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Kin Egami

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Kin Egami
Portrayed by Tohoru Masamune
First appearance Genesis
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation Manager at Yamagato Industries
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Kin Egami (Japanese: 金武江上) works as a manager at Yamagato Industries.

Character History


After Hiro discovers he can reverse time (by 1 second), he joyously runs up the cubicle aisle shouting "Yatta! (I did it!)" Hiro's boss is not pleased at the disturbance, grabs Hiro by the shirt collar, and drags him back to his desk.


Mr. Egami interrupts Ando while he is playing a video game in his office and tells him to get back to work. Mr. Egami mentions that being friends with the CEO does not mean he can play games at work, and Ando apologizes.

Graphic Novel:Past Experience

At Kaito's funeral, Kin approaches Kimiko Nakamura to discuss Yamagato Industries. He explains to her that the Yamagato Fellowship is in need of her leadership.


  • The closing credits for Genesis refer to Hiro's boss as "Boss at Yamagato".

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