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Heroes Interactive

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Heroes Interactive
Heroes interactive.jpg hosts the Heroes Interactive two-screen experience.

Heroes Interactive

Heroes Interactive is an interactive way for the viewer to learn more and become a part of the Heroes universe. It offers real-time behind the scenes information, polls, trivia, and quizzes, as well as the ability to interact with Heroes Evolutions characters (e.g. the string of Hana Gitelman "hackings" that occurred in Season One) as one watches the show. For the first two seasons, Heroes Interactive was an online experience hosted at NBC's website. In Season Three, Heroes Interactive became Heroes Insider Interactive SMS and its content became available solely via text message to wireless subscribers.


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four


  • Subscribing to Heroes Interactive iSMS must be done on a weekly basis by texting HPLAY to 62288 on a cell phone or other wireless device. Subscribers need to also select the time zone (ET, CT, MTN or PT) of the broadcast airing for which they wish to receive the text messages.
  • Although Heroes Interactive iSMS is powered by Sprint, the experience is not restricted only to Sprint wireless devices. However, after each episode, only Sprint subscribers will get special instructions on how they can watch special cast commentary clips and extended previews of next week's episode right on their phone.
  • Heroes Interactive is meant to be watched concurrently with the episode; it is only accessible while the show airs on NBC.
  • The poll results change each time the show airs. Polling transcripts are assumed to be taken from the West Coast original airings unless otherwise specified.


  • The Season Three iSMS system, powered by Sprint, debuted with episodes The Second Coming and The Butterfly Effect.
  • OpenTV Corp.'s "participate" platform powered the two-screen (PC-and-TV) Heroes Interactive used for Season One and Season Two.
  • Although the login for the "participate" platform was on NBC's website, the "participate" platform system was hosted at OpenTV Corp.'s data center.
  • For a time, Heroes Interactive messages were written by Tyler Poppe and Zach Wilson.

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