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Bob Bishop

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Bob Bishop
Portrayed by Stephen Tobolowsky,
H. Michael Croner (in 1961)
First appearance Four Months Later...
In-story stats
Known ability Alchemy
Formal name Robert Bishop
Nicknames Bobby,
Bobbie Bobcat
Date of death March 21, 2007
Occupations Founding member and former chairman of the Company,
Primatech Paper Co. regional sales manager
Significant other Elle's unnamed mother (deceased)
Child Elle Bishop (deceased)

Robert "Bob" Bishop was one of the Company's founders who, in the wake of the death of Daniel Linderman, ran the Company. The father of Elle Bishop, Bob was an evolved human with the ability to turn anything he touched to solid gold.

Character History

Season Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Bob Bishop: Season Two History.

Bob listens to a lecture given by Mohinder Suresh on the existence of evolved humans. He later recruits the Company after revealing his ability to transmute objects to gold. He promises Mohinder all the money he needs in order to investigate the Shanti virus. Bob later gives Mohinder his new laboratory and has him begin his research. He then takes a call from Niki Sanders, who asks for his help. Meanwhile, Bob is identified as a Company Founder by Nathan Petrelli and Matt Parkman. Later, after Molly Walker is brought into the Company for observation, Bob is attacked by Niki but nonetheless still helps her. He also gives Mohinder the assignment of bringing in Monica Dawson, whom he wishes to inject with a variation of the Shanti Virus. Mohinder refuses so Bob places Niki as his partner, in order to ensure no further "communication problems."

Bob wants to experiment with a dangerous strain of the virus.

Bob is then targeted for murder by Maury Parkman and is warned of the attack by Nathan and Matt. Together, alongside Niki and Mohinder, Bob fights against Maury and reveals to Nathan that Peter is still alive. After a manipulated Niki is injected with the virus, an apologetic Bob authorizes her release from the Company and sends her home to New Orleans. It is also revealed that shortly after Peter exploded, Bob and his daughter apprehended him and imprisoned him within the Company. However, alongside Adam Monroe, he escaped.

Bob believes that a mixture of Mohinder's blood and Claire Bennet's blood may heal Niki so, he and Mohinder travel to Costa Verde in order to retrieve her. Met by Elle, Bob goes and meets with Claire at her high school before eventually kidnapping her from her home. Bob prepares a blood transfusion but learns via a phone call from Noah Bennet that Elle is in danger, so, Bob takes a small amount of blood and trades Claire for Elle. Noah then shoots Elle and attempts to kill Bob, however, Mohinder saves him. Bob assigns Elle to watch over Claire during her father's "death" and soon, out of anger, bands her from any more assignments and benches her. He also pays a visit to a very much alive and imprisoned Noah, stating that they have a problem with Claire. In a last effort, Bob takes Noah back to Costa Verde in order for him to stop Claire from "outing" evolved humans.

The Butterfly Effect

Bob and Elle watch a security feed showing Agents Bianca Karina and Gael Cruz attempt to apprehend an invincible Sylar. After witnessing their deaths and the feed is cut, Bob comments that they were his best agents. Elle apologizes to him and offers her assistance however Bob refuses, not wishing to be let down once again.

Later, Elle visits Bob's office and finds that he has been murdered.

Graphic Novel:Viewpoints

Sylar visits the Company's gallery, where Bob's portrait is hung in remembrance among those of other deceased agents.

It's Coming

In exam room 1 of the Pinehearst building, Elle seeks revenge for the murder of her father at the hands of Sylar. Sylar admits to killing Bob, but he says he will not insult Elle by apologizing for it.

Graphic Novel:Truths

As Arthur reflects on his life, a photo of the Company founders shows up and Bob is in that photo.


In 1961, Angela Shaw arrives at Coyote Sands, where Bobby is playing catch with another child. Later, Bobby, Linderman, and Charles Deveaux visit the cabin that Angela Shaw and her sister share. Charles tells Angela that Bobby came to tell Angela how beautiful she was. Bob denies it, allowing for Charles to continue flirting.

Bob, as he appears in 1961.

Later, the same trio of boys meets Angela outside of her cabin. They had overheard her talking to her sister about her nightmares. Charles reveals that they all have powers and Linderman heals Angela's bicycle wreck scar to emphasize this. Angela believes that the doctors can make them go away, but Charles compares what the camp to the World War II camps and the Holocaust. Angela insists they're different. Bob comments that they're "freaks". Charles convinces them that they need to escape and Angela makes a plan. As she goes back to her sister, Angela warns them to not trust Chandra Suresh.

The trio sneak Angela out of the camp and into Coyote Sands Cafe, where she tries to tell the police about the camp. Discouraged because they don't believe her, Angela sits down at the table with the three boys and lectures them on the severity of the situation. Bob offers Angela a fry. Charles takes Angela to the dancefloor, where they dance closely until the chef tells them that interracial dating is not allowed. Charles uses his ability to make everyone pretend nothing happened. As they're leaving, the television reports a severe storm. Angela tells them they have to get back to her sister immediately.

After witnessing the aftermath of the massacre at Coyote Sands, the boys and Angela seek shelter back at the cafe. Bob is visibly shaken by the experience. Angela tells them that she's had another dream and that they're going to form a company. Bob comments that they're "just kids," but Angela tells him "not anymore." She tells them they're going to do what they need to in order to hide their abilities and keep it from happening again; that they will kill as well. She promises that it is a necessary evil.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Bob is remembered as one of Sylar's victims.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 1

In 1963, Bob sits with Angela, Daniel and Charles, listening to Chris Coolidge's concert. Bob says that Chris is terrible and Angela wonders why everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. They talk about the possibility of Chris helping them and when Kaito Nakamura introduces himself, Bob takes the opportunity to go and dance with a woman. While they dance, Chris changes songs and several police officers enter. The woman Bob is dancing with is grabbed by a police officer and Bob tries to help her, but is smashed on the back of the head.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 2

Watching a riot caused by Chris Coolidge, Bob soon falls under the influence of Chris's ability and joins the mob, stating that they are better then normal humans. Bob throws a large metal can into the crowd but is later released from his anger after Chris is murdered. Bob, alongside Angela, Linderman and Charles, welcomes Kaito Nakamura into the Company.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 4

Bob discusses Mindy Sprague and her ability with Angela, Charles, Kaito and Arthur Petrelli. Bob wishes to bring her in and experiment on her and learn how she affected the weather so badly. Angela reminds him how someone with that power can be dangerous and Bob quiets down. He is then introduced to Maury Parkman.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 6

In 1988, Angela, Charles, Bob and Thompson visit Claude in the hospital and talk about the mission that Claude and Thompson just had. Angela then brings out a new tracker and injects it into Claude, stating that it is perfect to test on an invisible man.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 7

In 1991, Elle is sent to live with her father, much to Bob's disdain. While in her father's office, Elle casually plays with a record and accidentally electrifies it. Bob becomes infuriated and holds the record, angrily asking Elle if she knows how many copies of Chris Coolidge's record there are left.

Bob soon tries to convince Elle's mother to take her back, but the woman angrily tells Bob that Elle is his daughter as well and that he has to deal with her. Bob goes to Charles Deveaux for help, and bitterly states that he is not built to be a father. Charles encourages him to get to know Elle and try to have fun with her, which Bob reluctantly agrees to do. Meanwhile Jonas Zimmerman, who has been taking care of Simone and Barbara, arrives and delivers the girls to Charles. After Charles and the girls leave, Zimmerman gives Bob the advice to experiment with Elle's power. He reveals that Barbara and "the new boy" have been experimented on and now the extent of their abilities are known. He convinces Bob to do this by telling that Elle could produce limitless clean energy to power up cities. Bob starts to administer tests to Elle to measure her wattage input and output. Bob persistently tries to experiment more and more, disregarding her requests to stop. The machine operator who does not want to do that, at least persuades Bob to stop her crying. While Bob tries to entertain Elle by displaying his power and turning her Slusho! straw into gold, forgets that gold is an excellent conductor and is severely electrocuted by Elle, who runs away during the accident. Bob hopes that Noah Bennet who is assigned to the duty, is better with kids than he is.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 8

In 1991, Bob sends Noah to bring Elle back to Primatech Research. Elle tells Noah that she does not want to come back because she can not make her father proud. Noah reassures her that her father is very proud of her and loves her very much.

Back at Primatech Research, Bob waits for Dr. Zimmerman to bring lithium for Elle. He has Elle's memory erased and convinces Elle that it is her ninth birthday. Angela convinces Bob to make it count.

Heroes Evolutions

According to his tip on the assignment tracker map, Bob is described as being the current director of the Company.

Evolved Human Abilities

Bob had the ability of alchemy, which allowed him to convert one element into another, albeit the full extent of his abilities had not been seen he was able to change Hampton Connolly into solid gold. He had only demonstrated the ability once in the show, changing a mundane spoon into solid gold. Bob claimed that this power gave the Company enormous financial resources.

Heroes Reborn App

Prior to Heroes Reborn starting, the Heroes Reborn app was released with a video summary of Bob's history. The summary included:

Memorable Quotes

"The Company was formed thirty years ago with a group of like-minded individuals, ordinary men and women who were gifted with extraordinary powers. They wanted to help their own -- to find them and to protect them. We find people, and we make sure they don't become dangerous. Now sometimes that can mean making sure they understand entirely what they're capable of and teaching them to use their abilities for the good of mankind ... and sometimes it can mean eliminating them."

- Bob (to Mohinder) (Four Months Later...)

"Bob is morally gray at best."

- Mohinder (to Niki) (Out of Time)


  • Bob was introduced simply as a strange man in episode Four Months Later.... There was no use of his name in episodes or Heroes 360 until episode Lizards.
  • According to the episode commentary on Fight or Flight and a Heroes two-screen event during the airing of Four Months Ago..., Bob's full name is Robert Bishop. This was confirmed in Cautionary Tales.
  • Stephen Tobolowsky, the actor who plays Bob, suffered a broken neck during the hiatus between Season 2 and 3 causing him to film his final scenes in The Butterfly Effect by only looking straight.
  • In his Tobolowsky Files the actor said he never knew information about his character's motives: "During the next episodes, I tried to engage Dr. Suresh in finding a cure for the deadly Shanti virus, then it was implied that I was using the virus as a weapon, then it was implied that I was trying to isolate the virus so it would not fall into the wrong hands, then it was implied that I was developing new strains of the virus in a secret lab — I could not keep up with it."


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Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Bob Bishop for fan-created theories and other speculation.

Company Chairman
Preceded by
Daniel Linderman
Bob Bishop Succeeded by
Angela Petrelli

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