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Angela's team

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Angela's team
Purpose: To protect the Catalyst,
To fight Arthur Petrelli
First appearance It's Coming
Known leader: Angela Petrelli
Known members: Claire Bennet
The Haitian
Daphne Millbrook (deceased)
Matt Parkman
Nathan Petrelli (formerly, deceased)
Peter Petrelli
Equipment used: Their abilities,
A gun

Angela's team is a group of evolved humans gathered by Angela Petrelli to fight Arthur Petrelli.


It's Coming

After being released from her coma by Matt, Angela finds herself in Primatech, with Matt and Daphne at her side. They are soon joined by Peter, Claire and Nathan, who discover that the Formula has a third part, a catalyst, hidden in a human's blood. Claire recalls something Sylar said to her after he took her power, and she speculates that she is the catalyst.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Angela escorts Claire into Level 5 to meet Noah. Later, Noah is training Claire's physical fighting skills at the Canfields' home. When Elle and Sylar arrive, they try to disarm Noah and take Claire with their powers, but their powers aren't working. Claire dives into the way when Elle shoots Noah. Noah then shoots Elle in the hip, but discovers that Claire isn't regenerating. He takes her back to their home, but leaves Claire in Sandra's care and goes back hunting down Elle and Sylar.

Nathan flies off with Peter to Haiti. They are looking for the Haitian, who has gone to Haiti to recapture his brother, level 5 escapee Baron Samedi. While flying over a lake, the eclipse looms, and Nathan loses his powers and falls into the lake. They make it into a jungle and try to find their way to civilization. Nathan makes a judgment mistake, and Peter quibbles with him over this. Suddenly, the Haitian appears, motioning for them to be quiet. Haitian soldiers approach them, and Peter and the Haitian manage to escape. Nathan, however, is captured by Baron Samedi.

Matt and Daphne are in Brooklyn looking for Hiro's phone number in Matt’s files about Kaito Nakamura's murder. Daphne and Matt quibble over whether or not Matt trusts her. They’re interrupted by a knock on the door. Matt opens the door and finds Hiro and Ando. Ando shows him the comic that depicts Matt helping Ando. Matt scans Hiro’s memories but can’t understand his thoughts, which are in Japanese. Meanwhile, Daphne comments about Ando being "dead" from the last time she saw him, and when he questions her she says she’s now a good guy. Ando insists the comic book says Matt holds the answer but Matt doesn’t know how to help Hiro. Meanwhile, Hiro is looking at Matt's turtle. Daphne says she can’t handle it and noticed Matt pausing when he said he trusted her. She heads for the door and he reads her mind and picks up a thought of Lawrence, KS. She tells him to back off and super speeds away. Later, Hiro teleports Matt and Ando to Lawrence. Matt knocks at the farmhouse door and Mr. Millbrook answers the door. He says that Daphne isn’t there but Matt calls out and Daphne tells him to go away. Matt tries to use his telepathy on Mr. Millbrook and glares at him, but nothing happens. A puzzled Mr. Millbrook goes back inside and Matt explains that his powers are gone. Inside the house, Daphne tells her father that "it"’s happening again. She asks if he still has "them" and he goes to get them. Later, Mr. Millbrook leaves the house and Matt enters the house, only for Daphne to reveal to him that she is in fact a cripple without her powers.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Claire is accompanied by Sandra to the ER. She undergoes emergency treatment, but ultimately dies from her wounds. As the eclipse passes, however, her regenerative powers are restored, and she returns to life. After returning to her home, Noah returns, and Claire accuses Noah for leaving her on the day she died. Noah is shocked, and Claire follows Noah into the living room where Sylar and Elle are holding Sandra hostage. As Sylar is about to kill Noah, Hiro Nakamura arrives and teleports Claire back to the Deveaux rooftop in 1991.

In Haiti, Peter and the Haitian knock out Baron Samedi (by taking advantage of the eclipse that removes Samedi's powers) and rescue Nathan from the Haitian prison. When they realize that they are surrounded by Haitian soldiers, Peter offers to fend off the soldiers while Nathan and the Haitian escape. Peter is soon overpowered and forced to drop his weapon, but the Haitian returns and renders a few soldiers unconscious. Samedi reappears, and Nathan dazes him with a flying tackle. The Haitian then mind-wipes Samedi. Later, the Haitian return Vivienne and Marie, who were prisoners of Samedi, to their parents. Nathan and Peter discuss Arthur's plans, and Nathan says that he is going to side with Arthur. Nathan flies away, leaving Peter calling his name.

Our Father

Taken to 1991 by Hiro Nakamura, Claire watches as Kaito Nakamura gives a baby version of herself to Noah. She follows Sandra back to their residence, where she pretends to be a kind-hearted teenager and offers to babysit her past self. When Noah gets home, he is apprehensive about present-time Claire being there, but Claire gives details about Noah's future, and Noah, despite uncertain about who Claire is, agrees to not picking up a phone call from the Company that will arrange for the catalyst to be placed in Claire.

Peter and the Haitian have returned to the U.S. and meet with Angela at Primatech Research. Angela gives Peter a gun and the final order to kill Arthur. On the car ride to Pinehearst Headquarters, the Haitian offers to kill Arthur instead of Peter since it might be too herculean a task for Peter, but Peter insists that it is his own fight. When they arrive at Pinehearst, the Haitian knocks out a security guard and they make their way up to Arthur's office. When Peter points the gun at Arthur, Arthur tries to disarm Peter, but fails due to the Haitian's presence. Peter's indecision in pulling the trigger allows Arthur to slowly overpower the Haitian, giving him a nosebleed. However, when Peter fires, Sylar shows up and stops the bullet. He asks if Arthur is his real father, and after finding out that he is not, sends the bullet flying into Arthur's head, killing him. Sylar leaves, telling Peter that there is nothing he wants from him. Peter sends the Haitian after Sylar.

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