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Helix Comics

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Helix Comics
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Helix Comics, also known as "Helix Comics Group", is a fictional comic book publishing company used by artist Tim Sale, for generating promotional Heroes-related covers.

It should be noted that while some of the covers bear the title 9th Wonders!, they are not apart of, nor related to, the comics found within the show drawn by Isaac Mendez.


  • No Helix Comics covers have been confirmed to appeared in any episodes, graphic novel, or Heroes Evolutions content, however in (The Eclipse, Part 2) when Hiro dumps a box of 9th Wonders on the floor, many previously unseen covers that have only existed as promo Helix Comics covers are shown, of which most are partially covered and do not show the publisher stamp.
  • 57 known promotional covers were made, with seven bearing the Heroes title, and the rest bearing the 9th Wonders! title.
  • All Helix Comics issues contain the Helix symbol within the publishers stamp.
  • The "Hiro, Humanity's last hope cover", does not bear a publisher-stamp, but is included here because all other Tim Sale promotional 9th Wonders! covers have been published by Helix.
  • Jason Badower pays homage to Helix Comics with a "shout out" reference on page 2, panel 1 of Rebellion, Part 3.


  • Some distinctions between these covers, and the in-show covers published by Uncle Burk's Fine Comics, include price listings, publisher stamps located on the right edge of the cover, a landscape layout, and none of the Helix Comics covers have used the Uluru icon.
  • Fourteen issues have been published by both Helix Comics and Uncle Burk's Fine Comics.
  • Three issues (the Uluru exploding issue, the St. Joan issue, and the Dinosaur issue) bear both the 9th Wonders title, and the Heroes title.
  • The Heroes labeled cover with the ensemble cast is the only Helix Comics or Uncle Burk's Fine Comics cover to exist that was not drawn by Tim Sale, it was drawn by Jason Badower.

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