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The Total Audience Measurement Index (TAMi) is a ratings system developed by NBC to include new media in the determination of audience size viewership. Below are available ratings for each episode of Heroes.

Season Ratings

Season Three

  Archive Average 123,841 4,220,714 13,354,833 17,699,388  
  Archive Total 2,972,192 101,297,125 320,516,000 424,785,317  
  Season Total 3,378,382 102,014,811 326,041,000 431,434,193 6/2/09

Season Four (as of 2/14/10)

Airdate Episode(s)
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Mobile / VOD /
ISV Television Total
1/11/10 Close to You 287,744 2,063,296 8,626,000 10,977,040
1/18/10 Pass/Fail 273,888 1,956,930 7,699,000 9,929,818
1/25/10 The Art of Deception 240,596 1,703,364 7,623,000 9,566,960
2/1/10 The Wall 208,082 1,544,860 6,553,000 8,305,942
2/8/10 Brave New World 149,107 1,177,078 6,078,000 7,404,185
  Last 5 Average 231,883 1,689,106 7,315,800 9,236,789
  Season Total 4,975,301 46,801,145 161,714,000 213,490,446


TAMi only lists results for the latest 5 episodes. The below listing contains the latest TAMi ratings for Season Four episodes that are no longer listed in TAMi.

  Archive Average 306,731 3,000,817 10,427,917 13,735,465  
  Archive Total 3,680,770 36,009,809 125,135,000 164,825,579  


  • TAMi began being published by NBC during Season Three. Unlike Nielsen Ratings, TAMi results use running totals that are updated each week. Thus, each ratings point in TAMi is called an exposure.
  • TAMi is published weekly in PDF format in the NBC Entertainment Spotlight section of the NBC Universal Media Village website. To access the TAMi, go to "Network/Programs", then select "NBC Entertainment". The main flash window that automatically scrolls ad images for NBC's television programs has multiple pages. On the last page of the flash window is the Spotlight section with the logo for TAMi in one of the panels. There is nothing that says "Spotlight" on that page, but if you select the panel with the TAMi logo, you should be able to click a link to download a PDF file containing the latest weekly results for TAMi.
  • The ratings include listings for up to the five latest episodes of each show, and individual viewership numbers in terms of the following:
    • Mobile -- total streams of episodes to mobile devises such as cell phones and PDAs
    • VOD (Video On Demand) -- total on-demand cable/satellite viewing results as tabulated by Rentrak
    • Downloads -- total downloads of episodes combining results from iTunes, Microsoft Zune, Microsoft XBOX and Amazon Unbox
    • ISV (Internet Streaming Video) -- total internet viewing of episodes combining results from, and NBC Direct
    • Television -- total airwave viewership from Nielsen Live + TSV
  • TAMi's television viewership numbers for an episode are LS (Live+Same Day) numbers for the first two weeks they are posted after an episode airs, so they include Same Day DVR viewership in addition to the Live viewership. TAMi's television viewership numbers for an episode are later updated, normally on the third week after airing, to be L7 (Live+7 Day) numbers, such that they include the Live viewership in addition to 7 Day DVR viewership for each episode.
  • The first TAMi release occurred on Wednesday, October 15, 2008, and covered 11 NBC shows.
  • The television exposures numbers for episodes such as A Clear and Present Danger that were rebroadcast the same week as the original airdate include the total viewers from both broadcasts.


  • In the first TAMi release, Heroes surpassed all other covered NBC shows in running totals for the categories of Mobile, VOD, and ISV.
  • In the first release, separate viewership numbers were given for the categories of VOD, Mobile and Downloads.

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