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Ninety angry ronin

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Ninety angry ronin
Ninety angry ronin.jpg
Location: Whitebeard's Hidden Fortress
Purpose: To protect the Fire Scroll
First appearance Kindred
Known leader: Whitebeard
Known members: Ninety ronin
Equipment used: Samurai swords and armor

A group of ninety angry ronin guards the Fire Scroll at Whitebeard's Hidden Fortress.



Hiro teleports Takezo Kensei and himself to Whitebeard's Hidden Fortress. Shocked and surprised, Kensei finds himself facing a group of ninety angry ronin who protect the Fire Scroll. Kensei finally defeats the ronin and returns unharmed to Yaeko and Hiro with the Fire Scroll.

Heroes Evolutions

Sword Saint

In Chapter 2, "The Trial of the Fire Scroll", the year documented is 1671. Takezo Kensei's first task is to find the Fire Scroll. In order to get to the Fire Scroll, Kensei has to defeat the ninety angry ronin. Donna Dorn documents that White Beard had picked his ninety cruelest men to guard the scroll. Professor Karen Chamberlin documents that legend states anyone who tried to steal the scroll, the ronin would eat that someone. The exact number of men also varies in different retellings (some say there were nine hundred men). Yet another version of the legend claims it was ninety devils, not men.

In Chapter 3, "The Trial of the Hidden Fortress", the narrator comments that facing the ninety angry ronin, the Black Bear, and White Beard’s army made Kensei a god among men.


  • According to Greg Beeman's blog, the Kindred scene with the ronin originally was written to show the ronin running down the hill with "the first clash of battle" happening on screen. Instead, a pre-production compromise was made: the Hidden Fortress would be a computer graphic, but "elaborate gates and the lower part of the stairs" would be built. Because most of the scene would be digitally created, the ronin were shown very small with no closeups (with the exception of the few samurai who raise their weapons and grunt).
  • Originally, the group was going to be referred to as "ninety hungry ronin". However, Masi Oka's pronunciation was difficult to understand. Because neither Hiro's diction nor the cannibalism backstory were clear, the lines were rerecorded to say "ninety angry ronin".
  • A ronin is a samurai without a master. Literally, the word means "drifting person". According to the Bushido code, a samurai is supposed to commit suicide upon the death of his master; one who does not becomes a ronin.
  • These ronin arguably had Whitebeard for their master, since he had tasked them with defending the Fire Scroll.


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