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Eli's clones

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Eli's clones
Eli's clones.jpg
Eli's clones threaten Matt.
Location: Sullivan Bros. Carnival
Purpose: Doing Eli's bidding
First appearance Prodigals, Part 1
Known leader: Eli
Known members: Several clones
Affiliated sites: Sullivan Bros. Carnival

Eli creates many clones using his ability.


Graphic Novel:Prodigals, Part 1

Eli is spotted by Tracy flirting with another woman, who is obviously not interested. Tracy goes other to tell the man to leave the woman alone, and in doing so knocks off his backpack, which irritates him. A man in a green shirt says his wallet fell from Eli's backpack and attempts to confront him, and Eli pulls out a gun. Tracy then asks if he is Eli, to which he responds that she "has our attention", and shows his copies. She angers him further by saying that she is with the carnival, prompting them to open fire on her, causing her to liquefy and fall into a pool. Eli and his clones remark that she was cute, and are surprised when she rises up out of the water covered in ice. She kills one of his copies and he speeds off in a speedboat, giving her a vengeful look.

Graphic Novel:Prodigals, Part 2

Tracy learns that Eli's clones are hollow and different inside and manages to track a clone down to Cape Town. The clone informs Tracy that the original, the "omega Eli", is somewhere in town and Tracy begins to do some research. She learns that clones run multiple taxis that go by the diamond district, which is also largely run by clones. She then realizes that the extremely cheap diamonds are actually real and are manufactured in a mine bought by an American man, Eli. Tracy meets the original Eli, who is surprised that she took so long to find him. He explains that, much to her disbelief, he is not a criminal. He shows her the hundreds of clones that are working on the mine and he says that he is a working man.

The Fifth Stage

Eli turns up at Samuel's trailer, and asks him what he wants. He asks Eli to serve as his right-hand man. Eli multiples himself once over and agrees. Samuel tells him to go to Noah Bennet's apartment and get the contents of a box marked "Primatech". When Eli asks if he can use his "friends" and summons more of himself, Samuel says they'll do nicely.

Later, at Noah's apartment, Eli introduces himself as an emissary from the Sullivan Bros. Carnival. Another Eli appears behind Lauren, and more start appearing. They say that they don’t' want anyone to get hurt. Noah gives Lauren a signal and attacks one of the clones. He shoots one of the clones and tells Lauren to get to the bathroom, while another Eli disarms him. Noah and Lauren get to the bathroom where Noah removes another hidden gun. He explains that one of the Elis is the Prime, and shooting him will get rid of the rest. They go back out but Eli has left and taken the Primatech files with him.

Graphic Novel:Prodigals, Part 3

As hundreds of clones run out of the mine, wielding pick axes and shovels, Tracy comments that "it's not the first time someone with a cute accent" has gotten her into trouble. She then turns her body into ice, and attacks the clones. She tells the "Prime Eli" that she only wants to talk to him and that his family sent her. The clones respond saying they are all the family they need. She tells them that she promised Samuel that she'd take him back to the carnival, surprising Eli, who didn't know that Samuel was in charge. He tells her that Joseph sent him to exile, but that him and Samuel usually saw eye to eye.

Graphic Novel:Bloodlines, Part 1

When Joseph goes to find Eli, he finds him with a couple of clones.

Upon This Rock

Eli and his clones continue to work for Samuel. Samuel tells the Elis to make sure that Claire does not leave the carnival. The clones catch Claire snooping around in Samuel's trailer, and then give chase when Claire tries to escape. Claire runs into the House of Mirrors, inside which she knocks out the Prime Eli, causing the other clones to disintegrate.

Close to You

The clones accompany Samuel to meet Vanessa in California. They try to stop Noah and Matt from nearing Vanessa, but they are tasered by Noah.

Later, Eli's clones guard Vanessa at the carnival, keeping her from leaving.

The Art of Deception

Samuel gets Eli's clones to do his dirty work: on his orders, they open fire at the carnies, allowing Samuel to avoid stepping down, and blaming the attack on Noah Bennet.

Graphic Novel:Reaching Out, Part 1

Some of Eli's clones are with Tracy in Savannah, GA, helping to set up the specials training facility. One of the clones sacrifices himself so that Ricky can practice using his ability. Tracy thinks highly of Eli after he does this. Later, another clone tries to recurit Ricky into the Carnival and distracts Tracy as an invisible assasian sneaks up behind her with a knife.

Graphic Novel:Reaching Out, Part 2

The Eli clones plan fails as Ricky saves Tracy by blasting Becky, rendering her visible and knocking her over. The Eli clones chase Tracy to the bathroom where they reveal they knew they couldn't beat her alone from their last encounter, so they called in Becky. Tracy throws one clone against a sink, breaking it and punches another after he unsuccesfully tries to shoot her. Remembering Ricky and Becky, Tracy sends out a wave of cold air that freezes the Eli clones and Becky, killing all the clones in the facility and Becky.

Brave New World

Eli creates clones to attack Matt Parkman while at the same time the Prime and several other clones attack Peter and Sylar. Matt tries to convince the clones to leave him alone, but one reveals that they have no mind to be manipulated and are immune to his powers. They overpower Matt and nearly kill him, but Peter and Sylar defeat the Prime and the other clones, knocking out the Prime, getting rid of all the clones just in the nick of time.

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