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Heroes: The Mobile Game

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Heroes: The Mobile Game
Mobile game portal.jpg
Jessica, Hiro, Peter and Claire during gameplay

Heroes: The Mobile Game is a mobile phone game, produced by Gameloft. It was released on October 5, 2007 in the United States, and is available for most handsets on all major carriers.


There are 8 levels within four locations: New York City city streets, Future New York City, the Museum of Natural History, and the Montecito Casino in Las Vegas.


Player takes turns playing three different characters, who will have their own future counterpart, and can use each character's unique power. Each character has a different style of gaming. For example, Niki's levels are the most typical fighting game levels, while Hiro's levels are more strategic.

  • Hiro Nakamura: Can slow down time until his power bar reaches zero. If the player is able to collect three bonus power-ups, Hiro can stop time within a time limit. He is incapable of fighting.
  • Peter Petrelli: Is able to use pyrokinesis to defeat Sylar. He can emit fireballs, which will cost him around half of the power bar. He can also use telekinesis*, absorbed from Sylar, and electromagnetism.*
  • Niki Sanders: Has superhuman strength. She can lift slot machines and break tables without using her power bar. Her alter-ego, Jessica, is capable of killing everyone who appears on the screen in one instance. Her power bar, however, will be emptied instantly. She is capable of wielding guns too.
  • Future Hiro Nakamura: A skilled swordsman, he can slow down time until his power bar reaches zero. He is able to kill guards only with one hit after he slowed down time.
  • Future Peter Petrelli: Can use telekinesis against guards and other objects. He can produce a "shockwave" which kills every enemy on screen.
  • Future Niki Sanders: Has superhuman strength and is capable of killing everyone who appears on the screen in one instance. Her power bar, however, will be emptied instantly. She is capable of wielding guns too.

Non-playable characters include:


Players will be able to use the below powers during the course of the game:

  • Enhanced strength (Niki, Future Niki)
    • Able to lift slot machines, boxes, chairs and plants, strong enough to break tables.
    • Able to kill all enemies on the screen in one instance.
  • Space-time manipulation (Hiro, Future Hiro)
    • Able to slow down time.
    • Able to completely stop time.
  • Pyrokinesis (Peter)
    • Able to emit fireballs
    • It should be noted that in the show, Peter hasn't acquired such an ability (only future Peter has).
    • Able to unfreeze one self
  • Telekinesis (Future Peter, Peter*)
    • Able to grab objects or enemy without direct contact and throw them towards one spot
    • Able to lift and interact with objects.
    • Able to produce a "shockwave" which can take down all the enemies on screen in one instance.
  • Flight* (Peter)
    • Able to fly through the New York streets.

Sylar is also able to use several abilities:

  • Cryokinesis
    • Able to freeze an enemy
    • Able to produce ice pillars coming out from the ground
    • Able to control the ice pillars. When hit by a pillar, the enemy will freeze.
  • Possibly teleportation
    • Able to disappear and reappear in another spot.
    • When Sylar disappears, he fades out instead off instantly disappearing (as in teleportation). This might be an extend of illusion or invisibility.
  • Telekinesis*
    • Able to lift objects.

*Note: This feature is not available for the basic version of the game.


  • According to HighWaterGroup, Gameloft's PR agency, contributions to the game's script come from the writers of Heroes. The game was written to follow Season One's storyline, and some exclusive information about the show will show up sometime during the course of Season Two.
  • On September 24, 2007 (the airdate for Four Months Later), Gameloft and Nokia held a press event at Nokia's main store in New York City to present Heroes: The Mobile Game.

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