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Heroes: The Complete Third Season (DVD)

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Heroes: The Complete Third Season (DVD)
Season Three DVD.png
Heroes Season Three DVD

The Heroes Season Three DVD is a DVD recompilation of the third season of Heroes. The list price of the standard 6-disc DVD set is $59.98; the cost for the 5-disc Blu-ray set is $79.98. All 13 episodes from Volume Three and 12 episodes from Volume Four are included. Subtitles are available in English, Spanish, and French. The DVD set was released on September 1, 2009.

Disc Contents

Note: the following information is listed by contents of the 6-disc standard DVD set. For extra features found on the Blu-ray set, see here.

Disc One

Disc Two

Disc Three

Disc Four

Disc Five

  • Bonus Material
    • Genetics of a Scene featurette
      • "Exploring Claire's Mind"--special effects crew explain how they created Claire's brain and other special effects
      • "Speedster Steals the Formula"--how Daphne's "speed trail" was depicted
      • "Throwing Thoughts"--Jeannot Szwarc delves into his camerawork
      • "Lights, Camera, Beeman"--Greg Beeman directs a brawl between Danko and Sylar, and describes how to be a good director
    • The Writers' Forum discussion--Tim Kring, Adam Armus, and Aron Eli Coleite discuss their craft
    • Deleted scenes

Disc Six

Blu-ray Disc Exclusive Bonus Material

  • Building Coyote Sands featurette
  • Season Four sneak peek
  • U Control: picture-in-picture cast and crew commentaries
  • U Control: "Connections" character biographies
  • U Control: "Connections" character network
  • D-Box Motion enabled
  • BD-Live

Deleted Scenes

In addition to the deleted scenes listed here, the webisodes from the "Hard Knox" series were also included in the "Deleted Scenes" section on disc 2.

The Second Coming

The Butterfly Effect

One of Us, One of Them

  • Original Movie Theatre Scene: At the moviehaus, Hiro stops the Haitian and says that the Haitian has taken Hiro's briefcase. When the Haitian refuses to give it to him, Hiro calls for an usher. Ando shows up and tells the Haitian that the briefcase belongs to him. In Japanese, Hiro tells Ando that Ando was supposed to be the usher, but Ando balks. He insists that the uniform is silly and asks why he can't be "the briefcase guy". Hiro explains that that's not how the plan goes. Instead, Ando says that perhaps Hiro's nemesis is correct and that "this Robin should fly." Hiro reminds Ando that he can't fly because he has no powers. Meanwhile, as Hiro and Ando argue, the Haitian sneaks the briefcase to Daphne. When Hiro notices that she has the briefcase, he excuses himself and Ando up the stairs. The Haitian then jumps over the stairs, grabs the Japanese men, and demands to know where the briefcase is. Hiro tries to stop time, but he is unable to use his ability.

I Am Become Death

  • Nathan Comes to Angela's Office: Nathan goes to Angela's office looking for Peter. Angela tells him that she doesn't know where Peter is, and offers her help instead. Nathan tells her that he has seen Linderman alive (or not), and that Linderman explained Nathan's "path to the White House and that it was God's will". Angela assures Nathan that God does not exist, and that Nathan is having delusions, just like his father. She offers her help, but Nathan says that if she doesn't know where Peter is, then she can't help.
  • Daphne and Matt Argue: As Molly feeds the turtle, Daphne asks her where Peter is. Molly goes to her room to get her atlas. Matt tells Daphne that she is risking her life, even though she has a baby to come home to, and tells her he is worried about her safety. Daphne assures Matt that nothing can touch her, and that she has already caught 1,311 criminals. Matt tells her she is amazing and that it is time to slow down. Just then, Molly returns and announces that Peter is in Costa Verde. Daphne says that once she catches Peter, she will settle down.
  • Sylar Can't Save Son: When the Pinehearst team enters his home, Gabriel Gray tells his son to stay put. Gabriel and Peter meet Knox, Daphne, and Claire. Gabriel stops them, and warns Peter not to be afraid or else Knox will get strong. Meanwhile, Noah watches the events, and becomes visibly scared. Knox breaks forward and begins to fight Gabriel as Peter telekinetically holds back Claire and Daphne. Knox punches Gabriel, causes him to bleed, and taunts him to fight back. Gabriel assures his son he is fine, heals his wounds, and tells Knox that he is a different man now. Knox knocks Gabriel back into the table, which hits and kills young Noah. Enraged, Gabriel begins punching Knox hard. Claire notices the radiation coming from Gabriel's hands and pleads for him to be stopped. Gabriel screams and explodes, destroying all of Costa Verde.
  • Maya and Suresh Go Out: Maya comes to Mohinder's home with bags and begins to examine what appear to be giant insect scales under a microscope. Mohinder interrupts her, and she tells him that that since he refuses to go out, she will cook for him. Mohinder apologizes for his previous actions, assures her that everything is fine now, and they go out. Meanwhile, a cocoon hangs from the ceiling.
  • Linderman Appears: In his home, Dr. Zimmerman looks at a photograph of himself, Barbara, the German, and a woman. Suddenly, Linderman appears behind him, and says, "Sweet, sweet, happy families. History always has a way of coming back to haunt you, doesn't it?" Zimmerman insists that Linderman is dead, and asks who he really is. Linderman chastises the doctor for talking too much and for ruining the lives of Niki, Barbara, Tracy, and the "poor, poor children [he] experimented on". Linderman says that the guilt must be terrible and that it never goes away, but says that it can, and places a gun on the table. Zimmerman agrees that yes, it can, picks up the gun, and shoots himself in the head.

Angels and Monsters

  • Nathan Tells Tracy about Dr. Zimmerman: Nathan gives Tracy a printout of a picture with the title "German Scientists gathered for Operation Paperclip" and asks if this is Dr. Zimmerman. Nathan explains that they are German scientists who were smuggled into the U.S. after World War II. As part of Project Paperclip, they were assigned covert operations in the 1950s and 1960s. When Nathan tells Tracy that Zimmerman committed suicide, she balks, then gets very upset. She accidentally begins to freeze Nathan, who insists that she must calm down. She does, but declares that she can't go on living like this. Nathan suggests that if she was given abilities, she should have faith that perhaps somebody can take them away, too.
  • Linderman Makes Knox an Offer He Can't Refuse: Knox, ogling a yellow Ferrari, is about to smash the window in, but is interrupted by Linderman, who is sitting in a black Hummer limousine, surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women. He approaches Knox and tells him that he has an offer Knox can't refuse. One of the women steps up and says, "Hey, baby. Wanna go for a ride?" Knox looks her over and says, "Okay".
  • Angela Awakens: In her office, Angela wakes up, as the room seems to pulse with the sound of a heartbeat.


  • Get Straight (also known as the webisode Hard Knox, Part 2): Knox tries unsuccessfully to test his ability. Matt talks to Knox about leaving the gang, but the gang overhears the whole conversation.
  • The Main Man Now (also known as the webisode Hard Knox, Part 4): Matt sees Knox and the gang. Knox thanks Matt for the motivational talk about not having fear, and then drives off as the new leader of the gang.

It's Coming

  • Tracy Tells Nathan about Her Connection to Pinehearst: Nathan and Tracy walk through the halls of Pinehearst Headquarters, and Tracy tells Nathan about Pinehearst. She says that they were one of the first private firms to map the human genome. She also tells him that Pinehearst hired her with the hopes of gaining access to somebody like Nathan. She tells Nathan that she never knew Arthur Petrelli had ties to the company, and that her contact was Cain Hobson. Nathan tells her that Cain Hobson was Arthur's golfing buddy.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Our Father

  • Arthur Takes Molly's Ability: In present day Madras, India, Arthur approaches Molly. The decapitated bodies of a man and a woman lie on the floor next to him. He tells Molly that he is a friend of Mohinder's and that Mohinder has told Arthur about Molly. Molly frightfully says that he promised he wouldn't. He tells Molly that he knows about her ability to find anyone at any time, and that he needs that ability. He tells her not to be afraid while he takes her ability. Molly screams.
  • Angela and HRG Find Claire: With the sirens blaring in Level 5, Noah and Angela rush in to one of the cells where "no one should be". They find Claire, who says that Arthur has found them. Claire expresses her regret that it's over and that Arthur has won.

Trust and Blood

  • Suresh and Matt Buy Weapons: Matt and Mohinder buy guns from a weapons dealer's car trunk. Meanwhile, Peter's voice says that they will find a way to stay in contact with each other, and must find a way to defend themselves.
  • Ando and Hiro Are Going to India: Ando wakes Hiro up, who is sleeping in a car. He is incredulous that they would be flying coach on their seventeen hour flight all the way to India. Hiro simply says that it's the supersaver. He tells Ando that he no longer has access to his Yamagato money anymore, and that he's lucky he set aside some cash and identification for emergencies. Ando ponders giving the plane a little boost, but Hiro warns that they must be careful. Ando reminds Hiro that he lost his power and Ando is the sitting duck. Hiro uses his Sprint phone to look at Matt's drawing of the Indian bride and hopes that his powerless status will change.


  • HRG Comes Up with Plan: At Building 26, Nathan offers to go and stop Matt, claiming that Matt won't shoot him. Danko asks Noah what should be done, and Noah explains that in order for Matt to use his ability, he needs to focus and concentrate. The plan is to make that impossible.

Into Asylum

  • Micah Questions HRG's Motives: Noah, sheltering Micah to keep him and his "tiny rebellion" safe, feeds Micah breakfast. Micah asks why Noah is working against the people for whom he works. Noah says that it's complicated, but that it's very important he stays in their good graces. Noah then asks Micah for help to find a fugitive who killed three agents. Micah scoffs and says that they should be helping people stay free, not the other way around. Noah posits that things can't always be viewed in terms of right and wrong, but Micah insists that they can. Noah says Micah sounds just like Claire. Noah poses the question of what would happen if somebody was so bad that it took the question of right and wrong off the table. He asks, "Ever heard the name Sylar?" and Micah reconsiders.
  • Nathan and Claire Battle Frat Boys: In Pátzcuaro, Mexico, Hess demands to know what Claire and Nathan are doing with all their money. He takes them outside the cantina and punches Nathan as Bernie restrains Claire. Hess charges into Nathan, but rams the wall as Nathan hovers in midair. Claire reminds the drunken Nathan that he is flying. When Hess punches Nathan again, he flies straight into Rahul, knocking him into the dumpsters. Claire headbutts Bernie, grabs the money, and escapes with Nathan carrying her into the sky.

Turn and Face the Strange

  • Hiro and Ando Fix the Car: Hiro and Ando open the hood to their stalled Nissan Cube, and Hiro suggests "shaking that black tube thing". (He saw Vin Diesel do it once in a movie.) When it doesn't work, they wonder what to do. Matt Jr. begins crying.
  • Suresh Asks Landlord about His Father: Mohinder works on a map where all strings seem to be connected to Coyote Sands. When Mohinder's landlord comes in demanding to know why Mohinder hasn't left the apartment, Mohinder takes the opportunity to question him about Chandra. When the landlord replies that they've swapped a beer or two, Mohinder asks about his father's inquiries into a classified military project. The landlord remembers that Chandra had a "bug up his butt" about something to do with the Army, and that happened around the time Chandra's nightmares began. Mohinder realizes that this was in 1961, when Chandra was working on his doctorate. The landlord suggests that Mohinder give up on investigating the situation any further, just as Chandra did because it was making him crazy. Mohinder vows not to.

I Am Sylar

  • Hiro and Ando Discuss Building 26: Ando expresses concern that perhaps they don't have a plan, but Hiro declares that a true hero never gives up. They formulate a plan hinging on getting captured and taken back to the agents' "secret lair," freezing time, then defeating the agents. Ando asks about the possibilities of getting drugged or incarcerated, but Hiro says he asks too many questions, and walks off determinedly.


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