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Harris's clones

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Harris's clones
Harris uses his clones to increase his power.
Location: Destroyed
Purpose: Doing Harris's bidding
First appearance Under the Mask
Known leader: Harris Prime
Known members: Hundreds of clones
Affiliated sites: Yamagato Tower
Renautas Headquarters
Arctic Circle
Odessa Unity Summit
St. Jude's Hospital
Sunstone Manor

Harris uses his clones to do a variety of tasks for him and Renautas.


Under the Mask

In Yamagato Tower, Harris Prime interrogates Miko Otomo on her presence in the tower. As Harris Prime goes to torture Miko, Ren distracts him, allowing Miko to cut off Harris Prime's hand and escape. While Harris Prime's hand regrows, a clone grows from the cut-off hand and good-naturedly returns the Prime's watch.

During the E.P.I.C announcement, a Harris clone is dispatched to the Arctic Circle to find Malina.

The Needs of the Many

As Quentin, Noah, and Taylor break into Renautas Headquarters, three gun-wielding Harris clones confront them. Noah shoots a fire extinguisher in front of the clones, blinding them with vapor. The clones exchange fire with Noah who has the upper hand with the vapor blinding them. After a short gunfight, Noah kills the clones.

The Lion's Den

After realizing that Miko and Ren brought Evernow fans to Renautas Headquarters as a Trojan Horse to get inside and search for the Kensei sword, Erica orders Harris Prime to send a clone to discreetly search the crowd for Miko while he takes care of Molly's body. Harris grows a new clone but cutting off the top of a finger and states that he will take care of Molly's body while his clone takes care of the gate.

The Harris clone opens the gate and orders the guards to let the gamers through. Miko recognizes him as the man who stole her sword and she and Ren follow him. They keep an eye on him and witness Harris using E.P.I.C to scan the crowd for evos. Miko and Ren realize that Harris is looking for them and thus what they are dealing with is likely a trap, but Miko is determined to keep going anyway as the sword is her only way to save her father. Miko and Ren follow the clone into the building where he eventually puts back on his E.P.I.C glasses and grabs a Katana Girl behind him that looks a lot like Miko. Seeing this, Miko and Ren flee over a nearby wall while Harris is distracted and escape his notice. Determined to retrieve Miko's sword, they continue following the Harris clone.

In Canada, another Harris clone locates Farah Nazan as she leaves a meeting with a contact that never showed up. Harris tells someone on the phone that Farah is headed east and follows her. Harris arrives at Malina's hiding place just as Malina and Farah realize that he's there. As Malina hides, Harris demands to know where "the baby" is from Farah but she turns invisible and heads towards him. Harris is able to track her with his E.P.I.C goggles and fires a shot between her feet, warning her that the next shot won't miss. As Harris and another of his men distract Farah, another man comes up behind her but Farah takes him out while Malina creates a strong wind that blasts Harris and the man standing next to him backwards, affording Farah and Malina the chance to escape. Awhile later, Harris and his agents track Malina and Farah near a warehouse and Malina decides to fight back. However, Phoebe Frady joins Harris and blocks Malina's powers. As Malina and Farah flee, Harris shoots Farah in the back, wounding her. Farah orders Malina to leave her behind and flee and Malina manages to escape Harris and his men on a logging truck.

As Noah threatens Erica at gunpoint at her house, Harris Prime enters and demands that Noah lower his gun at gunpoint. Noah reluctantly does and Harris hands the sword to Erica who tells him that Noah's friends are in the kitchen, but Harris doesn't see it as a problem as he brought company. Shortly afterwards, a Harris clone holds Noah prisoner while another complains about Richard Schwenkman wanting something and a third brings in Taylor and Quentin. When Quentin tells them they won't get away with what they're doing, the Harris holding him pistol-whips him. As Harris asks what Erica would like him to do with their prisoners, Miko bursts in and engages the Harris's while Noah keeps the one holding him from shooting her. As the two Harris clones escort Erica to safety, Miko grabs the Kensei sword and Harris Prime demands it at gunpoint. Rather than give it to him, Miko teleports away. While Harris Prime is distracted, Quentin smashes a vase over his head, knocking him out. As Noah chases after Erica and the two Harris clones, Taylor promises to watch him, covering him with his own gun.

Noah returns to the room where Quentin and Taylor have finished tying up Harris Prime who is now awake. Noah tells Quentin and Taylor that the two clones and Erica must've escaped through a secret exit as he couldn't find them. While Quentin wants to torture Harris Prime for information on his sister, Noah stops him while Harris Prime is just amused.

The two clones who helped Erica escape lead her to Richard's lab where she chastises them for underestimating their enemy. The Harris clones watch with Erica as Richard demonstrates the effects of the H.E.L.E.

Game Over

In the Renautas Research Division, Harris Prime returns with two clones after escaping from Noah and Quentin. To Quentin's shock, Harris Prime and his clones bring Phoebe Frady with them. As Phoebe extends tendrils of darkness, the three Harris' fire at Noah, Miko, Quentin and Ren who duck into the space-time bridge room and seal the doors which are made out of bulletproof glass. As Harris tries to break through the glass to no avail, Miko attempts to teleport back into Evernow to rescue Hiro only to be blocked by Phoebe. Quentin decides to try to reason with his sister so Noah and Miko agree to buy him some time. Spotting the two men entering a side room, the two Harris clones follow them through their side. One Harris clone enters the room and aims at Miko only to be shot by Noah. The second clone follows and is cut in half by Miko after she jumps over him.

After Quentin's death, Harris Prime enters the room with two more clones and four security guards, all of whom aim their guns at Noah. Noah tells Harris Prime that Erica is just going to betray him since she's built her entire empire out of exploiting evos. Harris Prime lowers his gun for a second and then fires at Noah. However, Hiro is rescued in time to freeze time around Noah, saving his life at the last second. After Hiro teleports away with Noah, time unfreezes, leaving Harris and his clones confused as to where Noah has gone.

June 13th, Part One

At the Odessa Unity Summit, after Mohinder Suresh is taken captive, a Harris clone is sent to deal with him. In the underground parking garage, the clone, armed with a bomb vest pins Mohinder to the ground under his foot, taunting him that his body will never be found after the summit is bombed and not to try to use his power as the Harris clone has put an ability negation system on him. As the clone taunts Mohinder, a Hiro Nakamura from the future teleports in and demands that Harris let Mohinder go, drawing two swords. The clone is shocked to see Hiro as he's supposed to be trapped in the Eternal Fortress of Evernow, but Hiro just tells him "plans changed" and engages the Harris clone. The clone proves to be no match for Hiro who tells him to "never bring a fist to a sword-fight." Mohinder warns Hiro of the Harris clone's bomb vest as he reveals it and then grabs the distracted Hiro by the throat. Hiro cuts off the Harris clone's arms and then stabs him through the chest with both swords, killing the clone.

Moments after Hiro frees Mohinder, three more Harris clones appear, all armed with bomb vests. Spotting this, Mohinder goes after a single Harris clone while Hiro goes after the other two simultaneously. Hiro asks the two clones how many of them there are and they tell him "as many as necessary." Hiro engages the Harris clones, standing between them with swords drawn. One of the clones tells Hiro that he can't stop them on his own. Admitting this, Hiro freezes time and states that he needs to know what will happen if he does. Hiro disappears and reappears several times near the clones before sadly commenting "too many butterflies" and teleporting away. Time unfreezes once Hiro is gone, leaving the clones confused by his disappearance mid-fight.

As Hiro engages the two Harris clones, Mohinder chases down the single clone and sends him flying into a car with a single punch. The clone simply smirks at Mohinder and takes off, chased by Mohinder. Mohinder eventually reaches the Harris clone and punches him, but his powers suddenly stop working. As Mohinder stares in shock, the Harris clone stands near a nearby wall and tells Mohinder that the wall is a load-bearing wall and from there he can take out one-fourth of the stadium. The Harris clone goes on to tell Mohinder that there are many clones out there all wearing the same bomb vest. The Harris clone taunts the horrified Mohinder that "you'll make history Doctor Suresh. Just not the kind you intended."

A few minutes later, as Phoebe's darkness blocks out the sky and dampens the powers of every evo at the summit, the Harris clones detonate their bombs, destroying the summit and killing thousands and injuring many more.

June 13th, Part Two

Watching from a stairwell, Harris Prime witnesses the future Noah Bennet leave with Molly Walker. Harris Prime grows a clone and the clone pistol-whips Caspar Abraham unconscious as he leaves the room and holds the 2014 Noah at gunpoint. The Harris clone takes Noah to a storage room where he brings in Matt Parkman to interrogate Noah on Claire's whereabouts. Holding Noah at gunpoint, the Harris clone pushes Matt to get the information they need and learns that Claire died in the hospital in childbirth. Before they can learn the location of the baby, Caspar spins a penny to Noah and erases his memory of the day. After learning that Noah's memory of the day is gone, the Harris clone prepares to shoot Noah but is knocked out by Caspar who slams his briefcase over the clone's head. Matt retrieves the Harris clone's gun, but chooses to let Caspar and Noah go before the clone can wake up again and remains in the room with the unconscious Harris clone.

At Hiro Nakamura's home, a Harris clone bursts in and holds a gun to Nathan's neck. Noah draws his own gun and the two men enter into a stand-off before Nathan teleports the Harris clone across the room on Noah's signal. As soon as the clone emerges from his teleport, Noah shoots him, killing the Harris clone. Noah and Hiro realize that Renautas in onto them and that they need to warn Angela after the Harris clone's attack.

In Tokyo, a Harris clone knocks on the door of Hachiro's apartment and Hachiro tells him to wait a moment. The Harris clone grows impatient as Hachiro imparts final instructions to Miko before leaving with Harris.

Outside of Hiro's home, three Harris clones arrive with guns drawn. Hiro has Nathan teleport himself, his mother and Caspar away to safety while Hiro stays behind to face the Harris clones alone. Armed with two swords, Hiro tells the Harris clones that "I've been waiting fifteen years to finish this" and charges them with his swords.

11:53 to Odessa

As Taylor, Carlos and Farah emerge from Sunstone Manor and meet up with the other members of Hero Truther, they spot an army of Harris clones approaching them causing the group to split up and run in opposite directions.

Send in the Clones

A Harris clone tells Quentin Frady about the storm that Malina stopped and Quentin tells him that Malina and Noah believed Tommy Clark to be in Midian, Colorado. The Harris clone outlines a plan to ambush and kill Malina but he, another clone and Phoebe are surprised when Quentin shows reluctance to kill Malina due to her age. However, Quentin eventually agrees to help them kill Malina despite his reservations.

Using E.P.I.C while waiting at the side of a highway, the Harris clines locate Malina and Luke Collins who flee through a field. Malina tries to keep them at bay with her power, but Phoebe blocks them. Luke decides to confront Harris armed with his gun while sending Malina to run. Malina is eventually captured by a Harris clone, Phoebe and Quentin, but Luke arrives in time to pistol-whip Phoebe, knocking her out. He then fries the Harris clone and talks Quentin down. The second Harris clone witnesses Luke and Malina taking Quentin and Malina prisoner and ambushes them after they emerge from the cornfield. Before he can fire, he disintegrates due to Miko killing Harris Prime.

An army of Harris clones approaches Sunstone Manor where Farah Nazan, Carlos Gutierrez, Rene and Taylor Kravid barricade themselves inside. While working their way through the manor, Farah and Carlos are confronted by three Harris clones. On Carlos' order, Farah turns invisible and runs past the clones, shooting one as she goes while Carlos uses the distraction to kill another. As the third clone turns to shoot Farah, Carlos kills him from behind. Two Harris clones later confront Matt Parkman when he tries to leave with Taylor, but Matt forces them to kill themselves. As Carlos attempts to free Micah Sanders, a Harris clone shoots his gun out of his hand, but is grabbed from behind by Father Mauricio who surrounds him in mist, choking him before Carlos shatters him with a punch. As the rescue mission continues, Miko teleports in from the future and confronts the army. Single-handedly, Miko holds off the clone army and prevents it from getting into Sunstone Manor.

As the clone army is in a standoff with Miko, Harris Prime appears armed with an axe and tells his clones that the battle is his. The clones lower their guns and leave Miko to Harris Prime as shown in a copy of 9th Wonders! Tommy showed Miko earlier.

After Miko kills Harris Prime, all of the clones are destroyed including the clone army outside of Sunstone Manor and the remaining clone chasing Luke and Malina.

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