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Heroes: The Complete Second Season (DVD)

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Heroes: The Complete Second Season (DVD)
2nd Season DVD.png
Heroes Season Two DVD

The Heroes Season Two DVD is a 4-disc DVD recompilation of the second season of Heroes. The cost for the standard DVD is $39.98 while the cost for the Blu-ray disc is $69.98. This box set includes all 11 episodes from the second season. Subtitles are available in English, Spanish, and French.

Release Dates

  • United Kingdom: July 28, 2008
  • United States: August 26, 2008

Disc Contents

Disc One

Disc Two

Disc Three

Disc Four

Blu-ray Disc Exclusive Bonus Material

  • Hero Connections: Bios, PIP Cast & Crew Commentaries
  • Hero Connections: Network
  • My Scenes
  • BD-Live Enabled

Deleted Scenes

Four Months Later...

  • I Too Have an Ability: After Ando bumps into Nathan, he sits with Kaito and asks why they must wait for Hiro. Ando asks Kaito how he is so sure that Hiro will return, and Kaito reveals to him that he too has a special ability, where he can see variables of any situation and predict the outcome much faster than a computer. This ability helped him in the stock market, and he reads the stock pages of the newspaper, seeing certain stocks stick out. After closing the newspaper, he finds a death threat.
  • Petrellis Don't Deserve to Be Saved: While in a bar, Nathan watches a news special on television about him leaving office and Daniel Doyle taking over for him. Angela visits him and tells Nathan that she is in trouble and fears for her life. Nathan wonders how he got to the same hospital where Heidi was treated after the accident, and Angela tries to explain that it was in his past. Angela then asks for him to redeem himself by helping her, but Nathan explains that Petrellis don't deserve to be saved.

Fight or Flight

  • Look Yaeko--He Had It All Along: After battling the Black Bear of Sakashita and gaining part of the map to Whitebeard's camp, Hiro and Kensei return to Yaeko. When Kensei gives the map to Yaeko, she asks what happened to the other half. Kensei begins to walk away, saying he won't go back to get it, but Hiro freezes time and teleports to get the other half. He places it in Kensei's pants, then unfreezes time. They place the map together and Hiro notes to Ando that it was all going to plan.
  • And She Hits Me Hard: Hiro walks two horses while Kensei and Yaeko walk together. Kensei tries to kiss her, but she slaps him in the face. She grabs one horse from Hiro and tells him that she will rescue her father herself. As she rides away, Kensei tells Hiro that he loves her, but he can't tell her the way Hiro can.
  • I'm The Only Normal Person in This Family: Monica watches a kung fu movie and mimics the flips and kicks on film. Damon walks in and asks what she is doing. Monica tells him she's leaving for work, then Damon notes that he's the only normal one in the family.
  • You Think I Don't Know You, Hiro: Hiro, disguised as Kensei, runs to Yaeko. Yaeko asks why Kensei must only talk to her through a mask, and Hiro explains that only through Kensei's mask can he truly speak his heart. Kensei watches from afar as Hiro tries to explain that he loves her, but he must be a hero now and save her father. When Yaeko tries to uncover Hiro behind the mask, Hiro freezes time and puts Kensei behind the mask, and the two embrace as Hiro watches on.
  • Don't Thank Me Yet: Monica takes out the trash when Lonny Stills finds her and tells her it's her fault that the police are looking for him. Monica replicates some of the kung fu moves she previously watched when Lonny pulls out a gun. Mohinder uses a taser on Lonny, and Monica thanks him. Mohinder tells her that she shouldn't thank him yet, then shoots her as well.

The Line

  • So It Does Run in the Family: In the Company's gymnasium, Monica demonstrates her ability to Mohinder and asks when she'll be done, but Mohinder tells her there are a few more tests, then offers her a break. She asks where her power comes from, and Mohinder tells her he doesn't know, but there are certain genetic markers. Monica thinks aloud that it does run in the family, but stops talking. Mohinder reassures her that it's alright, and that they know about D.L. and Micah. Bob walks in and introduces himself, and apologizes for the unorthodox approach in bringing her in. She worries about her family wanting to know where she is, and he assures her that it's taken care of. She tells him that they could have just asked, but Bob says it's better to be safe and sorry, but offers to make it up to her.
  • To Fight Alongside the Great Takezo Kensei: At Whitebeard's camp, Hiro, Kensei and Yaeko sneak towards the tent that holds the swordsmith. Kensei asks if it's the last trial, and Hiro tells him it is the Battle of the Hidden Fortress. Kensei thanks him for giving him purpose, and Hiro thanks him for letting him live a dream to fight with the legend. Kensei tells Yaeko that she will see her father soon, then the two begin to kiss. Hiro watches on, then coughs and tells Kensei he should hurry.
  • No More Tazer Kidnapping?: Bob returns Monica to her home and explains her cover for her time away. He thanks her for teaching the Company how to treat their guests. Monica asks if there will be anymore taser kidnappings, and Bob responds that it's in the past. Bob gives her various information and an iPod. Before Bob leaves, Monica asks if he could tell Mohinder thanks.

Out of Time

  • Get Down from There: Sandra tries to replace old light bulbs with eco-friendly ones when West comes in and flies to the top of the vaulted ceiling. Claire rushes in and tells him to stop. Sandra tells West that he is a godsend, then leaves for yoga. West tells her it's time to impress dad when Claire distracts him by kissing him.
  • She Can Find Peter: After saving her, Matt asks Molly if she's okay. He goes to talk to Nathan, and explains that he'll take Molly home, then they can return to finding Adam. Nathan suggests that she can find Adam and Peter anywhere in the world, but Matt explains that she just went through an ordeal when he asked her to do that for him. When Nathan attempts to ask Molly himself, Matt tells him that he is her father now, and that he wants her to be just another kid.

Four Months Ago...

  • Happy Birthday, Micah: On December 5th, Niki takes a pill, then brings out a birthday cake for Micah.
  • There Is No Need to Cry: Three months ago, Maya stops running inside of a church and kneels before a crucifix. She prays aloud, then a nun comes from behind and comforts her. She explains that Jesus has cried enough for her, then the two embrace.
  • I'm Not O.K. Do I Look O.K.?: One month ago, a scarred Nathan tries to walk during physical therapy when Heidi, Monty, and Simon walk in. Nathan falls and says that he can't do it. Simon asks if he's okay, but Nathan replies that he's not okay, and that he's a monster. Heidi tries to reassure him and urges him to listen to his physical therapist, but Nathan says that he's not getting better, and wants them to leave. Before they leave, Monty hugs him and tells Nathan that he loves him.

Cautionary Tales

  • I Will Bring Him to Justice: Ando yells out to Hiro after he travels back in time, but Hiro stands behind him. Ando asks what just happened, and Hiro explains that he knows who killed Kaito, and that he will bring the killer justice.
  • I Laughed So Hard Chocolate Milk Came Out of My Nose: Molly and Matt walk into the apartment and Molly tells Matt a story that made her shoot chocolate milk out of her nose. She tells him that she played hide and seek, and Matt wants to know if she used her ability to cheat. She says that she won without cheating, then asks if Matt found the puzzle people by detecting, and Matt answers with a guilty face.

Alternate Ending

The alternate ending of Powerless shows what might have happened had Peter not caught the vial. The virus therefore escapes through the vents of Primatech infecting a nightshift worker, a forklift operator, and other Primatech employees and the surrounding citizens. Peter, Nathan and Matt rush down to the ground floor towards a way out when they see that the workers have fallen unconscious due to the infecting virus. Peter, Nathan, and Matt then agree that they must quarantine the whole town so they go to the police. Officer White will not listen to them and so they take matters into their own hands. Matt uses his powers to get everyone in the police station to listen to Nathan. Nathan instructs them that they must set up this blockade around the town. A conceptual storyboard scene is then shown where Peter telekinetically causes a landslide to block the only bridge in or out of town. After the scene when Sylar escapes from Mohinder's loft that is used in the actual episode Powerless, reporter Bruce Evans wants Nathan (the leader of this operation) to go public with this news to let everyone know what is happening. When reporting on front of an audience, Nathan faints. The virus has affected him.

Untold Stories

The "Untold Stories" show scenes that were shot for incomplete episodes of Season Two. The first scene shows Bob and Elle talking about how Elle is tracking down Sylar for the Company since he got his powers back in Powerless.

At Dinah's Family Restaurant in Fort Lee, Robert Keep finishes his meal and goes to the restroom. Sylar walks in and begins asking Robert about a skydiving accident three years ago, which Robert survived without a scratch. Sylar attempts to remove his brain but is unable to because of Robert's ability. Sylar figures out Robert's "soft spot" and accesses Keep's brain through his mouth.

Later, Elle tracks Sylar to the restaurant, and flirts with Officer Mckinzie to gain information. She learns that Keep's brain was removed through his mouth and nose. She then glimpses Sylar outside the restaurant.

Later, she speaks to Bob about how close she was to catching Sylar. Bob gets angry at Elle for not catching Sylar. When she asks why he picked her out of all the other agents, he tells Elle that she is the best agent in the Company.

Meanwhile, Sylar holds and chokes "chameleon girl" against the wall. When she falls unconscious, he drops her on the floor.

In Noah's cell, Elle asks Noah for advice. He asks who her partner is, and when she claims that she has none, Noah claims that Elle is just bait for Sylar. He says that when Sylar tries to kill her, her "partner" will abduct him.

In Japan, Ando tries to cheer up Hiro, who is depressed. Hiro says that he will not time travel ever again. Ando walks out into the street full of cars, hoping Hiro will stop time to save him. When a semi-trailer comes at Ando, Hiro tackles and saves Ando--without stopping time.

Angela walks through the halls of Primatech Research and sees Hiro, Peter, Noah, Monica, Micah, and Matt slain in various ways. In this dream, she sees Knox choking Claire against a wall, then throwing her to the floor and beheading her. After he drags Claire's body away from her head, Knox is joined by Maury Parkman, a woman appearing to be Tracy Strauss, and Adam Monroe. They stand facing Angela and stare at her. Sylar appears behind Angela and places his hands on her shoulders. Suddenly, Angela wake up in a taxi with a jolt, having had a nightmare.


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