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Super Bowl XLIII commercials

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Super Bowl XLIII commercials

On February 1, 2009, during NBC's airing of Super Bowl XLIII, Heroes was promoted with multiple commercials. The commercials included a mock football game between the main characters against past NFL legends, a music video with the main characters lip syncing, and the Fugitives premiere commercial.


Football Game Commercial

In this one minute spot, called "Heroes of The Gridiron" or "Heroes Football", Heroes characters battle in a mock football game against NFL legends. Heroes characters Ando, Peter, Nathan, Hiro, Mohinder, and Matt are dressed in black football uniforms and are together in a huddle on a football field somewhere outside Tampa, Florida. It appears to be night, though an eclipse shines above them. Nathan tells them they are competing against NFL legends, so they have to stick together. They line up for an offensive scrimmage opposite NFL stars wearing purple football uniforms including Emmitt Smith and Warren Sapp, and Matt tells Warren to bring it before snapping the ball to Peter. Nathan flies out for a pass and Peter, who is also in the air, throws it to him. Just as Nathan catches it, a NFL star pulls him by the leg onto the ground, saying for him to "get down here". The ball comes free when Nathan hits the ground, but the ground cannot cause a fumble so the play is over.

Angela, Claire and Noah are on the sidelines, but are not dressed in football uniforms. Angela and Noah are dressed as normal, and Claire is wearing her cheerleader uniform. Smiling, Claire and Noah look at each other, and then Claire heads in for the next play. Angela points with her left index finger, signaling the play as Noah watches. Peter throws the next pass toward her, and Claire runs and does a flip over a NFL star to catch it. However, that player grabs Claire and thrusts her to the ground. As Claire fixes herself, Ando asks Hiro in Japanese if he should save the cheerleader. Hiro tells him not now, and takes off. Peter throws the ball. Mohinder knocks a defender through the air and across the field using his enhanced strength. Just as a NFL player is about to intercept Peter's pass, Hiro freezes time and grabs the football. With time still frozen, he rushes around the other players to the end zone and begins a victory dance.

Warren Sapp then turns to Jerry Rice and tells him he is going to need some help on offense. Jerry tells Warren that he's "got this", and John Elway flies in through the goalposts and onto the field wearing a red football uniform. The other Heroes players see John arrive and Matt Parkman says he knew that John Elway was one of them. A headline flashes that tomorrow they are back together, noting that a new Heroes episode airs tomorrow 9/8 central on NBC. Then, Sylar is shown arriving to the game, and he bursts the football using electricity while electromagnetically levitating it above his right hand. John Elway, who is still with Jerry and Warren, sees this happen and says "uh oh".

Music Video Commercial

This thirty-second spot features characters from Chuck (Sarah Walker and Chuck Bartowski, played by Yvonne Strahovski and Zachary Levi, respectively), Heroes (Sylar, Hiro, Matt, and Noah, played by Zachary Quinto, Masi Oka, Greg Grunberg, and Jack Coleman, respectively) and Medium (Allison and Joe Dubois, played by Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber, respectively). The characters lip sync to the 1960s hit Joe Cocker song "Feelin' Alright?" in a promotion of new episodes returning to NBC's Monday night. The Chuck characters are in the Buy More store, the Heroes characters on the street, and the Medium characters in their home. In the Heroes segment, Matt and Noah sing into a radio-type microphone stand while Sylar and Hiro sing a few feet away by themselves. Hiro, who has a horizontal scar on his forehead, gets to sing the part "I'm not feeling too good myself". Later, Matt also plays some on a musical keyboard while Noah holds the microphone over it.

Fugitives Premiere Commercial

This one minute spot, called "Work Together", features segments from the premiere of Fugitives, A Clear and Present Danger, with the song "Together" playing in the background.

Memorable Quotes

"I knew it. I knew he was one of us."

- Matt Parkman (after John Elway flies in, Football game commercial)


  • In addition to the multiple advertisements, Hayden Panettiere was interviewed about her role in the show during the Pre-Kickoff segment for the Super Bowl.
  • The football game commercial is called simply "Heroes Football" in its listing at NBC's website, though the video interview about the commercial is called "Heroes of The Gridiron".
  • Tracy Strauss's touchdown scene was deleted from the final commercial. She is however, seen (always at a distance) at the huddle break(left of Mohinder), the line of scrimmage frame(right of Ando), and running below Nathan as he catches his airborne pass from Peter.


  • The song played in the music video commercial, "Feelin' Alright", was written by Dave Mason and originally recorded in 1968 when he was part of the rock band Traffic. However, the version used in the commercial is the more popularized version sung by Joe Cocker beginning in 1969.
  • The song "Together " is used for the background of the "Work Together" video. It was written and sung by Krystal Meyers. The song made it to #28 on the Christian CHR charts and #23 on the Christian Rock charts. It was released in 2006 as part of Krystal's album, "Dying for a Heart".


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