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Arthur's team

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Arthur's team
Arthur's Team.jpg
Location: Fort Lee, NJ
First appearance Dying of the Light
Known leader: Arthur Petrelli (deceased)
Nathan Petrelli (deceased)
Known members: Elle Bishop (deceased)
Flint Gordon, Jr. (formerly, deceased)
Knox (formerly, deceased)
Daphne Millbrook (formerly, deceased)
Hiro Nakamura (formerly)
Maury Parkman (deceased)
Tracy Strauss
Mohinder Suresh (formerly)
Sylar (formerly)
An army of recruits
Affiliated sites: Pinehearst building
Equipment used: Their abilities

Arthur's team (also referred to as "The Bad Guys"), is a group of evolved humans gathered by Arthur Petrelli for unknown reasons.


Dying of the Light

Arthur, with Daphne's help, gathers a group of evolved humans at his room in the Pinehearst building. He first absorbs Adam's immortality; this kills Adam, but heals Arthur. Soon after, Maury announces that his group is here, most of them Level 5 escapees. Peter arrives, and is shocked to see his father. His father asks for a hug, and steals Peter's abilities in the process. Maury looks on with a smirk, and Daphne, Knox, and Flint look on with shock and surprise as Peter screams in agony. Also, Usutu shows Hiro and Ando a painting of the villains they have to face: Arthur, Sylar, Knox and Flint.

Eris Quod Sum

After Daphne is assigned to kill Matt, Maury tries to protect his son by defying Arthur, who then telekinetically breaks his neck as punishment.

Daphne then pays a visit to Matt, but Knox follows them and seemingly kills them both. However, it is revealed to be an illusion created by Matt. Later, however, it is revealed that the plan all along was for Knox to set Daphne into a relationship with Matt to make Matt think that Daphne is on her side.

Later that day, Peter returns to Pinehearst to face his father, yet he finds himself standing in front of Sylar. Sylar, choosing his side after learning the truth about his mother's feelings towards him, throws Peter through the window, yet Peter doesn't die.

It's Coming

Arthur's team starts to get together, as Sylar is reunited with Elle, and teaches her how to control her ability through her emotions.

Tracy pays a visit to Arthur, and claims they could use Nathan as their public face. She claims she will convince Nathan to join them, if Arthur promises to protect her.

Later that day, the team is assembled in Arthur's office. Arthur enters a precognitive trance, drawing an eclipse. Once he emerges, he proclaims that "it's coming".

The Eclipse, Part 1

Arthur is doing more precognitive sketches. In another part of the Pinehearst building, Sylar is practicing his newly-acquired electric powers. Elle watches, and when Arthur comes in and assigns Sylar to find Claire, Elle volunteers to be Sylar's partner. Arthur says it's a good pairing.

Sylar and Elle later rent a car at Hotspur, and make their way to the Canfields' house, where Claire and Noah are. With the eclipse rendering their abilities useless, however, Elle and Sylar are engaged by an armed Noah. After Elle shoots at Noah but Claire jumps in the way, Noah leaves with Claire. After Elle relocates Sylar's dislocated arm, the two of them begin kissing passionately.

Meanwhile, Tracy calls Arthur, on where Nathan and Peter are going. Tracy wonders if Arthur is going to hurt Nathan, and Arthur says there are some things out of his control. Tracy, concerned, says they need him. Arthur tells Tracy to go to the Marine training facility at Parris Island and use some of her connections to put together an army. She balks but he says she has to do what he says or Nathan won't make it to the White House. When Angela comes in, she quickly cuts off and claims it's a business call. She strolls out past a suspicious Angela.

Mohinder has webbed himself to a cocoon, and after he slithers out, he finds that his scars and lesions have disappeared. When he is about to go find Maya, however, Arthur and Flint arrive, upset at the loss of their abilities (which is actually caused by the passing eclipse), and task Mohinder to finding a way to restore their abilities. Flint guards Mohinder to make sure he stays put.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Sylar and Elle finish having sex in Stephen Canfield's house when HRG engages them in battle. Elle tries to cover Sylar as they run, but gets shot in the thigh. She and Sylar then hide behind a junked car as Noah hunts them. When the opportunity arises, Sylar sneaks Elle into a drug store and dresses her wounds. Noah tracks them down and they make a plan to trap him. Sylar helps Elle into the backroom, but shoves her in the freight elevator and sends her down a level. He then tackles Noah, but Noah's training gives him the advantage. Elle tries to come to Sylar's rescue, but the elevator gets stuck in between floors. Instead, she's forced to watch Noah slit Sylar's throat with a box cutter. When the Eclipse ends, Sylar revives and he and Elle decide to take revenge. Hiro interrupts them and teleports the two to a beach. Sylar decides that he Elle can't change and kills her.

At Pinehearst, Mohinder goes over research materials on eclipses and considers Maya’s address. Flint is watching him and Arthur arrives to demand answers. When Mohinder's answer doesn't please him, Arthur has Flint torture him as incentive and then leaves. Mohinder then prepares a syringe to inject Flint, claiming that he's going to track the changes the eclipse is causing. Flint knows it's a trick and Mohinder admits it before using a microscope to knock Flint out. Mohinder uses Flint's key card to escape and heads to Maya's apartment. Once there, the eclipse ends and he starts mutating again. Mohinder abandons his plan and heads back to Pinehearst where Arthur is watching Flint. Arthur admits the eclipse made them act strangely and he and Mohinder agree to get back to work.

Our Father

Nathan joins Arthur's team because he believes in giving the right people powers in order to protect the world. Nathan is shocked to find Tracy there and she reveals that she recruited around 50 soldiers for them to use the formula on. After Arthur retrieves the catalyst from Hiro, the formula is completed and they go to inject one of the marines, Scott, with it. While they're doing that, Arthur senses a disturbance and goes to his office where he finds Peter and the Haitian waiting for him in order to kill him. With The Haitian blocking Arthur's powers, Peter tries to shoot him in the head, the only place that a bullet can kill him, but is stopped by Sylar who left Arthur when he learned Arthur may not really be his father. Sylar disarms Peter and keeps the bullet in front of Arthur's head. After learning the truth thanks to his new lie detection power, Sylar telekinetically shoves the bullet through Arthur's head, killing him. Meanwhile, Nathan, Tracy and Mohinder inject Scott and he gets the power of enhanced strength, the first of many soldiers planned to be injected in Arthur's army.


With Arthur's death, his team starts to fall apart. Nathan tries to convince Peter to let them keep on what they are planning, but Peter instead knocks him out and goes to destroy the formula. Mohinder tries to inject himself with it to cure the problems with his flawed ability, but he is stopped first by Peter at gunpoint, and then when Daphne steals it from him for Ando to use. Mohinder beats on Peter, but Peter is joined by Flint and Knox who defect to Peter's side in order to stop the formula from being used as they will no longer be "special" if a lot of people get abilities. Flint knocks out Mohinder and he and Peter start destroying the lab. In Arthur's office, Nathan is joined by Scott, but before Scott can do anything, he's killed by Knox who holds Nathan prisoner to keep him from interfering with Peter. In the lab, Peter and Flint tip over a vat of formula which washes over Mohinder and cures him. He leaves Pinehearst after that. Nathan tries to defeat Knox but fails, and before Knox can kill him, he's killed by Tracy who Nathan fires. Nathan goes to stop Peter while Tracy retrieves the written copy of the formula, but is stopped by Hiro and Daphne who steal the written formula which is later destroyed by Hiro. Flint turns on Peter, but is knocked out by Nathan who beats on Peter with a pipe. The fight is interrupted by Flint who sets the highly flammable formula on fire, trapping the three of them. Peter injects himself with the formula and flies himself and Nathan to safety while the lab and Pinehearst explode, presumably killing Flint. The only known survivors are Peter, Nathan, Tracy, Mohinder and Rachel Mills.

Graphic Novel:What We Have Wrought

After the destruction of Pinehearst Headquarters, Tracy picks up a wandering Mohinder in her car. She offers him another chance to work for the cause of the late Arthur Petrelli. She reveals to him that she possesses one of the only vials of catalyzed formula that survived the explosion, and that they can still work together to save the world by giving abilities to everyone. However, Mohinder snatches the vial of formula from Tracy, and destroys it. He heads back to New York City, thinking that he is finally free.


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