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Nypd logo.jpg
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Law enforcement
First appearance Genesis
Known members: Detective Fuller, Matt Parkman, Decoy kidnapper, Decoy hostage, Detective Furakowa, Detective Jeff Tracy, NYPD cop, NYPD detective, NYPD officer, Fat cop, Skinny cop
Affiliated sites: NYPD Precinct
Equipment used: Guns

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is the local agency responsible for the enforcement of law in the city of New York.


Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see NYPD: Season One History.

After Angela Petrelli is arrested for shoplifting, her son Nathan is informed and he tells his brother Peter. Later, Nathan and Peter arrive at the NYPD precinct and find out that the prosecution has dropped the charges.

The NYPD interviews Hiro Nakamura regarding the death of Isaac Mendez after finding Hiro in his apartment.

An NYPD detective visits Isaac's apartment after getting an anonymous tip that Simone Deveaux was murdered. Candice Willmer impersonates her and fools the police into believing Simone is alive.

Two cops investigate the crime scene of Ted Sprague's death along with FBI Agent Audrey Hanson.

Four Months Later...

Matt storms an apartment and shoot two people. He is forced with a dilemma between shooting a hostage, or a kidnapper, because he does not know who is who. Using telepathy, Matt shoots the correct person. Detective Fuller is surprised by Matt's eagerness to stay on the job after being shot four times. He then upgrades Matt to a detective.


On the roof of the Deveaux building, Ando is being questioned about Kaito's death. Detective Fuller and Matt Parkman arrive on the scene, Fuller briefs Matt on the situation and says that a picture of Kaito with the symbol on it was found there, and that Angela Petrelli's fingerprint was on it. Matt says they need to bring her in for questioning. He then talks to Ando about the symbol and also says that he needs to speak to Hiro.

Later, Matt and Fuller are interviewing Angela Petrelli at the station. Asking her if she knew anyone that would want to do this to Kaito. Matt reads her mind and discovers that someone wants revenge. When Matt leaves the interview, he meets up with Nathan, who is there to pick up his mother. Angela screams from the interviewing room and the two rush in to find her holding another picture fragment.

The Kindness of Strangers

Angela admits to Kaito's murder to Detective Fuller and Matt. Angela tells them that she attacked herself since she was distraught. Matt reads her mind and she asks him to let it go as more questioning will lead to people finding out about evolved humans.

Cautionary Tales

Matt is at work trying to get information on the Angela Petrelli case when Detective Fuller tells him that it's solved and to get off of it. Matt refuses and pleads with Fuller for more time, but he refuses. Matt projects a thought into Fuller's head, telling Fuller to give Matt 24 hours to work on the case. Fuller agrees to let Matt do so.

Matt visits Angela in jail. Angela mocks Matt, telling him that she is less impressed with his mind-reading abilities than she was with his father's. Matt uses his evolved telepathy to force Angela to tell the truth about who killed Kaito and about the last woman in the photo. Angela resists as hard as she can to not answer the last question, pleading with Matt that the woman only wants to be left alone. Matt persists, and Angela begins bleeding from the nose. Angela tells Matt if he forces this answer from her that he's not only as bad as his father, but he is him.

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