of My Nose: Molly and Matt walk into the apartment and Molly tells Matt a story that made her shoot chocolate milk out of her nose. She tells him that she played hide and seek, and Matt wants to know if she used her ability to cheat. She says that she won without cheating, then asks if Matt found the puzzle people by detecting, and Matt answers with a guilty face.

Alternate Ending

The alternate ending of Powerless shows what might have happened had Peter not caught the vial. The virus therefore escapes through the vents of Primatech infecting a nightshift worker, a forklift operator, and other Primatech employees and the surrounding citizens. Peter, Nathan and Matt rush down to the ground floor towards a way out when they see that the workers have fallen unconscious due to the infecting virus. Peter, Nathan, and Matt then agree that they must quarantine the whole town so they go to the police. Officer White will not listen to them and so they take matters into their own hands. Matt uses his powers to get everyone in the police station to listen to Nathan. Nathan instructs them that they must set up this blockade around the town. A conceptual storyboard scene is then shown where Peter telekinetically causes a landslide to block the only bridge in or out of town. After the scene when Sylar escapes from Mohinder's loft that is used in the actual episode Powerless, reporter Bruce Evans wants Nathan (the leader of this operation) to go public with this news to let everyone know what is happening. When reporting on front of an audience, Nathan faints. The virus has affected him.

Untold Stories

The "Untold Stories" show scenes that were shot for incomplete episodes of Season Two. The first scene shows Bob and Elle talking about how Elle is tracking down Sylar for the Company since he got his powers back in Powerless.

At Dinah's Family Restaurant in Fort Lee, Robert Keep finishes his meal and goes to the restroom. Sylar walks in and begins asking Robert about a skydiving accident three years ago, which Robert survived without a scratch. Sylar attempts to remove his brain but is unable to because of Robert's ability. Sylar figures out Robert's "soft spot" and accesses Keep's brain through his mouth.

Later, Elle tracks Sylar to the restaurant, and flirts with Officer Mckinzie to gain information. She learns that Keep's brain was removed through his mouth and nose. She then glimpses Sylar outside the restaurant.

Later, she speaks to Bob about how close she was to catching Sylar. Bob gets angry at Elle for not catching Sylar. When she asks why he picked her out of all the other agents, he tells Elle that she is the best agent in the Company.

Meanwhile, Sylar holds and chokes "chameleon girl" against the wall. When she falls unconscious, he drops her on the floor.

In Noah's cell, Elle asks Noah for advice. He asks who her partner is, and when she claims that she has none, Noah claims that Elle is just bait for Sylar. He says that when Sylar tries to kill her, her "partner" will abduct him.

In Japan, Ando tries to cheer up Hiro, who is depressed. Hiro says that he will not time travel ever again. Ando walks out into the street full of cars, hoping Hiro will stop time to save him. When a semi-trailer comes at Ando, Hiro tackles and saves Ando--without stopping time.

Angela walks through the halls of Primatech Research and sees Hiro, Peter, Noah, Monica, Micah, and Matt slain in various ways. In this dream, she sees Knox choking Claire against a wall, then throwing her to the floor and beheading her. After he drags Claire's body away from her head, Knox is joined by Maury Parkman, a woman appearing to be Tracy Strauss, and Adam Monroe. They stand facing Angela and stare at her. Sylar appears behind Angela and places his hands on her shoulders. Suddenly, Angela wake up in a taxi with a jolt, having had a nightmare.

Deleted Scenes from Season Three

The Second Coming

The Butterfly Effect

One of Us, One of Them

  • Original Movie Theatre Scene: At the moviehaus, Hiro stops the Haitian and says that the Haitian has taken Hiro's briefcase. When the Haitian refuses to give it to him, Hiro calls for an usher. Ando shows up and tells the Haitian that the briefcase belongs to him. In Japanese, Hiro tells Ando that Ando was supposed to be the usher, but Ando balks. He insists that the uniform is silly and asks why he can't be "the briefcase guy". Hiro explains that that's not how the plan goes. Instead, Ando says that perhaps Hiro's nemesis is correct and that "this Robin should fly." Hiro reminds Ando that he can't fly because he has no powers. Meanwhile, as Hiro and Ando argue, the Haitian sneaks the briefcase to Daphne. When Hiro notices that she has the briefcase, he excuses himself and Ando up the stairs. The Haitian then jumps over the stairs, grabs the Japanese men, and demands to know where the briefcase is. Hiro tries to stop time, but he is unable to use his ability.

I Am Become Death

  • Nathan Comes to Angela's Office: Nathan goes to Angela's office looking for Peter. Angela tells him that she doesn't know where Peter is, and offers her help instead. Nathan tells her that he has seen Linderman alive (or not), and that Linderman explained Nathan's "path to the White House and that it was God's will". Angela assures Nathan that God does not exist, and that Nathan is having delusions, just like his father. She offers her help, but Nathan says that if she doesn't know where Peter is, then she can't help.
  • Daphne and Matt Argue: As Molly feeds the turtle, Daphne asks her where Peter is. Molly goes to her room to get her atlas. Matt tells Daphne that she is risking her life, even though she has a baby to come home to, and tells her he is worried about her safety. Daphne assures Matt that nothing can touch her, and that she has already caught 1,311 criminals. Matt tells her she is amazing and that it is time to slow down. Just then, Molly returns and announces that Peter is in Costa Verde. Daphne says that once she catches Peter, she will settle down.
  • Sylar Can't Save Son: When the Pinehearst team enters his home, Gabriel Gray tells his son to stay put. Gabriel and Peter meet Knox, Daphne, and Claire. Gabriel stops them, and warns Peter not to be afraid or else Knox will get strong. Meanwhile, Noah watches the events, and becomes visibly scared. Knox breaks forward and begins to fight Gabriel as Peter telekinetically holds back Claire and Daphne. Knox punches Gabriel, causes him to bleed, and taunts him to fight back. Gabriel assures his son he is fine, heals his wounds, and tells Knox that he is a different man now. Knox knocks Gabriel back into the table, which hits and kills young Noah. Enraged, Gabriel begins punching Knox hard. Claire notices the radiation coming from Gabriel's hands and pleads for him to be stopped. Gabriel screams and explodes, destroying all of Costa Verde.
  • Maya and Suresh Go Out: Maya comes to Mohinder's home with bags and begins to examine what appear to be giant insect scales under a microscope. Mohinder interrupts her, and she tells him that that since he refuses to go out, she will cook for him. Mohinder apologizes for his previous actions, assures her that everything is fine now, and they go out. Meanwhile, a cocoon hangs from the ceiling.
  • Linderman Appears: In his home, Dr. Zimmerman looks at a photograph of himself, Barbara, the German, and a woman. Suddenly, Linderman appears behind him, and says, "Sweet, sweet, happy families. History always has a way of coming back to haunt you, doesn't it?" Zimmerman insists that Linderman is dead, and asks who he really is. Linderman chastises the doctor for talking too much and for ruining the lives of Niki, Barbara, Tracy, and the "poor, poor children [he] experimented on". Linderman says that the guilt must be terrible and that it never goes away, but says that it can, and places a gun on the table. Zimmerman agrees that yes, it can, picks up the gun, and shoots himself in the head.

Angels and Monsters

  • Nathan Tells Tracy about Dr. Zimmerman: Nathan gives Tracy a printout of a picture with the title "German Scientists gathered for Operation Paperclip" and asks if this is Dr. Zimmerman. Nathan explains that they are German scientists who were smuggled into the U.S. after World War II. As part of Project Paperclip, they were assigned covert operations in the 1950s and 1960s. When Nathan tells Tracy that Zimmerman committed suicide, she balks, then gets very upset. She accidentally begins to freeze Nathan, who insists that she must calm down. She does, but declares that she can't go on living like this. Nathan suggests that if she was given abilities, she should have faith that perhaps somebody can take them away, too.
  • Linderman Makes Knox an Offer He Can't Refuse: Knox, ogling a yellow Ferrari, is about to smash the window in, but is interrupted by Linderman, who is sitting in a black Hummer limousine, surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women. He approaches Knox and tells him that he has an offer Knox can't refuse. One of the women steps up and says, "Hey, baby. Wanna go for a ride?" Knox looks her over and says, "Okay".
  • Angela Awakens: In her office, Angela wakes up, as the room seems to pulse with the sound of a heartbeat.


  • Get Straight (also known as the webisode Hard Knox, Part 2): Knox tries unsuccessfully to test his ability. Matt talks to Knox about leaving the gang, but the gang overhears the whole conversation.
  • The Main Man Now (also known as the webisode Hard Knox, Part 4): Matt sees Knox and the gang. Knox thanks Matt for the motivational talk about not having fear, and then drives off as the new leader of the gang.

It's Coming

  • Tracy Tells Nathan about Her Connection to Pinehearst: Nathan and Tracy walk through the halls of Pinehearst Headquarters, and Tracy tells Nathan about Pinehearst. She says that they were one of the first private firms to map the human genome. She also tells him that Pinehearst hired her with the hopes of gaining access to somebody like Nathan. She tells Nathan that she never knew Arthur Petrelli had ties to the company, and that her contact was Cain Hobson. Nathan tells her that Cain Hobson was Arthur's golfing buddy.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Our Father

  • Arthur Takes Molly's Ability: In present day Madras, India, Arthur approaches Molly. The decapitated bodies of a man and a woman lie on the floor next to him. He tells Molly that he is a friend of Mohinder's and that Mohinder has told Arthur about Molly. Molly frightfully says that he promised he wouldn't. He tells Molly that he knows about her ability to find anyone at any time, and that he needs that ability. He tells her not to be afraid while he takes her ability. Molly screams.
  • Angela and HRG Find Claire: With the sirens blaring in Level 5, Noah and Angela rush in to one of the cells where "no one should be". They find Claire, who says that Arthur has found them. Claire expresses her regret that it's over and that Arthur has won.

Trust and Blood

  • Suresh and Matt Buy Weapons: Matt and Mohinder buy guns from a weapons dealer's car trunk. Meanwhile, Peter's voice says that they will find a way to stay in contact with each other, and must find a way to defend themselves.
  • Ando and Hiro Are Going to India: Ando wakes Hiro up, who is sleeping in a car. He is incredulous that they would be flying coach on their seventeen hour flight all the way to India. Hiro simply says that it's the supersaver. He tells Ando that he no longer has access to his Yamagato money anymore, and that he's lucky he set aside some cash and identification for emergencies. Ando ponders giving the plane a little boost, but Hiro warns that they must be careful. Ando reminds Hiro that he lost his power and Ando is the sitting duck. Hiro uses his Sprint phone to look at Matt's drawing of the Indian bride and hopes that his powerless status will change.


  • HRG Comes Up with Plan: At Building 26, Nathan offers to go and stop Matt, claiming that Matt won't shoot him. Danko asks Noah what should be done, and Noah explains that in order for Matt to use his ability, he needs to focus and concentrate. The plan is to make that impossible.

Into Asylum

  • Micah Questions HRG's Motives: Noah, sheltering Micah to keep him and his "tiny rebellion" safe, feeds Micah breakfast. Micah asks why Noah is working against the people for whom he works. Noah says that it's complicated, but that it's very important he stays in their good graces. Noah then asks Micah for help to find a fugitive who killed three agents. Micah scoffs and says that they should be helping people stay free, not the other way around. Noah posits that things can't always be viewed in terms of right and wrong, but Micah insists that they can. Noah says Micah sounds just like Claire. Noah poses the question of what would happen if somebody was so bad that it took the question of right and wrong off the table. He asks, "Ever heard the name Sylar?" and Micah reconsiders.
  • Nathan and Claire Battle Frat Boys: In Pátzcuaro, Mexico, Hess demands to know what Claire and Nathan are doing with all their money. He takes them outside the cantina and punches Nathan as Bernie restrains Claire. Hess charges into Nathan, but rams the wall as Nathan hovers in midair. Claire reminds the drunken Nathan that he is flying. When Hess punches Nathan again, he flies straight into Rahul, knocking him into the dumpsters. Claire headbutts Bernie, grabs the money, and escapes with Nathan carrying her into the sky.

Turn and Face the Strange

  • Hiro and Ando Fix the Car: Hiro and Ando open the hood to their stalled Nissan Cube, and Hiro suggests "shaking that black tube thing". (He saw Vin Diesel do it once in a movie.) When it doesn't work, they wonder what to do. Matt Jr. begins crying.
  • Suresh Asks Landlord about His Father: Mohinder works on a map where all strings seem to be connected to Coyote Sands. When Mohinder's landlord comes in demanding to know why Mohinder hasn't left the apartment, Mohinder takes the opportunity to question him about Chandra. When the landlord replies that they've swapped a beer or two, Mohinder asks about his father's inquiries into a classified military project. The landlord remembers that Chandra had a "bug up his butt" about something to do with the Army, and that happened around the time Chandra's nightmares began. Mohinder realizes that this was in 1961, when Chandra was working on his doctorate. The landlord suggests that Mohinder give up on investigating the situation any further, just as Chandra did because it was making him crazy. Mohinder vows not to.

I Am Sylar

  • Hiro and Ando Discuss Building 26: Ando expresses concern that perhaps they don't have a plan, but Hiro declares that a true hero never gives up. They formulate a plan hinging on getting captured and taken back to the agents' "secret lair," freezing time, then defeating the agents. Ando asks about the possibilities of getting drugged or incarcerated, but Hiro says he asks too many questions, and walks off determinedly.

Deleted Scenes from Season Four


  • Dr. Tells Peter HRG Is Alive: At Mercy Heights Hospital, Noah's doctor tells Peter that Noah has lost a lot of blood, but that he'll be fine. The doctor also tells Peter that he was lucky to have gotten there as fast as he did.


  • Samuel Tells Lydia He's Going to the City: Samuel recounts the story of The Hound of Ulster for Lydia, explaining that The Hound was a fierce warrior, always resolute and steadfast. In the end, The Hound had to fight and kill his brother Ferdiad. Meanwhile, Peter cuts out a newspaper article and hangs it in his apartment; Claire ignores Gretchen's pleas to talk; Matt gets ready for work and sees Sylar in his reflection. Samuel explains how he and Joseph would hear stories like this when he was young. As he gets dressed, Samuel recalls being forced to dress primly, until he discovered his power. He says he is going to the city because he believes he has found someone to replace Joseph, who is Samuel's compass. Samuel soaks some ink into his hands, and Lydia asks if Samuel plans to visit his old home. Samuel explains that he has left that life long ago, and leaves.
  • Emma Talks to Her Dr.: Emma speaks to her mother and expresses concern that she might sound "crazy" if she tells other people about seeing strange lights. Her mother explains about the phenomenon of synesthesia, but Emma dismisses the idea. Emma and her mother continue to talk about Emma's deafness and her disengagement from the world.
  • Matt Finds Dead Girl: As Matt interrogates Keppler, Matt's hallucination of Sylar encourages Matt to use his power to find out where a little girl is. Matt does so and finds a girl under the stairs, not moving at all. He goes back to Keppler and beats him, demanding to know what Keppler did to the girl. Matt's partner asks what's going on, checks under the stairs, and says he doesn't see any girl there.
  • Peter Discovers Tattoo: Peter and Hesam unload an ambulance, and Peter apologizes to his partner about earlier. They shake hands, and Hesam compliments Peter on his "nice ink". Peter looks down and notices a compass tattoo.


  • Governor Malden Wants Tracy Back: Governor Malden and Tracy talk. Malden presses her about where she has been. Tracy explains that it was a family matter, and that she is back. He entices Tracy to come back, and she agrees. When Malden leaves, Tracy receives a phone call. She asks the person on the other end of the phone if there is somebody else they can call. Tracy explains that she is a little busy, but agrees to meet the person anyway.
  • Tracy Brings HRG Home: Noah, back from the hospital and on painkillers, is escorted to his apartment by Tracy. She helps him to bed and gets him a glass of water. When Noah calls Tracy "Senator", he decides he should probably take some antibiotics. Noah invites Tracy to stay for lunch, but Tracy protests that she is busy and has already wasted the day driving from New York City. Noah falls asleep as Tracy suggest that Noah calls Sandra.
  • Sandra and Tracy Meet: Sandra and Mr. Muggles arrive at Noah's apartment and are greeted by Tracy. Tracy says she isn't sure how to explain her relationship with Noah or how they know each other, but tells Sandra that they are neither friend nor foe. Tracy leaves, Sandra decides to go to the grocery store, and Mr. Muggles curls up in Noah's arms.
  • Tracy Finds HRG: Tracy enters Kojin Sushi and sees Noah. She explains that she figured he would be there because his apartment is upstairs, and she figured he couldn't go too far. She joins him at the table, and they talk. Noah thanks Tracy for helping him out. Tracy explains that she has taken her old job with Governor Malden. She asks Noah how the United States government is able to violate her human rights without anybody being able to find out. Noah explains that nobody knows that people like her exist. They discuss the advantages and disadvantages to living in secrecy. Tracy expresses her desire to make a difference, and says that she can't do that while working for Malden. Noah encourages her to quit, urging her to embrace reality. He says that perhaps a person has to remember who they were in order to figure out who they want to be.
  • Tracy Packs: Tracy gathers many of her business outfits and takes them to a donation center. She meets Lydia and gives her the clothes.

Hysterical Blindness

Tabula Rasa

  • Peter Takes Hiro's Power: Hiro shuffles through the halls of Mercy Heights, looking for Peter Petrelli. Peter puts Hiro back to bed. Peter explains that Hiro is very sick, but Hiro insists that destiny brought the two of them together for a reason, and that he has accepted his fate. Peter lays his hands on Hiro and absorbs Hiro's power.
  • Hiro Struggles: Nurse Hammer administers a drug to Hiro, who protests that he isn't even supposed to be in the hospital, but instead only came to see Peter Petrelli. The nurse, frustrated with Hiro's uncooperative attitude, says that perhaps Hiro's doctor wants to find out how soon Hiro will die so he can book the room. Hiro says that the nurse is a cruel woman; Nurse Hammer retorts, "You have no idea."
  • Samuel Introduces Sylar to the Family: Samuel gathers the carnies together and introduces Sylar to them. They applaud.
  • Hiro Meets Up with Emma: Hiro talks with Emma and explains how a new ability can be frightening, but advises her to explore and experiment with it. He bangs a stapler, forcing Emma to see the colors. When she does, he encourages her to shatter a mug sitting next to the stapler. She breaks the mug, and Hiro says, "Yatta!" Emma gets upset, says that she wants it to stop, and leaves.
  • Samuel Presents Sylar as Member of the Family: Sylar approaches Samuel, and all the other carnies stand and gather around. Sylar says he does not want to be the person he used to be. Samuel embraces Sylar and tells him he's safe now. Sylar asks about the cops and their captain, but Samuel says that it's all taken care of, and that the carnies are pretty good at making things disappear. Samuel says that it's a terrible thing to take a life, but that it had to be done in order for Sylar to become one of them. Samuel then presents Sylar as a member of the carnival family, and gives Sylar a compass, instructing him to keep it with him always. Samuel turns and raises water in a nearby baptismal font. Samuel baptizes Sylar, who is elated at his transformation.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

  • HRG and Lauren Have Breakfast: As Samuel grabs Hiro at the Burnt Toast Diner, Noah talks with Sandra about his schedule conflicts with work and Homecoming. As he hangs up, Lauren enters the diner and sits with Noah. He expresses his disappoint with himself for lying to Sandra the fact that he will be missing Homecoming because he is chasing a deranged serial killer. Lauren compares Noah's double life to that of Superman's. They lament the lies they have to tell family. Lauren says she wishes she could tell her mother that the reason she missed her nephew's Bar Mitzvah is because she was busy bagging and tagging a guy who can shoot fire out of his nose. The two talk and flirt, and they discuss the nature of their relationship. Lauren says she has booked a motel room for the two of them. Their breakfast is interrupted by a call about paintings.
  • Claire Encourages HRG: Claire talks with her father, but is called over by the other cheerleaders. Ms. Roberts tells the girls that they all need to make banners for Homecoming, and that they need something big to cover the trophy case. Jackie says that they don't make paper that big, but Claire says they do.


  • Emma Saves Megan: At Mercy Heights, Emma sits in the staff room, and sees Megan enter. Megan says that her mom is in surgery—she was hurt when they were riding the train. Megan asks Emma if she is a doctor or a nurse. When Emma says that she is neither, Megan expresses her confusion, since doctors and nurses work at hospitals, but Emma is neither. However, she is interrupted by a pain in her chest. Emma takes a look and sees a bruise that wasn't there before. Emma assures Megan that she's going to be okay, and takes her to see a doctor. Before she can leave the room, Megan collapses on the floor. Emma calls for help, and Peter hears her pleas. Emma begins CPR. Peter says that she's not breathing and needs a doctor. Emma says that there's no time. She orders Peter to get a kit, and Emma injects Megan, who promptly wakes up.

Brother's Keeper

  • Nathan's Worried: "Nathan" sits at at table in Peter's apartment, pondering over the thought that he is actually Sylar, just with a different voice and face. He says that whoever Nathan Petrelli was is gone now—he's just some random thoughts in a mass murderer's head. Peter counters that Matt claimed to have forced Sylar out, so it doesn't matter who Sylar used to be. Nathan says that the rest of the world sees Nathan Petrelli, but those who know the truth (like Peter) will always see him as Sylar. When Angela knocks on the door, Nathan's face changes to Sylar's for a moment. Angela says that they have a lot to talk about and that Thanksgiving is a time for family to be together, for better or for worse.


  • Claire Wants to Drop Out: Noah makes a toast to the first Thanksgiving in his apartment, the first Thanksgiving he has ever hosted, and to Lauren (without whom they would all be eating Japanese takeout). Lauren asks Sandra how she and Doug met. Doug says it was love at first sight—for Mr. Muggles and Miss Lovegood. Sandra asks how Lauren and Noah met, and Noah says that they were coworkers at Primatech. Sandra asks whether it was the paper company or "that other thing". When Lauren is surprised about Sandra's knowledge of "that other thing", Sandra explains that the memory can be erased only so many times. Sandra asks if they worked closely together, and Noah tries to change the subject.

Doug tries to cut the tension by suggesting that everyone saying what they are thankful for, which they do in turn. When it is Claire's turn, she says she is not feeling very thankful. Noah explains that her roommate moved out. Doug asks why she would do that, since Claire is so likable, but Claire balks that Doug doesn't know anything about her. Claire announces that she is thinking about dropping out of school.

Let It Bleed

  • Claire Looks for Peter: Claire enters an office building, and sees a body on the floor. She hears phones ringing, and looks for Peter. She finds him tending to Wendy's wounds.

Close to You

  • Lydia Walks through the Carnival: Lydia walks through the backstage area of the carnival and watches as carnies juggle, spend time with their families, and relax. She approaches Samuel, who draws pictures of Vanessa and writes letters.


  • Samuel Convinces Vanessa to Stay: In the morning, Samuel asks Vanessa how she slept, and tells her that the dress is a gift. Vanessa balks, countering that he kidnapped her. Samuel apologizes and promises to take her back home right away. However, Samuel brings up a time from their past when he broke her record player. He pushes her to stay for breakfast, and Vanessa points out that breakfast eventually turns into lunch, then dinner, then drinks. Samuel says that he fixed that record player—he knows what he did wrong, and he knows how to fix it. Vanessa agrees to stay for breakfast, and then says she needs to go home.
  • Samuel and Vanessa Reminisce: At O'Mallory's, a waitress brings Samuel and Vanessa a strawberry milkshake. Samuel reminds Vanessa of when she was eight years old and would swipe her father's money and go to Victor's for a shake. When Vanessa says that memories are just nice and nothing else, Samuel says that he carries his memories with him because they're important, and that they protect him. Samuel reminds her of the last time he crashed in her dorm room and they talked all night, "among other things." Samuel says she talked about her dream house, but Vanessa says it was just the tequila. Samuel says that Vanessa seems happy, but lonely—much like life at the carnival. He asks her if she ever looks back on their time together with a hint of fondness, and she indicates that she does. They share the milkshake.
  • Ando Watches: Dr. Puljos continues to operate on Hiro as Ando watches. The doctor learns that Hiro's blood pressure is dropping, and she decides to increase his fluids.

Deleted Scenes from Heroes Reborn

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Brave New World


Under the Mask

The Needs of the Many

Game Over

June 13th, Part One

June 13th, Part Two

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

11:53 to Odessa

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