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Interview office

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Interview office
Interviewer's office iStory ch4.jpg
Location: Unknown
Purpose: Interviews

Rachel Mills is interviewed for a job in an office.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


Heroes Evolutions

The Private

In chapter 1 of The Private, Rachel Mills talks to an interviewer sometime after the explosion at Pinehearst Headquarters and her encounter with Angela Petrelli. The office used for the interview is small and bare, like a box and rather dusty. It contains a battered desk and two chairs, and it uses fluorescent lighting. The interviewer, a man in a bad suit, asks Rachel about her personnel file and to explain how she could have done so much service for the Marines, yet have been discharged as a Private. Rachel then begins to explain to him what happened on her last tour of duty in Iraq.

In chapter 2 of The Private, Rachel continues her story after her interviewer fetches himself a cup of coffee.

In chapter 3 of The Private, Rachel pauses her story briefly and discusses differing from the official account with the interviewer. She then continues her story.

In chapter 4 of The Private, the interviewer listens as Rachel goes on with her story. The interviewer helps her continue a few times, but stops her when she reaches the point in her story where she flees the facility. Rachel then questions why he doesn't want her to continue, so he thumbs through a notepad and explains both how she actually escaped and what was written in the official account. He adds that they believe Rachel's story and Jim joins them in the room. The interviewer then leaves the office by himself, saying he is letting them catch up while he checks with his superiors. Rachel and Jim then discuss what happened in Iran, and how his employer is no longer around.

When the interviewer returns carrying a camera, Jim leaves. The interviewer asks Rachel a final question, and after she responds he tells her that they would like her to join their team. He adds that training begins in twenty minutes so she needs to make any desired calls now as she will be unreachable until after her first mission that will begin in a number of days. He then directs Rachel to stand in front of the camera he has assembled facing the blank wall and repeat after him.

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