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Primatech's files

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Primatech's files
Primatech's files.jpg

First mentioned: From the Files of Primatech, Part 1
Owned by: The Company

Primatech maintains several files, which contain information about early cases assigned to the Company's founders. The files also serve as a chronicle of the development of the Company.


Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 1

Case file 11 chronicles the attempts of Angela Petrelli, Bob Bishop, Charles Deveaux, and Daniel Linderman to investigate a possible evolved human, Chris Coolidge. The file details Chris's possible abilities, and the agents' attempts to recruit Chris.

Several personnel files are also present.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 2

The file explains some of the details from the St. Marks Coffeehouse riots on July 12, 1963.

Kaito Nakamura's personnel file is present, albeit burned and partially illegible.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 3

Case file #475 explains Mindy Sprague's hiring at Three Mile Island.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 4

The file chronicles Mindy Sprague's heroics at Three Mile Island.

Mindy Sprague's personnel file is present, which lists her power as energy absorption, transference, and redirection. Also present are the personnel files of Arthur Petrelli and Maury Parkman.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 5

Case file #3105 chronicles the actions of Agent Thompson and Agent Claude Rains as they complete an assignment.

The file contains personnel files for Noah Bennet, Claude Rains, Eric Thompson, Sr., and a subject file for Sylvia.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 6

Case file #3105 continues documenting Claude and Thompson's search for Sylvia. After Claude is knocked out, Thompson adds a personal field assessment note that he saw nothing life threatening about his partner's situation. The file concludes by stating that the case was closed successfully, and by giving information about the pneumatic needle.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 7

File #P2-1138 documents a county-wide blackout in Ohio. It continues to document the testing of Elle Bishop at Primatech, and an accident that allowed her run away.

The file also contains a personnel file for Elle Bishop.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 8

File #P2--1138 continues by documenting the retrieval of Elle Bishop by Noah Bennet.

The file also contains a personnel file for René, and a revised one for Elle Bishop

File Transcripts

Case Files

Primatech Case File: 11. West Greenwich Village, New York City. 1963.

Coolidge, Chris. Folk Singer. Arrived in New York two months prior to the opening of this file. Has already amassed a following rivaling that of most more established local musicians.

He carries the torch lit by Bob Dylan, both illuminating his beloved country's failings and shining a light on means to repair them. Mr. Coolidge seems to radiate pure charisma -- being around him just feels good." - Lyta Samson, The Village Voice.

Possible Abilities: Persuasion, Enhanced Synesthesia, Empathy.

B. Bishop and A. Petrelli continued their "research" while D. Linderman and C. Deveaux discussed the merits of recruiting C. Coolidge.

A. Petrelli registered her displeasure.

21:04 - What newspapers later dub "The St. Marks Coffeehouse Riots" breaks out.

The St. Marks Coffeehouse Riots caused over $1.2 million in property damage*.

22:31 - C. Coolidge addresses rioters and police.

Primatech case #475. Londonderry Township, Dauphin County, PA. -- Three Mile Island.

Saturday, January 7th, 1978 -- Agent visitation.

Company representative A. Petrelli conducts new assignment update meeting, also first contact with potential subject: THEODORE SPRAGUE.

Monday, January 9th, 1978

Monday, February 6, 1978

Mindy Sprague, Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania

Monday, February 6, 1978

Tuesday, February 7, 1978, The Deveaux Building, New York City, New York

475-B Addendum.

Filed by Angela Petrelli--4/17/1979

Despite the best efforts of all parties involved to prevent it. Three Mile Island had a major meltdown a year later (3/28/79) Although there were no immediate fatalities, I can't help but wonder, is it Destiny? Was this going to happen anyway? Do people need to make mistakes to learn from them? Or is it because even the company is only human?

Mindy Sprague surprised us with her power, because of that, her son Theodore is a person of interest to us as well. Besides the obvious, we have learned a lot from this case. It is apparent now, more than ever that we need a way to track these people and these powers.

Mindy nor Theodore have been seen since the blizzard of '78.

Primatech Case File: 3105. Berlin Wall, West Germany. 1988.

1800 hours, Agents Make Contact With Company Asset, J. Kuznetsov

Subject first came to the attention of The Company in 1985 when reports of a "Super Human" female KGB Agent were filtering through Washington, D.C.

"Officials are left with no known whereabouts of the woman being referred to as 'The Modern Day Mata Hari.' She leaves a wake of destruction in her path that is unfathomable to authorities." - Taken from the September 14th 1987 edition of DIE ZEIT.

Agents gained entrance to the Safe House located at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a little after 1900 hours.

Subject File 975
Known Aliases: Sylvia
Known Abilities: Mass Manipulation

xxxxxxxxxxx East Berlin, 1988.

1930 hours, Agents continue their search for Female KGB Special Operative known as only as "Sylvia (KGB operative)."

1933 Hours, Agents Regroup

Personal Field Assessment Note by Agent Thompson: "After surveying the situation, I concluded my partner was NOT in a 'Life Threatening' situation...and continued back into The Safe House."

The Proto-Type of the Pneumatic Needle Tracking Gun was perfected by R&D scientists...

It is widely thought of amongst High Ranking Officials as THE Key Piece of Technology within The Company.

File Note: The Subject known as "Sylvia" remains at large.

Case #3105 - Closed Successfully.

Primatech File Ref# P2-1138. Athens, Ohio. 1991.

Approx. 8:28pm. Sudden, unexplained power-surge causes county-wide blackout for Athens and surrounding Hocking, Vinton and Meigs counties.

Subject relocated to primary Primatech Research facility in Hartsdale, NY for closer observation.

Under the direction of Dr. J. Zimmerman, a battery of tests were administered to establish a base-line for Subject's wattage input and output.

Several careful precautions were taken due to Subject's young age. Limits on number of tests per day were strictly adhered to.

Nevertheless, human error resulted in a slight... incident.

Gold serves as an excellent conductor of electricity.

Resulting in rather spectacular, if unexpected, test results.

Subject was accidently discharged. Top Agents were assigned to correct the issue.

Westchester County, New York. 1991.

Approx. 1900 hrs. Subject sighted at local arcade.

In accordance with safety protocol 88-B. Agent Bennet approached Subject with extreme... caution.



DATE: October 18, 1979
FROM: A. Petrelli
TO: Alpha
SUBJECT: Tracking System update

A11 --

Wanted to update you on where things are with Edward xxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx the coordinating consultant we've engaged to assemble all aspects of an injectable tracking system for subjects.

As you know, this wil require multiple development paths. xxxxxxxxxxx is clearly one of the few who can meet our meeds required for real-time reporting, familiarity with infrastructure, international experience, and existing relationships. I'm convinced more than ever that we made the right choice. The report is still four to six months out, but I've asked for an update. Here are a few developments and findings.

xxxxxxxxxxx continues to stress that we should explore two separate system for comparison: a data "piggyback" model (utilizing DOD's DARPA-based networks, currently in use by USTRANSCOM's Surface Deployment and Distribution Command), and another using privately leased stand-alone networks. New technologies are coming into play within a two to three years horizon, including a broad blanket wireless network for consumer telephones far beyond what's available now. It will probably be eight to ten years before these will operate entirely digitally, so analog based systems would have to rule the first phase.

Analog transmission will increase power and size requirement for any injected/subdermal identifying "chips", but great strides are being made on the battery and transmitters aspects. Microchips that are unnoticeable to subjects are definitely a possibility. DOD is using these already, and there's talk that they could hit the commercial sector for tracking of container cargo, sensitive packages, and even pets.

The preliminary findings add that "real-time" worldwide tracking is currently possible, with caveats that coverage areas (particularly outside of populated areas and overseas) are limited, with interpolation software providing best best guess estimated of location when subjects are in transit (e.g. via airplane).

In regards to the simultaneous subject tracking, the limits are dependent only on the computing power and data newtworks. We are envisioning a centralized control center (similiar to what NORAD, the FAA, and other large agencies use) that would serve as a hub for realaying informations to agents in the field.

Injection Delivery System Requierements Top Level


Injection Delivery System Requierements Top Level

  • Independently powered; power resources may be mechanical, pneumatic, electric, or combustion-based.
  • Quiet operation. No more than 95 dB at time of firing.
  • Weighs less than 6 pounds; ideally fewer than 4.
  • Highligh accuracy from distances of less than 10 feet.
  • Minimun range 25 feet.
  • No damage to injection capsule upon firing.
  • Leaves no blast marks, powdre burns on trace elements on user or target.
  • No permanent on noticeable damage to subjects (i.e. when subject regain consciousness they should not notice they have been injected).
  • Failure rate of less than 1 per 500 firing.
  • Easily transportable; the more concealable it is the more useful it will be to agents in the field.
  • Field strippable; able to be disassembled and reassembled in less than 90 seconds by user.

Confidential Information from Helix System Consulting



Helix System Consulting                 PRIVATE

Access acknowledgment: 45, 70, 71 (see also cross-frequency verification, friend or foe reporting)
Access authorization, retinal
Access authorization, fingerprint
Access authorization, voiceprint
Acoustic noise cancellation
Acoustic coupling
Active sensors
Activation, remote
Adaptive differential pulse code modulation
Adaptive neurogical response
Address, physical
Address, electronic
Addressability of cross-network communications
Advanced Data Communication Control Procedure
Aeronautical Earth Station
Aeronautical sensivity tuning
Aeronautical mobile satellite service
Aircraft cabin signal destabilization
Aircraft in-flight location transmission
Aircraft airframe alloys

Thompson's file

PF364 ROSTER [cont'd]        page 7 of 81

Thompson, Eric, Sr.

XXXXXX Odessa, TX post mortem CF3091, re-up
CF3087 10.14.87 Madras, IN see PF127, CS057
CF3090 10.26.87 Phnom Penh, KH XXX
CF3092 XXXXXX Thimpu, BT see A012, C001, Goose
CF3095 11.27.87 Lagos, NG XXXXXX
CF3096 11.31.87 Dakar, SN abort 12.01.87
12.09.87 Sanaa, YE [files redacted]
12.18.87 Amman, JO [files redacted]
12.20.87 Yamoussoukro, CI [files redacted]
CF3102 01.02.88 Bruges, BE see C011
01.07.88 Hartsdale, NY post mortem CF3100, CF3101,
CF3104 NA/88 Astana, USSR see A011, C024, C052, PF756,
M/10.18.79, GN 171XXXXXX
CF3105 NA/88 Berlin, BRD see A011, C024, C052, PF756,
M/10.18.79, GN 171XXXXXX

Personnel Files

Personnel File 01 --
Deveaux, Charles.
Abilities: Telepathy

Personnel File 02 --
Linderman, Daniel.
Abilities: Healing

Personnel File 03 --
Bishop, Bob.
Abilities: Alchemy

Personnel File 04 --
Petrelli, Angela.
Abilities: Precognitive Dreaming

Personnel File 05 --
Nakamura, Kaito.

Personnel File 013 --
Arthur Petrelli
Abilities: Ability absorption

Personnel File 113 --
Mindy Sprague
Abilities: Energy Absorption, Transference, and Redirection

Personnel File 121 --
Maury Parkman
Abilities: Telepathy

Personnel File 364 --
Name: Thompson, Eric, Sr.
Abilities: None

Personnel File 756 --
Known Alias: Rains, Claude
Abilities: Invisibility

Personnel File, Trainee Recruit 807 --
Name: Bennet, Noah
Abilities: None

Primatech Research Personnel #001068
Name: Bishop, Elle Age: Eight Nine-Minor
Abilities: Electric manipulation

Primatech Research Personnel #001216
Name: "René" Age: UNKN-Minor
Abilities: Mental manipulation


  • In From the Files of Primatech, Part 2, there is a asterisked note following the statement that the St. Marks Coffeehouse riots cost over $1.2 million in property damage. The note clarifies, "$8.4 million, adjusted for inflation a/o Feb. 2010." It is unknown if this note is an editor's note contained only in the graphic novel, or if this note is actually in the file itself.
  • According to Primatech's files #11, Chris Coolidge "arrived in New York two months prior to the opening of this file." According to Chris's Assignment Tracker 2.0 file, "Coolidge immigrated to New York City in the first week of January, 1963." Therefore, Primatech file #11 was opened in March 1963.


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