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David H. Lawrence XVII

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David H. Lawrence XVII
David Lawrence.jpg
Character Eric Doyle
Date of birth 20 September
Origin Cleveland, OH, USA
Gender Male
IMDb profile

David H. Lawrence XVII is the actor who portrays Eric Doyle.


David Lawrence is an actor, writer, comedian, and radio personality, based in Los Angeles. His radio show, The David Lawrence Show, airs in numerous markets and on satellite radio. David was an original founder of the American Comedy Network. For more than a decade, he hosted Online Tonight, a technology-oriented radio show, however he recently sold the name and format to The Smart Family.

David grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where he was a childhood friend of comedian Drew Carey. Carey has publicly credited Lawrence for helping him get started in comedy by encouraging him to write material for a morning radio show that Lawrence hosted in the 1980s. He and Carey remain close; Lawrence is reportedly advising Carey on the development of several online entertainment projects.

In addition to acting and radio work, Lawrence worked in technology including stints at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and America Online. Lawrence's voice can still be heard on the automated voice system for America Online's technical support telephone system. Although others claim credit, David Lawrence is arguably one of the creators of the concept of podcasting. His "Personal Netcast," a downloadable version of his radio show, made its debut in 1994, long before the existence of the iPod and well before later claimants to the throne. He also developed a micro-payments system, called Show Taxi, for paid podcast distribution.

David has appeared in Lost (in an episode directed by Paul Edwards) and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (with David Berman and Archie Kao). He has also held appearances in The Unit and Frank T.V. Aside from his acting roles, David was the executive producer for the film short, My Name is Wallace and is the producer/co-writer for the video game Saints Row. Along with other Heroes actors Leonard Roberts and Noah Gray-Cabey, David stars in the 2010 film Pizza Man, which is co-produced by Foz McDermott. He also did voicework on the video game L.A. Noire with Greg Grunberg, Kate Connor, Jared Ward, Benjamin Byron Davis, Ron Perkins, John Thaddeus, William Charlton, Wiley Pickett, Michael Silver, John Prosky, Ned Vaughn, Andrew Connolly, Dusty Sorg, and Ryan Smith.


  • David is not actually the 17th David H. Lawrence in his family. In an interview and on his radio show, he explained that when his credit first appeared in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), he was assigned the XVII designation because he was the 17th person named David Lawrence in their system. When the time came to register his name with the various acting unions, such as the Screen Actors Guild, their rules require actors to have unique names in order to avoid confusion. So he, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, chose the XVII designation from IMDB. In many roles, however, he has been credited simply as David Lawrence.

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