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El Vengador's underground railroad

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El Vengador's underground railroad
Vengador's railroad.jpg
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Purpose: Hiding evolved humans
First appearance Brave New World
Known leaders: El Vengador (Oscar and Carlos Gutierrez), Mauricio Chavez
Known members: Charlie
Affiliated sites: Gutierrez and Sons
Equipment used: Fake IDs, fake blood samples, cell phones

After the tragedy at the Odessa Unity Summit, El Vengador and Father Mauricio begin helping evos escape persecution by smuggling them out of Los Angeles through an underground railroad.


Brave New World

During a support group for evos, one woman mentions that El Vengador has a whole underground railroad in Los Angeles that includes fake IDs, fake blood samples, and a way to disappear.

Carlos Gutierrez goes to a hidden lair below Gutierrez and Sons and sees Oscar, his El Vengador outfit, and an underground entrance to a sewer. Oscar says that he was just trying to make a difference, and he encourages Carlos to take up the mask and help others.


At St. Francis, Father Mauricio tells Carlos about Oscar's efforts to help "the underdog". He says that after June 13, Oscar started an underground railroad for evolved humans to get to a safe place in Canada. Oscar also believed there was a shadow unit in the LAPD that was set up to compromise the railroad. Mauricio asks Carlos for a favor: he has to put two evos on a boat to Vancouver, and their journey starts in Oscar's secret room. Later, Oscar brings Sylvia and Damon to the secret hideout to escape through the sewers.

Under the Mask

Captain James Dearing and two dirty cops question Fiona about the underground railroad. Fiona refuses to give up anything more than her name. Later at a warehouse, Fiona and some other runaway evos discuss the need to leave town. Carlos, as El Vengador, encourages them to get to Father Mauricio.

Project Reborn

Three months after the H.E.L.E. is averted, Carlos continues to use the hidden lair at the start of the underground railroad as his base for his work as El Vengador. In the lair, joined by Farah Nazan who is now his partner and Jose who wishes to join them, Carlos adds flamethrowers to his El Vengador suit to effectively give himself pyrokinetic abilities which Farah finds to be a bit much. Carlos has also added a police scanner to the lair to listen for crime to fight.

Heroes Evolutions

Brave New World

In the eBook Brave New World, two thugs torture Charlie, demanding that he give up the evos and let them know where the railroad leads. Charlie tells them he just drives the truck.

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